Sylvester Stallone made action movie history as Vietnam War veteran John J. Rambo, whose franchise is full of great characters and exciting action scenes.

After Sylvester Stallone launched a lucrative Hollywood franchise with Rocky, launched another with First blood. Audiences raved about Vietnam War veteran John J. Rambo and after his initial appearance on the run from a small town police force, he became an unstoppable killing machine that traveled the world, killing shooting hordes of henchmen.

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Since then there have been five Rambo films, culminating in 2019 Last blood, which promised to wrap up the story, but left it open in case Stallone ever wants to return to the role. These are some incredible action movies, with amazing scenes and compelling characters.

10 Character: John J. Rambo

Sylvester Stallone as Rambo in First Blood

Rocky Balboa is undoubtedly Sylvester Stallone’s most iconic role, but John J. Rambo is a close second. The actor has said that he did not intend to do First blood A political statement, but Rambo has been praised as a symbol of the mistreatment of veterans of the Vietnam War.

In the sequels, Rambo became a reluctant hero par excellence. He never wants to take action, but he always ends up agreeing to help when he learns of people in danger.

9 Sequence of Action: The First Blood Helicopter Assault

The helicopter attack in First Blood

Although Rambo was later characterized as a ruthless killing machine, he was reluctant to kill anyone in First blood. The police chase takes him into the forest, where he climbs a cliff overlooking a stream. The only character who dies indirectly as a result of Rambo’s actions in the film is a sadistic cop aboard a helicopter who removes his safety harness to get a better shot of Rambo.

As the cop continues to shoot Rambo, he is forced to jump off the cliff into a tree below. He hurts his arm, but uses the other to throw a rock at the helicopter. The pilot loses control and the shooter without harnesses falls and dies.

8 Character: Sheriff Will Teasle

Rambo and Teasle in First Blood

If Rambo represents all the soldiers who returned from Vietnam and were received with antipathy, Sheriff Teasle represents the unfriendly institutions responsible for that social climate.

Character actor Brian Dennehy delivers an excellent performance as Teasle, whether he’s scolding Rambo or grappling with an egg on his face as his attempts to contain the situation continue to fail.

7 Sequence of action: hijack a truck in first blood

Rambo robs a truck in First Blood

When the National Guard is led into the forest, they chase Rambo to an abandoned mine and then blow up the entrance to trap him inside. But he manages to find another exit and sees a supply truck with an M60 machine gun and ammunition on his way back to town.

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He hijacks the Indiana Jones-style truck, giving him a huge advantage in his one-man crusade against small town law enforcement.

6 Character: Sarah Miller

Things You Didn't Know About Rambo: Julie Benz

Sarah Miller, played by Right handedJulie Benz is a sixth grade teacher who travels to Burma with a church group in hopes of helping victims of the local militia.

She is the only member of the group who actually tries to converse with Rambo, and she is the one who convinces him to lead them upriver to their destination.

5 Sequence of Action: Rescue Trautman in Rambo III

Rambo and Trautman in Rambo III

The main conflict in Rambo III sees Rambo heading to Afghanistan to free Colonel Trautman after being captured behind enemy lines. He effortlessly infiltrates the base where Trautman is being held and saves him just as he is about to be tortured with a flamethrower.

Rambo and Trautman free a pair of prisoners on their way out and manage to escape in the most spectacular way possible aboard a Hind gunship, which collide immediately.

4 Character: Major Marshall Murdock

Commander Marshall Murdock is the truly obnoxious CIA bureaucrat in charge of the mission in Blood Part II. To begin with, he claims to have served in the Marine Corps, but Rambo punches holes in his story and realizes that he is lying.

Although he claims to worry about the release of prisoners of war, it turns out that Murdock expects Rambo to die on the mission. Rambo not only frees all prisoners of war; He then returns to Murdock’s office with an attack helicopter to scare him directly.

3 Sequence of Action: Freeing the POWs in First Blood Part II

Rambo rescues prisoners of war in First Blood Part II

In the impressive ending of Blood Part II, Rambo hijacks Yushin’s helicopter and uses it to destroy the prison camp and all its guards before freeing the POWs and heading to Thailand. Rambo fakes a crash to get rid of Podovsky, then returns to base.

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There, he wrecks Murdock’s office with the helicopter’s machine guns, before confronting a terrified Murdock with a passionate speech about how the government treats soldiers.

two Character: Colonel Sam Trautman

Colonel Trautman

Colonel Trautman is the commanding officer who turned Rambo into a killing machine. When he gets the call that his soldier has taken over an entire city police force, he jokes that the cops are the ones in trouble.

Richard Crenna always shared excellent chemistry with Sylvester Stallone as he realized the father-son dynamic of Rambo and Trautman on screen.

1 Action Sequence: The Last Stand on Rambo (2008)

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo (2008).

The room Rambo movie, simply titled Rambo, initially set a record for his death toll on screen. A big contributing factor to this is the final battle, in which Rambo takes the helm of an M2 .50-cal. heavy machine gun and destroying legions of Burmese henchmen.

The bloody violence occasionally borders on the horrible, but it’s still easy to root for Rambo, given the real evils he’s fighting.

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