Considered one of the best science fiction shows of the last decade, The expansion has been a prime example of what the genre has to offer with memorable characters, stellar visuals, and an increasingly fascinating plot. When Season 5 ended, and Earth became a target of both the Free Army and the Republic Navy of the Mars Congress, things looked bleak for Secretary General Avasarala, Captain James Holden, and the rest of the crew of the messy Rocinante.

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With Earth as an apocalyptic shell, Marco Inaros and most of the Belters now in control of the Sol System, and a rogue Martian faction running alien technology above Laconia, the power dynamic is definitely changing. On a smaller scale, Alex has been replaced by a new crew member on the Roci, something that can create tension later on. With so much lost and so much at stake, these are the questions to be answered as the series approaches its sixth (and possibly final) season.

10 Will the Ring Gate creatures be the next big threat?

The expanse season 5 barkeith going through the ring door and seeing the unknown attackers

In the first episode of season 5, Holden explained to Fred about the creatures that lived within the ring gates, whose anger he could feel every time Roci passed through them. In the season 5 finale, the Barkeith He passed through the ring gates and time stood still as they circled those on board.

During his time with The Investigator, Holden discovered that these aliens (known as the “Unknown Aggressors”) annihilated the alien race that had created the protomolecule and used it to rule the galaxy long before Earth took over the stars. They were inactive until the protomolecule was used in the Sol system, and now it appears that they have become incredibly active by making their first decisive blow by destroying the Barkeith.

9 What is the drummer’s relationship with the rest of the Free Army?


To protect herself and her crew, Camina Drummer had to make a horrible decision; do Marco Inaros orders or watch your family spread out. He did what he had to do, while working out a plan to riot at the earliest opportunity. While he was successful, he paid a heavy price for his actions and his unit broke down at the end of season 5.

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With only Michio and Josep as part of his team, he will once again have a big decision to make. Will she become mistress of her own destiny and risk confronting the Free Navy loyal to Marco, who will no doubt hunt her down for her betrayal? Or will he work alongside the Inners, something he used to berate Fred Johnson for?

8 Will Filip turn Marco on?

The Filip Marco expansion

While Filip’s loyalty to his father Marcos Inaros seems unshakeable, Naomi’s time aboard the Lump It made him question many of the truths that he held firmly rooted in reality. With her perspective, something that had been denied her for years, she finally gained a more holistic view of her father and his reputation.

Even though Marco tried to interpret Naomi’s escape as a selfish act, it is clear that Filip had already begun to view his father as the selfish one. With a few glances and a complicity scene where Filip arms himself up when he goes to the bridge to talk to his father after the failed raid on Roci, there could be a showdown in season 6 when Marco loses power.

7 How will The Roci Crew react to peaches?

Wes Chatham as Amos Burton as Nadine Nicole as Clarissa Mao Peaches in The Expanse

Season 5 begins with a connection established between Amos and Clarissa Mao (now called “Peaches”), one that was presumably cultivated off-screen while she was still in prison. At the end of Season 5, after the Free Army’s attack on Earth, Peaches is free and is about to join Roci’s crew.

While Amos might have gotten to know her well, Holden only knows her as someone who tried to kill him. Considering that Amos made a mistake in asking his captain whether or not he wanted an ex-assassin as part of his crew, it is unlikely that Holden – or Naomi- will welcome her with open arms.

6 Can Bobbie and Avasarala work together?

Bobbie Draper and Avasarala

At the end of season 5, Bobbie finally accepted the liaison position with Secretary General Avasarala. Both women have strong personalities and are known to be difficult to handle. As much as they respect each other, it remains to be seen how they will work together and be able to handle criticism constructively.

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One option is for Avasarala to ask you to be their representative at the Roci. Given Alex’s untimely death, a Martian presence on board seems appropriate. It will also prevent spirits from getting too high if women are together for long periods.

5 How will the UN approach the Free Army and the Martian traitors?

The Expanse Season 5 Shohreh Aghdashloo as Avasarala

The Free Army has become the dominant military force in the universe, with direct control over the Solar System. With the Martians controlling the protomolecule, the UN more than ever finds itself in a very vulnerable and precarious place, outgunned and outgunned.

The UN cannot stand alone against the Free Army and the Martian traitors. Will he try to destroy the ring gates? Will he try to lure the Belters who want Marco Inaros dead as much as Avasarala? The books handle Marco in a certain way, but the series may deviate from that story.

4 Who will be the new allies of Earth?

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala in The Expanse

After the Free Army assault on Earth in which entire swaths of its population were destroyed in a matter of minutes, it was clear that a very serious message was being sent to Earth; He was no longer a dominant player in the universe and would no longer be directing the fate of The Belt.

Since Earth, an already resource-strapped planet, has been reduced to an apocalyptic shell, Secretary General Avasarala must seek out allies who can help him survive. Will they take the form of Belters who are unwilling to join the Free Army?

3 What is the protomolecule building in Laconia?

Laconia Protomolecule ships in The Expanse

In the season 5 finale, Cortázar excitedly explains to his new Martian overlords that the protomolecule is already helping to build a mysterious structure in the sky, which the books suggest is one of the ships abandoned by the ring builders years before.

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There is also brief video evidence that there are structures on the planet’s surface very similar to the ones Holden and his crew stopped activating in Season 4. Will the Laconians be victims of the same mistakes as everyone else they have tried to? control the protomolecule?

two Will the Laconians be the next big threat?

Tim DeKay as Laconia Sauveterre in The Expanse

In the books, a thirty-year time jump shows the Laconian Empire becoming a major competitor for dominance of the universe. With season 6 being the show’s final season, fans don’t know if it will decide to incorporate that jump or not.

Cortázar is in Laconia with other rebel members of the Mars Congress Republic Navy, but it is difficult to determine how many of them there are, and after the destruction of Barkeith, the Laconians will need to get the Ring Builder technology going sooner rather than later. . . Will it be soon enough to pose a threat to Holden and company?

1 Will the investigator ever return?

Thomas Jane as Miller Investigator in The Expanse

The Investigator was a construction projected from the Ring Station, hoping to investigate what happened to the Ring Builders using Holden’s mind to communicate. Although no one else could see it except Holden, it succeeded in helping the protomolecule better understand the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of its creator.

The Investigator appears to no longer exist as of Season 5, but perhaps the protomolecule will reach Holden by another method and use another entity to include it in his plans on Laconia. In the books, The Investigator only wanted to find Ring Builders, and was indifferent to the human race, choosing Holden as a conduit due to Miller’s high esteem for him. However, Holden can serve the programming of the protomolecule if it gets close to a sample again.

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