In Star Trek: lower decks, the series that looks at a day in the life of the average Starfleet officer, the motley crew of the Cerritos perform your duties without the notoriety of the bridge crew. Perhaps this is why Brad Boimler, eager to please, dreams of nothing more than proving himself in the eyes of his friends, his captain, and the rest of the fleet.

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Boimler may want nothing more than to be an impeccable model of what it means to be in Starfleet, but he’s willing to do just about anything to cement his legacy. From kissing the captain to throwing his friends under the bus, and even nearly getting himself and everyone killed, he has done some pretty unscrupulous things to be recognized.

10 He left his friends for his girlfriend (then embarrassed her)

Boimler introduces Mariner to his girlfriend Barbara

When Boimler’s girlfriend visited the Cerritos He couldn’t have been happier, but he soon felt insecure about his relationship with other members of the crew. The only person who was convinced that she was not who she claimed to be was Mariner, who did not like that Boimler dumped his friends as soon as his girlfriend arrived.

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However, he didn’t need Mariner’s help to make things awkward with Barbara; his insecurities around his interactions with old friends like Jet soon drove a wedge between them. Even if it didn’t end up having a parasite attached to her skull, she would have broken up with him anyway after he threw his beer on her in disaster.

9 Hacked into the private records of The Bridge Crew

Boimler hacked into the crew's private records to recreate a simulation on the holodeck.

When he got a nomination for Captain Freeman’s Advanced Diplomacy Workshop, Boimler couldn’t decide how good it would be, so he did the worst he could. He decided to load the “Boimler 7 Program” on the holodeck to arrange mock interviews with the bridge crew and better prepare for his exam.

To accurately portray the team, he uploaded seven years of tickets from around the private crew records. While he algorithmically recreated a “perfect simulation” of everyone in the Cerritos, crossed several personal borders and violated several codes of conduct.

8 Sailor charged with stealing Starfleet equipment

Boimler accuses Mariner of stealing Starfleet equipment

When Boimler obtained his first secret assignment, being a spy for Captian Freeman and keeping an eye on Ensign Mariner, he reported anything she did outside of Starfleet protocol. Unfortunately, this resulted in him breaking Starfleet codes in the process as well.

He thought Mariner was trading Starfleet equipment with alien species for smuggling and went so far as to pull out his phaser and shoot them when he thought he was witnessing the trade. It turned out that Mariner was helping them access much-needed farm equipment, and the law was not violating any Starfleet regulations.

7 Left Fletcher Unattended

Boimler Mariner and Fletcher

Since Boimler wanted to go to a party with Mariner, he didn’t think too much of that when Fletcher told them to have a good time while he held his position and was responsible for his duties during the course of his shift. While doing the train dance, Fletcher was being overtaken by a mechanical monstrosity with a mind of its own.

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When Fletcher was not immediately determined as the culprit, Boimler went on to blame the night crew for the damage caused, even though they had nothing to do with any of the strange events that occurred around the ship as a result of the negligence of Boimler. .

6 He mutated himself

Star Trek Lower Decks Boimler

Always eager for a reason to show off and potentially get promoted, Boimler decided to overextend himself by interfering with Rutherford’s transporter diagnostics. He volunteered to help him test the transport time because he thought the visiting captain would be impressed that he helped improve efficiency on the ship.

Fortunately, the test was a success and Rutherford sent Boimler to another ship and returned him in less time than usual. Unfortunately, Boimler returned mutated and bright. Then he was sent to a special ship called Osler, a Division 14 ship carrying similar persons caught in transportation accidents while waiting for their condition to be fixed.

5 Buffer time ruined

The exaggerated Boimler seemed unable to understand why the crew of the Cerritos She adhered to “buffer time,” the practice of overestimating the time it took to do tasks in order to cushion her work schedules and have more free time. He spoke to the captain about reserve time, and suddenly she expected everyone to be as efficient as he was.

Eventually, even Boimler couldn’t keep up with his own efficiency and he was running in rags along with the rest of the poor crew. Fortunately, the tight schedules eliminated the crew’s ability to adapt to unstructured problems, and the captain had no choice but to re-establish “reserve time.”

4 Released a wild beast

Boimler after he released an alien beast.

Espionage of Mariner’s activities resulted in the release of a native beast of burden that did not take Boimler’s investigations very kindly, choosing to make him and Mariner the focus of their rampage after being freed from his pen.

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He wouldn’t leave Boimler alone and instead not only attacked him, he chose to view him as some kind of partner. Fortunately, Mariner removed him before things got too complicated, so he only suffered a few bruises and some damaged pride, when he could have had Mariner and himself killed.

3 Almost killed himself and the sailor multiple times

Taxor almost killed Boimler

While searching for an infamous Klingon general who disappeared from his protective custody, Boimler almost got himself and Mariner killed multiple times while trying to locate him. Whether he was offending the Klingon merchant at the bazaar or insulting a taxor by speaking of his feces in his shattered native tongue, it seemed he couldn’t do anything right.

As soon as he had narrowly avoided death, he was flirting with a shapeshifting alien with the ability to appear as a beautiful human, only detectable to Mariner due to certain tell-tale characteristics. As if that wasn’t enough, before they could finally find the general, Boimler’s had managed to start a bar fight with a dozen Andorians.

two I told everyone the secret of Mariner

Boimler telling everyone Mariner's secret

Although she served on ships like the Enterprise, Mariner did not like receiving preferential treatment, so she reserves her privileged status as the daughter of Captain Freeman. Boimler discovered his secret and inadvertently told him about his revelation, while his comm badge captured the entire conversation.

Not only was Mariner’s secret revealed, but Captain Freeman’s secret was revealed, and the entire bridge knew of their connection. After that, the crew tried to put up with Mariner in any way possible so that their mother would give them special treatment.

1 Transferred to the Titan without saying goodbye

Star Trek Lieutenant Boimler bottom deck

Boimler and Mariner had an imperfect relationship, but through their many crazy adventures, they learned to lean on each other and respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So it was crushing when during the season finale, Boimler accepted a promotion and a spot at the Titan without even saying goodbye to his best friend.

He called Mariner his “mentor” and said that he was finally ready to put the rank aside and accept what he had in it. Cerritos, but then, at the first opportunity, he quit. While Boimler was not destined to be the most emotionally intelligent character in the series, he was not the most inhumane, which made his actions especially ruthless and disrespectful.

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