The Amazing Race rarely changes its format much, but perhaps it could benefit by borrowing some ideas from Survivor.

There are many iconic reality shows, but two that stand out above the rest are The surprising race Y Survivor. The two CBS shows have been around for years and have massive, dedicated fan bases who never miss an episode. However, that does not mean that either program is perfect.

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An incredible racein particular, it has become a bit outdated lately. The program does not change its formula too often in any significant way. However, perhaps by borrowing some elements from Survivor is the best way to do it. There are many ideas to borrow from the series.

10 Team change


While this has been in place for very short periods in The surprising race, implementing exchanges or team changes in a slightly more current way could be really interesting.

It would force players to work with those they are probably not very familiar with, which could be great or could be a huge problem if they are not prepared to take the blows. Either way, it will be interesting.

9 Some kind of edge of extinction

Have some kind of Edge of Extinction-style area or group that could re-enter the game in The surprising race it would be interesting, if not a bit messy. The group could be forced to stay in one area and complete more difficult tasks each week to get back into the game, or it could be put on a different and more arduous hike than the players still on the run so that it could rejoin them a point.

It could certainly change the formula in ways that no one would see coming.

8 Idols / Safety

Jeff with Immunity Idol on Survivor

Hidden Immunity Idols Are a Resource Survivor. They are hard to find, but the payoff is great. If used correctly, they can prevent the player from being sent home. Idols could theoretically work in The surprising race.

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They may not be as easily implemented, but perhaps finding one at a certain stage of the race would prevent the team from being sent home for the next three stages. This is not the only way the twist can be formatted, there are many possibilities for a smooth transition from one program to another.

7 More feedback

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Reilly Big Brother in The Amazing Race

It really only happened once, but the vote took place in The surprising race prior to. It was used in the reality crossover season to determine who would U-switch on a particular leg, and it caused a lot of drama.

This could be expanded with different twists or used in exactly the same way. Either way, it should certainly return in some kind of capacity.

6 Rewards

Reward challenges are another resource Survivor. Those who win the reward challenges receive a gift for their camp or a little getaway that usually involves food and relaxation.

In turn, your performance on other challenges often improves. Earn a reward in The surprising race it could just be an advantage on another leg. How these rewards will be distributed is anyone’s guess.

5 Additional risks of rewards

One way to earn an immunity idol in Survivor is to catch it in the middle of a challenge. The risk here is that other players might notice the action and bring out your new idol, which would likely cause it to be used immediately.

This could be implemented in The surprising race, as well. Tear down a building while trying to read a code on the way down? Try to catch this Immunity Idol too.

4 Fire tokens

Survivor's Fire Token Jeff Probst

Fire tokens were a new twist introduced in Winners in war and could be spent on the brink of extinction to gain advantage in challenges to get back into the game. This would be easy to implement in The surprising race.

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Doing a good job on detours or obstacles could be rewarded with a fire token (or your Race equivalent) or two to purchase a reward for later in the game that could potentially save a team from being sent home.

3 Larger teams

Teams in The surprising race They have almost always been made up of two people, and that number is seldom greater, except in one season that included entire families.

Why not change it a bit? Teams of 3-4 players could really change the dynamic and could breathe new life into the show. At the very least, there is nothing wrong with trying.

two More of a social focus

It is rare to see alliances in The surprising raceas they are not really necessary in the current formula of the program. There is no focus on social play. But this does not have to be the case.

It might be interesting to watch a new approach to social strategies develop. Twists like the aforementioned vote could help facilitate this.

1 More turns overall


Survivor It’s a show that’s full of twists and turns, and sure, not all of them are top-notch, but they’re generally fun and change the formula dramatically.

The surprising race I could really bear to adopt a few of these to keep things interesting from season to season. The program’s formula is one that clearly works, but is almost the same every time. A little soda wouldn’t hurt anything.

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