There were many interesting and unusual villains in the original Star Wars Marvel Comics. Here are some of the best.

Star Wars He returned to Marvel Comics in 2015 after a long and storied career at Dark Horse Comics. Before, Star Wars he had been with Marvel since the beginning of the franchise in 1977. Marvel took a chance on the unknown space opera movie with its six-part adaptation. The monthly comic that followed featured tons of original characters, including some villains.

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Perhaps no character could surpass the heroic Jaxxon, a greenspace rabbit who befriended the rebels in the early days of the comic, but there were plenty of interesting and unusual villains in the original Marvel Comics, some of whom might resurface in the new. Canyon. .

10 Dani

Star Wars Marvel Comics Dani

Dani is like many of the early Marvel Comics Star Wars villains. They start out badly, but end up becoming friends or at least partners with the good guys. Dani was a master thief from the planet Zeltros. He spent time with Rik Duel and Chihdo, meeting the rebels on numerous adventures that put them at odds with the good guys. He eventually left his criminal life behind and enrolled in the Rebellion. He trained with Luke Skywalker and even had a pretty healthy crush on him for a while.

9 Rik Duel

Star Wars Marvel Rik Duel

Various Star Wars comics and other novels over the years have attempted to bring Han Solo’s magic back into other characters. Dash Rendar of the mid-90s multimedia event Shadows of empire is one, and so is Rik Duel, a thief, scoundrel, and rogue in the Han Solo model. They were friends and partners in the backstory set in the original Marvel comics, but they were always suspicious of each other. After the fall of the Empire, Duel and his gang looted worlds abandoned by the Empire, sparking a conflict with Luke Skywalker.

8 Baron Forest Label

Star Wars Marvel Comics Baron Orman Tagge

Baron Orman Tagge is perhaps the 70+ of all the original Marvel Comics villains with his exaggerated glasses and cape. In fact, his glasses served a function in the story: at some point he went blind and the glasses acted as a kind of VISOR that he would later imagine with Geordi La Forge. Tagge was the head of a powerful galactic family and business that supplied the Empire. he tried to remove Darth Vader from his place as the Emperor’s right hand man, which many people have done in the comics and died for doing so, just like him.

7 Marvel Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Marvel Jabba The Hutt

The addition of Jabba The Hutt to the Star Wars Special Edition is possibly one of the worst revisions of the series. The scene is somewhat redundant with the final movie and the CGI is not that great. But it was George Lucas’s vision and that scene was actually depicted in the original Marvel adaptation, showing a Jabba that never was.

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This Jabba is not based on the actor who played him in the original cut scene, but rather on an alien species that later established itself as Nimbanel. This character was actually inspired by Mosep Binneed, a background character who appeared in the first Star Wars film.

6 Crimson jack

Crimson Jack Marvel Comics Star Wars

Ice pirates is a forgotten eighties comedy that clearly took some cues from Star Wars. The movie might even have taken some cues from Crimson Jack, a scantily clad space pirate who debuted in # 7 of the Marvel comic. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Howard Chaykin, it embodies the uncertain early take on Star Wars in other mediums. At the time, it was just a movie. Jack, a master pirate in the Outer Rim, went on to play a role in various stories throughout Marvel’s original run.

5 The darkest

The Darker Star Wars Marvel Comics

The creators of the original Star Wars The comic had a hard time creating stories as Lucasfilm limited them in what they could represent. Darth Vader was often off limits during the original trilogy period, so Marvel came up with a lot of new bad guys like The Darker. The Darker appears for the first time in number 67. It is a creature composed of the dark energies of the ancient Arbrans civilization and has a strange reptilian appearance, with two large and two small arms that it hid under its red cloak.

4 Tobbi Dala

Tobbi Dala Marvel Comics Star Wars

Tobbi Dala is a Marvel Comics villain who looks a lot like Boba Fett, and that’s because he’s also a Mandalorian warrior. Dala hails from an era before the Clone Wars and is part of the Mandalorian Protectors, a group of more than two hundred soldiers fighting to free Mandalore from the Empire. He is only one of the three Protectors who survived the Age of Rebellion. An encounter with Princess Leia lists him as a bad guy and with some doubts about his true motives, but eventually, the truth comes to light about these historical warriors.

3 Fenn shysa

Fenn Synsa Marvel Comics Star Wars

Fenn Shysa is a Mandalorian just like his childhood friend Tobbi Dala and the two wear the same armor, destined to be Boba Fett’s antecedent in the era before the prequels nailed Mandalorian culture. Although he was apparently a villain, he fought the Empire and helped drive them out of his home world.

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Fenn Shysa is a character that could appear in Boba Fett’s book. He died liberating Mandalore, currently under Imperial rule in the era of The Mandalorian canon. In the comics, he asked Boba Fett to take his place as leader of the Mandalorians after his death, and Boba agreed.

two Valance

Star Wars Valance Marvel Comics

Berilert Valance is a human bounty hunter who pre-dated Boba Fett. Valance first appeared in issue 16 of the original comic in 1978, written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Walt Simonson. Valance follows Luke Skywalker’s trail but is injured. He becomes a half-cyborg as the series progresses. Valance was revised for current Marvel Star Wars comics and his experience developed much further, connecting him directly to Han Solo’s past explored in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

1 Lumiya

Lumiya is probably the most successful of the Marvel Comics villains and a Sith Lord who could possibly reappear in Disney content in the future. Shira Brie was an Imperial secret agent who infiltrated the Rebellion and spied on Luke Skywalker. She was injured and turned into a half-cyborg, not unlike Darth Vader. She was reborn as Lymiya, distinctive among other villains with her whip of light. Lumiya fought Luke Skywalker on several occasions in the comics.

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