From its inception, going to the movies has been designed as a community experience, and the core of any individual’s community is, of course, their family. However, when it comes to choosing show time or who is in control of the remote, this lighthearted vision can be challenging. People of different ages and different genders can certainly have different tastes. The movies on this list have most successfully transcended sibling rivalry, generational change, and that constant battle for remote control.

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For those new to the Letterboxd community, the site allows users, among other things, to rate movies from zero to five stars and also to “tag” movies with terms like “sequel” or “dance number” or really anything. This list collects the highest rated movies that have been tagged with the term “family favorite.” Consider it a democratic way of understanding both what is truly considered a family favorite and which among them are favored among the favorites.

10 Moana


At the risk of spoiling, this list is exactly half animated. What that statistic reveals is that the filmmakers of the 21st century (where the five animated films on the list came from) have mastered the art of making great family animation, rather than just children’s animation. No matter your age, you can appreciate a musical story like Moana.

With the premise is a young woman who comes face to face with a demigod, Moana it’s a nice peaceful breeze of fun. It features mega talents like Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda (on the writing side) along with exciting up-and-comers like Auli’i Cravalho (like Moana). The only unfortunate thing about this brilliant film is that it is the only Moana you’ll have until 2023. That’s when a sequel series hits Disney +.

9 How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

From the DreamWorks camp comes this list entry that launched a highly successful franchise. In 2010, many thousands of viewers met a Viking boy named Hiccup who longed to hunt dragons. As is a common theme throughout this article, the protagonist’s journey changes when the same thing happens with his perspective on those he meets.

The totality Continue The series is pure mythical joy. Co-Directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, who previously collaborated on Lilo and StitchHe sure seems to enjoy making toothy beasts adorable. In this, they follow a long tradition of family favorite creators, from Pokémon to Labyrinth to even JRR Tolkien. The Lord of the rings.

8 Muppet Christmas Carol

Muppet Christmas Carol

Family and Christmas are synonymous. Of all the great family movies that are often seen while families get together: A christmas story (The Parkers), Elf (The Hobbes), It’s a wonderful life (The Baileys) – it’s none other than the Muppet family that is represented on this list!

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Who can argue? Gonzo, Ratso and, of course, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog as classic Dickens characters, Mrs. and Mr. Cratchit are irresistible. This exciting 89-minute ride features phenomenal songs, all sorts of wacky characters, some legit scares, and tons of laughs. Him and other Muppet features like Muppet Treasure Island They are currently available on Disney + for 90’s kids with their own kids!

7 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Readers fans of Indiana Jones Now know that this franchise will be a double entry on this list. It is famous, and almost indisputably, that people like the first movie as the best and this movie (the third) the second best. The second film infamously receives too dark a note for fans of such “family favorites” and the fourth, with Shia LaBeouf, is a solid offering often maligned for its introduction of aliens into the series.

The most notable element of Last crusade, of course, is that it features the father of Indiana Jones played by Sean Connery. The two have incredible on-screen chemistry in what must be one of the greatest father-son adventure tales of all time. Talk about family!

6 The princess Bride

The princess Bride

According to this ranking, The princess Bride It has evidently replaced the “cult classic” position, but that is the essence of its legacy. There is no other Princess bride Movie (s. The cast of this 1987 feature is relatively low-key. The movie is even possibly a bit odd: it engages in a kind of history consciousness of romantic adventure stories like that. What makes it so famous is that all the people who have seen it seem to be obsessed.

The princess Bride simply jobs. Be it the elegant monologues of Iñigo Montoya or the many strange and lovable supporting characters, the film has captivated audiences for generations. Don’t discount director Rob Reiner as the reason. If there is any similarity between your movies This is Spinal Tap, A few good men, Y When harry met sally …, is that people love them.

5 Until

UP Pixar

Upon launch, Until It was kind of a phenomenon. From its heartbreaking opening vignette to its gloomy, sob-filled finale, it was a must-see at the end of a decade dominated by Pixar. In the first year, the Academy Awards expanded the Best Picture category to include up to ten nominees, it became the animation studio’s first nod.

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Until it was a directing collaboration between Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson. The last work of the first Soul It is likely to win him his third Oscar, speaking of the upcoming awards. It is evident in the continuous affection that the public feels for the dialogue Until that Doctor has a great ability to capture the family magic necessary for great family movies. All of her work is clothed in a bittersweet beauty that ultimately highlights the tender little moments we are all familiar with.

4 The iron Giant

The iron Giant

Warner Bros. Animation isn’t a studio with as many iconic credits to its name as Disney / Pixar or even DreamWorks, but this standalone story of a boy and a giant robot stands out in the history of animated film. It’s shocking, poignant, brilliantly written, and highly regarded for all those reasons.

This movie is arguably the “most serious” on this list. Despite the many monsters, Nazis, and other dangers present in the other entrances, The iron Giant it is distinguished from a cheerful tone more often. Perhaps the reason is that the main character turns into a kind of Frankenstein monster and faces the wrath of the angry townspeople. Therefore, the “bad guys” in this movie are not beasts or spirits. They look eerily like us.

3 Raiders of the lost ark

Raiders of the lost ark

Next to the term “action hero movie star” in the dictionary is a picture of Harrison Ford. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he wowed and worked his way through one blockbuster after another. Perhaps the archetypal role within his archetypal career is Indiana Jones.

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Introduced somewhat loosely as following an adventurous historian fighting the Nazis, the Indiana Jones The series is nothing more than a brilliant Spielberg playhouse for great action movie scenes. Car chases, rope swings, explosions, sword fights, and saving the world are featured only in this first film. Reportedly, Indiana Jones 5 is slated for 2022. Action star Ford will return as the title character.

two Coconut

Coco pixar

Transcending so many legendary Pixar titles, at least in the hearts of Letterboxd users, is the magnificent story of Coconut. Steeped in the dazzling tradition of the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos, follow young musician Miguel as he embarks on a journey to, what else, encounter mysterious characters and endure outlandish tribulations, as the entirety of the fate of his loved ones depends! of the!

Where to start, why has this movie done so well with Internet forces? All family movies with music are fun, but the guitar soundtrack of Coconut it is especially suitable for repeating. Animated cinematography is a true festival of color. It also doesn’t hurt to have characters like Gael García Bernal in the cast. He is one of the greatest actors of our generation. If you haven’t heard of him, it’s only because he’s chosen to keep his talent mostly in non-American movies.

1 Star wars iv

Star Wars

the Star Wars The franchise is over forty years old and may be more relevant than ever. With the power of Walt Disney behind The mandalorian and the nine movie space adventures via Disney +, it’s a daily visited universe on this website for good reason. 2021 will bring new content – The bad lot – and there is no reason to think that that will not be the case for years to come.

It all started with this blockbuster in 1977. After a now legendary opening text release, America met a galaxy filled with crazy robots, monsters big and small, and beautiful space adventurers. Every moment of Star Wars hold on to this day. Who wouldn’t see this and have an appetite for dozens of more hours?

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