To be a Starfleet officer in Star trek It is not an easy task, as it requires an individual to be in optimal physical condition, as well as a master in multiple disciplines such as engineering, medicine or astrobiology. After all, traversing the galaxy in search of new life and new civilizations would definitely require an officer to be highly intelligent and proficient in multiple disciplines.

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For many in the galaxy, pairing the wizard with a Starfleet officer was not an easy task, due to their own shortcomings in the intelligence department. However, there are some entities in the galaxy whose intelligence exponentially outshines even the most talented officer in Starfleet.

10 Smarter: Khan

Young Khan and Old Khan's Wrath

Without a doubt, Khan Noonien Singh is one of the smartest and most deadly villains any Starfleet crew has ever faced. Thanks to his genetically enhanced brain, Khan was able to learn the schematics of the original Business fast enough to take over in a few days.

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After his exile on Ceti Alpha V, Khan was able to find ways for himself and his people to survive, even after a cataclysm destroyed the planet’s atmosphere. He managed to outwit a veteran command team and nearly destroyed the reconditioned Business while simultaneously stealing the Genesis torpedo; if that’s not smart, nothing is!

9 Dumber: DaiMon Tog

Menage A Troi

The Ferengi were originally introduced to be the main antagonists of Star Trek: The Next Generation but it quickly became the show’s mild annoyance / comic relief. The list of incredibly dense Ferengi characters featured on that show was considerable, but DaiMon Tog was a standout standout.

In “Ménage a Troi”, Tog falls romantically in love with the eternal nuisance Lwaxana Troi, eventually kidnapping her, her daughter Deanna, and Commander Riker. Having worked hard to become a DaiMon of his own ship and to maintain an uneasy peace with the Federation, it seems incredibly stupid to get rid of all that by kidnapping such notable Federation dignitaries.

8 Smarter: the founders

The Federation is one of the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, having for centuries been a beacon of peaceful coexistence in the Milky Way. She has faced challenges to her autonomy before, but has managed to overcome them every time.

Arguably their greatest threat came from The Founders, leaders of a hostile force of invaders from the Gamma Quadrant. These changing brains managed to infiltrate the highest levels of not only the Federation, but the Klingon Empire as well. Their machinations led the entire galaxy into a long and drawn out war that The Founders and their Dominion army came close to winning.

7 Dumber: Creatures of Taurus II

Breaking the shuttle with a stone

Not all species encountered by the Federation are interstellar conquerors cunning enough to bring them to their knees, as The Founders were. Some don’t even have the same level of technology that the Federation possesses, and some are even in a prehistoric state of development.

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When Business shuttle, the Galileo, lands on an unknown planet in the vicinity of a quasar, Spock’s team of seven encounters those prehistoric creatures. Gigantic and cunningly predatory, these creatures weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but what they lacked in intelligence they made up for in sheer power.

6 Smarter: the Borg

If you are a hive-minded race of cybernetic beings with the ability to instantly download the sum of the culture and technology of an entire planet, then your intelligence increases exponentially with each new race you assimilate. Having spent centuries or millennia doing just that, it is safe to say that the Borg are one of the most intelligent races to populate the Star trek universe.

Represented by the Borg Queen, the Borg were smart enough to do everything from opening a passage into fluid space to traveling through time in an attempt to stop first contact and destroy the Federation.

5 Dumber: The Grifters – Cyrano Jones and Burlinghoff Rasmussen

Jones has tribble, Rasmussen has phaser

Despite the utopian society that the Earth has built in the Star trek universe, scammers and con artists abound. Two of the dumbest had to be Cyrano Jones and Burlinghoff Rasmussen, if only because of their names.

In reality, Jones was foolish to believe that he could get away with unleashing an ecological pestilence aboard a Federation starbase without serious repercussions. Rasmussen, a 22nd century inventor with dismal success in his field, ran into a 26th century time traveler, killed him, and set his sights on the 24th century. Stealing some equipment from the BusinessD, his last silly move was to try to incapacitate Data, an android who would have undoubtedly overpowered or outwitted him the first chance he got and did.

4 Smarter: Conspiracy Aliens

Not many alien races can claim to have nearly defeated the Federation, but the “Conspiracy” parasites are definitely one of them. Small creatures nearly a foot long that resemble a Ceti eel, these parasites managed to infest key Starfleet personnel in a clandestine attempt to take over the Federation.

Doctors, captains and admirals were not immune from the infection, as the aliens put their plan into practice in a methodical and patient way. Intelligent and articulate, only a timely intervention by the crew of the Enterprise-D prevented the Federation from being conquered, but these alien threats are still out there, somewhere …

3 Dumber: The Pakleds

The Pakleds in Star Trek The Next Generation

At first glance, the Pakled may not seem the smartest of all Star trekvillains. However, any race that has managed to master intergalactic travel (even if the technology was stolen) cannot be that foolish. In fact, they were cunning enough to capture the Enterprise-DChief Engineer.

But despite this, the Pakled’s inability to see through the Businessis a completely obvious ploy to get LaForge back aboard the Business ultimately, he rates them less than geniuses.

two Smarter: Q

Star Trek TNG - Q

By far the most intelligent life form ever introduced in Star trek It has been Q, a being of omniscient and omnipotent power who can do whatever he wants with a snap of the finger. Sure, he’s short-tempered, nosy, and generally annoying, but he has an IQ of 2005.

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His knowledge of the cosmos and beyond is unmatched. On multiple occasions he has demonstrated knowledge of the history, biology and culture of countless alien species throughout the universe, not to mention his knowledge of stellar phenomena and the natural laws of the universe.

1 Dumber: Trelane

the Star trek The universe seems to love omnipotent beings like Q, who can instantly affect any desire your heart imagines almost like magic. One of the first beings that viewers encountered was Trelane, who captured the Business crew in an attempt to “study” them.

Despite his apparent omnipotence, Trelane proved spectacularly foolish on several occasions. First, there is the question of not taking into account the effect of relativity when looking at humanity and confusing the era with Napoleonic. Second is the matter of keeping the power source behind a mirror that is easily broken by an 18th century pistol. Of course, Trelane was a boy, so he had some time to grow and learn.

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