Taskmaster is one of the strongest martial artists Marvel has to offer, but when he copies heroes like Iron Fist, there is one thing he cannot do.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Taskmaster # 3!

As a professional assassin and martial arts expert, Marvel Comics’ Foreman He is one of the most dangerous mercenaries in the entire world. Your photographic reflections powers may not sound impressive on paper, but with them you can mimic any technique or skill you observe simply by watching other people do it, be it a martial arts technique or the musical ability of a rock star. But as impressive as his power to copy others is, the old enemy of the Avengers has a major flaw with his powers that prevents him from accessing the coolest part of other martial artists’ fighting styles, especially the hero’s. Iron fist.

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In Taskmaster # 3 By Jed Mackay, Alessandro Vitti and Guru-eFX, the infamous skull-faced mercenary is still on the run from the alleged murder of former SHIELD director Maria Hill. After escaping from the Korean superhero Taegukgi, he gets into a fight with the White Fox, and it is here that Taskmaster reveals his great weakness: he may be able to copy other people’s movements, but he doesn’t actually know their names.

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Taskmaster may be able to perform impossible feats thanks to his powers, but he can only copy what he sees. So if another hero or villain uses a technique without naming it, Taskmaster has no idea what to call the move. This is especially important when copying moves from Marvel’s greatest martial artist, Iron Fist. Since Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction Iron fist run in 2006 revolutionized the character, most of Iron Fist’s techniques have been accompanied by a convenient caption telling the audience what his attack is called, something that has spread to other Marvel martial artists. This visual style piece is often used to help characterize a warrior, adding context to his style and training. In contrast, Taskmaster’s moves appear with subtitles like “That kick that Iron Fist uses” Y “I saw that hit once.”

Of course, Taskmaster failed to achieve these moves through training, leaving him without a style of his own. Taskmaster may be skilled enough to teach other warriors and assassins, but he is an undisciplined warrior who literally lacks a personal story. Always flying by the seat of his pants, and with each new learned move pushing the memories of his own life out of his head, Taskmaster lacks the substance or sense of legacy of any of the heroes whose moves he duplicates. Just as movements like “Fist of Khonshu” and “Mistress of Agony” tell readers a lot about the characters who wear them, Taskmaster’s lack of knowledge does the same thing: he’s an empty vessel, with no culture or history.

This may be Taskmaster’s greatest strength as it makes him unpredictable, but it is also a weakness. Using stolen techniques means that Taskmaster has to rely on other people’s abilities to fight, so if you’re ever in a situation where you don’t have the perfect answer yet, you’re done. Characters like Iron fist, Shang-Chi, and Doctor Strange learned an intense discipline from their martial arts training, drawing on principles that have been vital to their journey as heroes. It is fitting, then, that a sordid mercenary like Foreman symbolically it would have all the stolen movements but none of the philosophical underpinnings that are supposed to come with them.

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