The 5-star shiny save file is the true way to 100% completion in Super Mario 3D World. This guide will show players how to obtain it.

Get a brilliant 5-star save file on Super Mario 3D World time consuming and challenging. This guide will show players how they can achieve it. The game recently launched its Nintendo Switch port and has allowed millions of players to play the game for the first time. When it was initially released for the Wii U, the game was highly praised, but the Wii U itself was a flawed console with a limited installation base. Nintendo Switch has gone beyond the Wii U in terms of consoles sold, which means that a whole new generation of gamers is experiencing the cat-filled adventure that is. Super Mario 3D World. This game has incredibly high standards for those who are looking for 100%. This guide will show players how they can unlock the brilliant 5-star save file.

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The brilliant 5 star save file is the hardest thing to get in the game. Each star represents a milestone that players reach. When players beat the base game, they receive a single star in their save file. Although for really 100% of the game, they will need to have 5 stars on file. This also doesn’t account for the additional Bowser’s Fury content that has made its debut in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. That is completely separate from what to do from the base game. This is how players can unlock all 5 stars in their save files.

How to unlock the shiny 5-star save file in Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World Rosalina

Each star has its own objective that must be completed to obtain them. This is how players can earn each star individually.

  • Star 1: The player must defeat Meowser in world 8.
  • Star 2: The player must collect all the green stars in all the worlds.
  • Star 3: The player must collect all the stamps from all the worlds.
  • Star 4: The player must reach the top of the flagpole in every level with each character. Since there are 5 characters, players will have to win the game at least twice. It is recommended to play with friends as it is the most challenging and time consuming star to collect.
  • Star 5: The player must complete the 3 levels of World Crown with each character.

As for the glitter on the logo, the player only needs to never use the Invincibility Blade buff. This is only given to players if they are actually struggling with a level. Complete all these tasks 100% Super Mario 3D World.

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Super Mario 3D World It is available now on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U.

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