Paris Hilton spoke candidly about how she feels about her mother being cast for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and what concerns her most.

Pop culture socialite Paris Hilton opens up and shares her thoughts on her mother’s casting in season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With Paris having watched her two aunts fight in previous seasons of the show, the former reality star has expressed concern about the “drama” Kathy Hilton could be on the show. This will be Kathy’s first time on the show as a real cast member and not just a special guest. She joined the franchise in a friend role alongside the full-time housewives.

With her two younger sisters being OG housewives, the door was always open for Kathy to join the franchise. She made a few guest appearances in the past. But he took a step back in later years after facing off with his sister Kyle Richards. Her sister, Kim Richards, left the series after five seasons and an iconic showdown with Lisa Rinna. Kyle being the only one who stayed, it upset Kathy when she decided to produce a project based on her life growing up as child stars. Although the two sisters have put their differences aside and made up for them since then, it still paves the way for some potential fights later on.

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With her mother and aunts sharing parts of their sisterhood on reality TV, Paris Hilton shares her concern about her mother’s casting. “I do not know what to think,” Paris admitted on her podcast This is Paris. “My mom is very funny, beautiful and funny. But I haven’t seen that show in a while. I used to watch it at the beginning. But then it’s a lot of drama.The DJ went on to explain how difficult it was for her to watch her two aunts fight on national television. “It’s difficult because my two aunts are on the show and they would have these fights and arguments and when you’re watching your family do that, it’s kind of weird to watch.” she shared.

Kyle Richards Kathy Hilton

Paris recently celebrated her engagement to wealthy venture capitalist Carter Reum after a year of dating. With love in the air, the first Simple life star shared her hopes that her mother stays out of the on-screen drama. “I hope my mom doesn’t get into discussions with people because I feel like those kinds of shows feed off of that and they want everyone to fight and they love drama and I just don’t want my mom to have to discuss people on national television,Paris added, noting that she doesn’t want to see her mother “Let yourself be carried away by the drama.But no matter how busy she is as a businesswoman and media personality, Paris will be in tune with season 11. “It’s my mom so I’m going to tune in and see what’s going on.” she confirmed. “I know it will be entertaining.”

This will be a new journey for Kathy Hilton. She is recognized for her philanthropic work and notable charitable donations. An empire has also been built in the realm of fashion and home goods. In the past, she has appeared as a guest on the show to share pieces from her Kathy Hilton collection. But things could be a lot more different this time. Fans are hoping Paris will make a guest appearance or two.

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