Plus, you can watch Vansanten answer a question from ‘The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke.

With For all mankind Season 2 is now airing on AppleTV +, I recently spoke with Shantel vansanten about playing Karen Baldwin in the fantasy series. During the interview, she talked about what fans can expect in season two, how Karen’s story doesn’t slow down, why she likes to watch the episodes as they air instead of in advance, her favorite story that isn’t the one. yours, what is it? I really like filming the eating and drinking scenes and more. Also, having been Vansanten in the first two seasons of Boys, I have showrunner Eric Kripke to post a fun question and we also talked about whether she will appear in Boys Season 3.

If you are not familiar with For all mankind, takes place in an alternate history where the global space race of the 1960s never ended. In this alternate timeline, the Soviet Union landed on the Moon first, and we follow NASA astronauts, engineers, and families as they try to catch up with the Russians while also dealing with changing times. Loaded with fantastic performances, incredible production design, and a detailed description of the space race, For all mankind It is one of my favorite series and I absolutely recommend checking it out.

In For all mankind Season 2, it is now a decade later and we are in the middle of the Cold War between the United States and the USSR. Tensions are high between the two countries as each side tries to gain a foothold on the moon and control resource-rich areas. At the same time, the Department of Defense has militarized parts of NASA and has become the center of the stories of various characters.

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For All Mankind Shantel Vansanten Sarah Jones

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For all mankind Was created by Ronald D. Moore Y Ben nedivi Y Matt Wolpert and also Joel kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Wrenn Schmidt, Jodi balfour, Krys marshall, Y Sonya walger. New cast members for this season include Cynthy wu as the daughter of an astronaut; Coral Peña as an adult Aleida Rosales (whom we met in Season 1) and Casey W. Johnson as Danny Stevens, the eldest son of astronauts Gordo (Dorman) and Tracy (Jones).

See what he had to say in the player above and below is an exact list of what we talked about. The ten-episode second season now airs on Apple TV + with a new episode every Friday.

Shantel Vansanten:

  • Why you want to watch the episodes as they air with the audience.

  • Eric Kripke asks “Hi Shantel long time fan, the first time you called. I am a HUGE fan of yours, you are an amazing actor and yet I keep killing you on my shows. What is my illness?”

  • She is in Boys Season 3?

  • What can you say about season 2?

  • What is it like to film the scenes where your character will eat and drink a lot?

  • How much were you told in advance about your character arc, and how much is script-by-script?

  • What is your favorite story other than yours?

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For all mankind Shantel Vansanten

Image via AppleTV

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