The best video game podcasts allow gamers to stay informed about their favorite video games while driving to work or doing the dishes.

With daily or weekly episodes that listeners can stream whenever they want, video game podcasts allow gamers to stay informed about their favorite hobby while driving to work or doing the dishes. The video game podcast genre has exploded in recent years, with shows on everything from esports to JRPG.

Video game podcasts can be quick, easy-to-digest snippets of current game news, or they can be a deep dive into the politics and business of game development. Even niche interests like game localization and text-based role-playing games are represented in popular video game podcasts.

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The best podcasts feature veteran gaming journalists, gaming industry experts, and celebrity nerdy guests who share their fans’ passion for gaming. These are some of the best video game podcasts available.

Best Video Game Podcasts: Spawn on Me

Best Video Game Podcast: Spawn on Me

Beget me is a weekly podcast hosted by Kahlief Adams that focuses on people of color in the games industry, from broadcasters to game developers. Beget me features celebrity guest presenters and interviews with gaming industry experts, witty commentary on current events in the gaming world, and discussions of races within and outside of the industry.

Best Video Game Podcasts: Ax of the Blood God

Best Video Game Podcast: Ax of the Blood God

Ax of the Blood God is an RPG podcast created by veteran journalists Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. The show offers an entertaining and informative look at RPGs and JRPGs dating back to the Atari 2600, as well as current-generation games and industry news.

Best Video Game Podcasts: Wizard And The Bruiser

Best Video Game Podcast: Wizard and the Bruiser

Wizard and the Bruiser is a nerdy pop culture and video game podcast hosted by Holden McNeely and Jake Young. The show delves into the history and development of presenters’ favorite video games, shows, and movies in a fun and informative way.

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Best Video Game Podcasts: Kinda Funny Games Daily

Best Video Game Podcasts Kinda Funny Games Daily

As the name suggests, Games a little fun every day is a fun podcast that airs almost every day. It’s an informative and witty look at video game news, hosted by Greg Miller and a rotating cast of guest stars.

Best Video Game Podcasts: 8-4 Play

Best Video Game Podcast: 8-4 Play

the 8-4 play the podcast is made by 8-4, a video game localization company that translates and prepares Japanese video games for Western audiences. The podcast is hosted by Mark MacDonald, John Ricciardi, Sarah Podzorski, and Justin Epperson and is about their love of video games, Japanese culture, and Japanese video games.

Best Video Game Podcasts – How Was It Played?

The best video game podcasts How was this played?

How was this played? is a podcast hosted by comedians Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger that looks at some of the worst and weirdest video games of all time. The show airs weekly and often features celebrity guests such as John Hodgman and Dan Harmon.

Best Video Game Podcasts: What’s Good Games

Best Video Game Podcast: What's Good Games

What is good games is a fun and upbeat gaming news podcast hosted by industry veterans Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer. This show provides some much-needed serotonin by focusing on positive and inclusive video game coverage.

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Best Video Game Podcasts: Filthy Casuals

Best Video Game Podcast: Filthy Casuals

Dirty casual is a weekly podcast hosted by Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel, and Adam Knox. The podcast features fun and upbeat discussions about the games they are playing, as well as news from the gaming industry.

There are so many video game podcasts that offer unique perspectives on gaming news and history, so almost any gamer should be able to find a show that suits their needs. Starting a podcast is also easier than ever, so there are bound to be more great video game podcasts in the future.

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