The adorable Schitt’s cove It’s packed with many fun and memorable characters, but none of them stand out quite like the sassy socialite Alexis, who surprised everyone by being the most relatable and best-developed character on the hit series. She went from being a spoiled brat, horrified by the loss of her wealth and the prospect of living in a small town, to an empowered businesswoman who selflessly helped make her community a better place.

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Over six colorful seasons, the Rose family changed and was changed by the quaint charm of Schitt’s Creek, but Alexis emerged as the fastest growing and most influential character. From being a part of some of the show’s biggest stories to inspiring the most growth in others around him, and even giving him his iconic catchphrase, there are many reasons why Alexis is actually its main character.

10 She experiences the most growth

Alexis Rose at her graduation

Of all the characters in the series, Alexis experiences the greatest character development. She comes to town as a selfish, materialistic socialite who over time takes control of her future and learns to be compassionate, selfless, and even generous. It leaves you as an empowered entrepreneur with a better understanding of life and herself.

Over the course of six seasons, she goes from correlating her self-esteem with how many men are interested in her and which guest list she is on to graduating from high school and starting her own public relations company. She builds a relationship based on trust and communication and ultimately abandons it because the only relationship she needs is with herself.

9 She has had the most exciting life

Arroyo by Alexis Rose Schitt

As for Alexis, life revolves around her, and whether she’s in New York City, on Beckham’s yacht, or in the rural town of Schitt’s Creek, everything still revolves around her choices. There’s a good reason for this (and it’s not just because she’s used to getting what she wants); he has led a truly fascinating life.

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She has been kidnapped by pirates, partied with Beyoncé in Mykonos, was detained by the South Korean Secret Police at NYE, and even dated Prince Harry. With that kind of adventurous existence, how could he not be the headliner of the show?

8 She has the best outfits

Alexis Rose Outfits

While the rest of her family is known for their quirky fashion, Alexis’s outfits are always made up of current trends and timeless staples. He looks good in any setting, from hanging out at Cafe Tropical to hitting the karaoke bars around Elmdale, and has an outfit for every situation, even doing community service.

Their large floppy hats have become iconic wardrobe pieces of the show, and their boho-chic style is easily accessible. She is not prone to being wildly eccentric, but she is still a fashionable figure that fans can relate to and want to emulate.

7 She helps most people

Moira Alexis and Johnny after the premiere of Ravens at Schitts Creek

As the director of her own public relations firm, Alexis has many important clients at Schitt’s Creek. She is the social media manager of the Rosebud Motel, as well as Moira Rose of film and television, and Rose Apothecary probably would if David gave her a chance.

She works tirelessly to help attract customers to Johnny’s latest adventure and helps boost Moira’s popularity on the internet. And even if David doesn’t let her touch his business pages on social media, she still helps him test products (even when her ex’s new girlfriend makes them).

6 Has one of the sexiest relationships

After finding no luck in love through flirting with celebrities, millionaires and playboys, Alexis finally finds her perfect match in lovable local vet Ted Mullens. Their relationship unfolds in an unconventional way and there are many obstacles on the way to true love.

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Alexis’s relationship with Ted is not perfect, and just when she matures enough to appreciate what she has with him, it ends. He is seeking a research fellowship in the Galapagos Islands and she charts her own path to happiness. Just because they weren’t together doesn’t mean they loved each other less, but rather that they respected each other enough not to force their wishes on each other.

5 She has the funniest lines

Schitt’s cove it’s full of effervescent, irreverent humor, but few characters have the kind of hilarious dialogue that Alexis does. After all, he gave the series its most-quoted line, “Ew, David!” Which has taken on a life of its own as the show’s signature and iconic catchphrase.

Her indirect logic, combined with her vocal fry (“Day-VID”), and the strange gestures of Tyrannosaurus-Rex’s hands, make her the most memorable character in her entire family.

4 She is part of most character arcs

Alexis and David in Schitts Creek

Often underrated at first, Alexis not only gets things done, but also helps other people around her get things done. When Johnny needs raw organic milk, she is the one who buys the product. Due to her vast experiences around the world in seeking to date rich and powerful men, she has invaluable insight into almost any situation.

She helps Twyla realize her own strength and buy Café Tropical, urges Moira to make a rebirth of Dawn bay In terms that keep his integrity intact, he inspires Ted to pursue his dreams and even fights alongside David to develop the skills necessary for life.

3 She is responsible for the biggest change in town

alexis rose singles week

Wanting to make a name for himself in the world of public relations and put Schitt’s Creek on the map, Alexis sets out to create a series of events that help the small town thrive. Her Singles Week event not only helps her find love again, but it also reinvigorates the romantic narrative of her community.

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He also makes Schitt’s Creek the focal point of the entertainment industry when he coordinates the premiere of Moira’s new movie. The coronation which, despite a few hiccups involving crows plummeting, is a huge success.

two His relationship with Twyla

Alexis and twyla in schitts creek

Seeing nothing but scenes involving Alexis leaning over the counter at Cafe Tropical chatting with Twyla, fans will witness a beautiful and healthy friendship between two women who couldn’t be further apart from each other in personality or perspective.

Alexis helps Twy be more assertive, confident, and graceful, and Twyla helps her be more introspective, appreciative, and assertive. Each series needs two tried and true best friends to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and there is nothing better than them.

1 She has the most realistic ending

Alexis Rose Season 3 Schitts Creek

In the final season, Johnny embarks on turning the Rosebud Motel into his next profitable franchise, Moira’s acting career is revived, David settles with Patrick at Schitt’s Creek, and Alexis plans to return to New York City alone.

While everyone else seems to be getting the happy ending they want, Alexis is getting the ending they need, and it turns out to be the most realistic. It’s a satisfying conclusion to an arc that actually promises even more growth in the future, making Alexis the most developed character of all.

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