In honor of The Muppet Show’s arrival on Disney +, several posters have been released featuring the Muppets parodying streamers’ shows.

Celebrate The Muppet ShowThe long-awaited arrival of Disney + has released a series of posters featuring the Muppets in a parody of the streaming service’s original shows.

“It was not enough to get The Muppet Show on #DisneyPlus, @The Muppets also had to take care of five of our originals, “Disney + wrote on Twitter. The posters feature Baby Kermit in “The Frogdalorian” instead of The mandalorian and Gonzo and his chicken Camilla in “CamillaGonzo” instead of WandaVision. Completing the posters are The world according to chef Guldbluom with the Swedish chef and High school chaos. Each poster features the tongue-in-cheek slogan, “Original series that never airs.”

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Created by Jim Henson in 1976, The Muppet Show featured a mix of comedy sketches and original songs featuring The Muppets and several guest stars, including Mark Hamill. Disney + had previously debuted Muppets now series, consisting of multiple segments featuring classic Muppet characters and new additions, including Joe the Legal Weasel.

Another Disney + original series, Earth to Ned, was produced by Jim Henson Company and features a new puppet: an alien named Ned who decides to stay on Earth and host a talk show after falling in love with its pop culture.

All five seasons of The Muppet Show are currently available to stream on Disney +.

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