The bishop of the X-Men once went to great lengths to kill his target Hope Summers, even going as far as to annihilate humanity!

the X MenThe bishop annihilated the entire human race in the distant future. Lucas Bishop was born decades in the future and grew up in a dystopian timeline where Xavier’s dream had failed. When he was unknowingly transported back in time to the present, he set about preventing his future from happening. At first, that manifested itself in bitter hatred for Gambit, whom he mistakenly believed was destined to betray the X-Men, but it eventually took a much more sinister turn.

When the Scarlet Witch rendered most of the world’s mutants powerless, Bishop recognized the stories he had been told as a child, but believed they were just fiction. He went off the grid, watching and waiting until the birth of Hope Summers, the mutant he knew was destined to restore the mutant race and jump-start their entire timeline. And when the girl was born, Bishop set about killing the baby. Fortunately, Hope was saved by another time traveler, Cable, who fled into the future to raise her safely. But Cable underestimated Bishop’s cruelty.

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Bishop decided that he had no choice but to make sure Cable had nowhere to hide. To that end, he set about destroying the future, orchestrating one disaster after another in an attempt to end the human race and leave Cable without any potential hiding place. Bishop was responsible for multiple nuclear attacks in Australia in 2276, and sparked a brutal civil war in China in 2381 that led to the launching of biological weapons that killed most of the people in Asia. It poisoned water supplies in Europe in 2510, prompting an outbreak of plague. And it set off chemical fires across South America in 2753. Bishop came close to extinguishing the entire human race.

Bishop messiah war

Bishop told himself that he was doing this for the sake of the future, that the timeline would be corrected as soon as Hope was killed and all this bloodshed would be erased. However, the irony is that only Hope’s return to the present reset the timeline. Had Bishop succeeded in his insane mission, he would have ensured that the only true future timeline was the one in which he annihilated the human race.

The mutant nation of Krakoa is home to countless mutants of questionable morality in modern X-Men comics, but only one has managed to commit genocide. the X Men seems to have forgiven Bishop’s actions, presumably because Hope Summers did return and the timeline was adjusted. But they need to remember how far Bishop is willing to go to complete a mission.

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