In an ancient Jedi temple, General Grievous confronted an ancient Force entity that revealed his true face and suggested a sensitivity to the Force.

One of the best Star Wars The villains of the last Republic were General Grievous, the Separatist cyborg who collected lightsabers from the Jedi that he killed for sport. He was eventually killed in combat with Obi-Wan Kenobi during the events of Revenge of the Sith, but one of his best canon stories appears in Jody Houser and Luke Ross Star Wars: Age of the Republic – General Grievous a drink.

On the subject, Grievous entered an ancient Jedi temple, where he was greeted by the voice of a powerful Force entity. His cybernetics were stripped away, revealing the person he once was, someone who had much more in common with the Jedi than he ever wanted to admit.

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The voice noted that Grievous was “steeped” with destruction. Revealing herself to be a powerful entity with ties to the Force, if not the embodiment of the Living Force itself, the voice returned Grievous to the appearance he had before becoming a cyborg, when he was a warrior of Kaleesh. called Qymaen jai Sheelal. and with his next words, he suggested that he might once even have been Force-sensitive: “You have brought destruction upon yourself. You seek to destroy a power you do not understand. You have severed your own connection to it. You replaced it with parts whose strength you understand. But your understanding is not strength. It is small. You are small. “

Humiliated and terrified when his own insignificance was exposed, Grievous fought this fact. For the first time, he faced the true power of the Force that he had tried to “wrench [his] own connection with. “Travis Lanham’s lyrics do an excellent job of showing the unknowable enormity of the presence that echoes through the void as the letters pulsed and flexed with different colors. As Grievous’ additional metal limbs floated away from him, he desperately grasped them , only to get hold of meat, meat that he had tried to replace with metal but could never erase from existence.

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General Grievous.  Star Wars: Age of the Republic

It is not yet known whether or not Grievous originally had Force powers, but all beings are connected to the Living Force in some way. He waged war not only against the Jedi, but also against the Force. To oppose his connection to all life, he attempted to become lifeless and thus removed from the Force, replacing every part of his body except his organs with a droid-like exoskeleton. Interestingly, the technology used to keep him alive would later be used to make Darth Vader’s new metal body, and much later, it would allow two cyborg twins, Aiolin and Morit Astarte, to replicate the powers of the Force without actually having sensitivity. by force. Paradoxically, it is possible that Grievous hoped that his technological apotheosis would allow him to replicate the abilities of the Jedi. If so, that would suggest that his hatred of them is fueled by the loss of his own connection to the Force.

The last panel of the scene showed a brain, eyes and other organs floating in the void, representing all that was left of the original body of the Separatist. Then, he was thrown back through the waterfall towards the temple. Furious at what he had been forced to face, the general engaged in a final act of destruction, ordering his ship to bombard the temple from orbit, ensuring that he would never have to face these uncomfortable truths again.

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