The upcoming adaptation of Train to Busan, produced by James Wan, has hired V / H / S 2 director Tim Tjahjanto to direct the project.

A remake of the Korean blockbuster Train to Busan Has touched V / H / S 2 director Timo Tjahjanto to direct the production. Produced by James Wan, the next adaptation is a highly anticipated New Line project that has been in the works for a few years. The original Train to Busan, directed by Sang-Ho Yeon, was an international hit that first premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival before reaching a global audience. At the end of his career, his worldwide total grossed $ 98.5 million.

An apocalypse thriller, the 2016 Korean film follows a father (Gong Yoo) and daughter (Kim Su-an) as they try to survive a zombie outbreak on a train traveling from Seoul to Busan. Along the way, they befriend a group of other intrepid passengers and struggle to navigate an increasingly violent environment. Upon launch, Train to Busan it quickly became a critical favorite as well as the highest grossing film of the year in Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. It eventually sparked a 2020 standalone sequel called Train to Busan: Peninsula, which focused on a soldier trying to stay alive during the same outbreak.

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According to Term, Timo Tjahjanto is currently in negotiations to lead the Train to Busan Redo. Wan, Director of The spell franchise, is scheduled to produce alongside Michael Clear, Nicolas Atlan, Terry Kalagian and Gary Dauberman, who is also adapting the script. Both Wan and Dauberman have collaborated frequently in the past on popular horror films, including The spell spinoff movies Annabelle Y The nun. Dauberman has also written several box office hits for New Line, including That Y It’s chapter two.

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Recently, director Tjahjanto has made a name for himself in the horror film industry, first establishing himself as one half of the Mo Brothers group that released cult favorites. Macabre, murderers, and anthology film V / H / S 2 in 2013. He later wrote and directed the 2018 Netflix movie The night is coming for us, which focused on an organized crime enforcer (Joe Taslim) who chooses to put his murderous past behind him to save a young woman (Asha Kenyeri Bermudez). Its commercial success inspired a sequel, which is currently in development.

Overall, it seems that the latest adaptation of Train to Busan it’s in the hands of an experienced production team, though it remains to be seen how fluently they’ll be able to portray the original film’s sharp wit and crafty storytelling to a new audience. Like many beloved movies, Train to Busan It has a large loyal fan base and the current industry push for a remake may raise questions as to why, exactly, there should be an American interpretation of a contemporary horror classic.

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