From Netflix The Wizard Season 1 featured a lot of magical beasts, and here are all the creatures included in the show so far. Based on the popular book series and video game franchise, The Wizard Season 1 debuted on Netflix in 2019 and quickly became a huge hit. The show stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, one of the world’s most skilled fighters and assassins, also known as the White Wolf. His specialty as a sorcerer is killing monsters, and The Wizard it included a lot.

Geralt spent his life training to defeat any magical beast, as long as someone is willing to pay him. Geralt’s story in The Wizard Season 1 discovered her ties to Ciri of the Law of Surprise, but she also developed a romantic relationship with Yennefer de Vengerberg. The Wizard It featured large human-to-human pieces, but one of the show’s biggest selling points was Geralt slaying magical creatures.

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The magical beasts that appear in The Wizard Season 1 were mostly Geralt’s enemies, but the fantasy world featured other mystical creatures as well. The first eight episodes of the series have allowed The Wizard to establish a rich world of people, assassins, wizards and beasts of all kinds. This will evolve with The Wizard Season 2 will also feature multiple new creatures, and The Wizard the world is expanding beyond that with spin-offs and prequels. However, here are all the different magical beasts in The Wizard season 1.


The witcher Kikimora

The Wizard Season 1 begins with an epic fight between Geralt and the Kikimora. Fight the giant and poisonous swamp monster near Blaviken. The beast proves to be a challenge to Geralt, but he still manages to defeat the creature after preventing it from drowning. The kikimora has the appearance of an insect with six giant legs. The monster was introduced into The Wizard story through the tale “The Lesser Evil” in a similar way, although it is called kikimore, not kikimora. Three castes have been included in the games: queen, warrior, and worker, but it is unclear which type Geralt encountered in The Wizard season 1.

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The sorcerer striga

Geralt finally fights a striga in The Wizard season 1 too. A striga is a human female who has been transformed into a monster due to a curse. The creature appears in The Wizard Episode 3 when Geralt is hired to eliminate a beast in Temeria. The mysterious curse transformed King Foltest’s supposedly deceased daughter, Adda, into a flesh-eating monster. Adda was a cursed fetus at birth and her mother died in childbirth. The fetus and the mother were buried in the same grave, which is how the fetus came to devour the corpse of its mother and become a striga. Strigas only hunt at night and are incredibly fast and strong. The fall of Geralt with a striga in The Wizard Season 1 concluded with him helping to turn the monster back to human by keeping him away from his crypt until morning.


You don’t see a basilisk in The Wizard season 1, but is directly referenced during episode 6. Geralt had just returned from defeating one of them when his services are called back. Taking a look at the The Wizard Source of inspiration, a basilisk is a type of draconid (reptilian-like creatures like dragons). A basilisk has bird-like beaks, webbed wings, hooked claws, and a red dewlap. Appear in the original The Wizard game and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which explains Eskel’s history with the beasts. While basilisks are generally depicted with a mythical power to kill someone or turn them to stone with a single glance, the creatures have no such power in The Wizardworld.

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A Sylvan appears in The Wizard season 1, episode 2. The physically rare creature is a cross between a human and a goat. They have a mostly human body, but their horns, hooves, ears, and eyes resemble those of a goat. Despite being a mostly peaceful race, the sylvan known as Torque becomes Geralt’s trademark. The people of the nearby town mistakenly believed that the sylvan was a demon due to its horns, and Torque attacked Geralt and Dandelion when they got too close. While Geralt decided to spare Torque’s life, it was later revealed that Torque was working with the local elves and was stealing from nearby humans.


The krallachs are briefly seen in The Wizard season 1 and are an original creation of the show. The cockroach-like creature is fast and quite deadly thanks to its sharp arms. A murderous wizard in episode 4 used it. The Krallach killed some of the guards who were protecting Yennefer.

Villentretenmerth the Golden Dragon

The golden witch dragon

The Wizard Season 1, Episode 6, featured the mighty golden dragon named Villentretenmerth. The rare beast possesses the ability to change its physical form and take on the appearance of a human. The dragon is known as Borch Three Jackdaws in this form and he hired Geralt for a mission. It was originally said that the goal was to kill a dragon, but Borch revealed that they were recruited to protect another dragon.


Netflix Witcher Season 1 Doppler Mousesack

A doppler also appears in The Wizard Season 1. These creatures are shapeshifters that are far more powerful than the average doppelganger. A doppler can acquire the memories and abilities of the person whose appearance it is mimicking. The doppler took the form of Mousack, Ciri and Cahir during season 1. So far, Geralt has not been confirmed to have crossed paths with the doppler, but you can never be so sure.

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Yennefer in The Witcher.

Geralt and Dandelion meet a djinn in The Wizard Season 1, Episode 5. A djinn grants three wishes to the person who captures him, then wreaks havoc wherever he goes. Dandelion accidentally releases him and is wounded by the powerful monster. Yennefer then tries to control the djinn so she can grant her wishes, such as being able to have a baby. However, it is revealed that the djinn’s master is Geralt, who helps the spirit leave Yennefer’s body. But The Wizard does not reveal what Geralt’s third and final wish is.

The damn

The Damned One is a little different from the other magical beasts in The Wizard season 1. Not a monster, but a cursed human named Duny, the Urcheon of Erlenwald. He wanted to marry Pavetta, the daughter of Queen Calanthe of Cintra, but was cursed with a hedgehog-like head. Duny attempted to use the Law of Surprise to avoid a death sentence from the Queen since saving the King in the past. The curse was finally broken when Duny and Pavetta got married.


The Witcher ghouls undead

A group of nekkers, also known as ghouls, appear in The Wizard Season 1 finale. They attacked Geralt, poisoning him with their bites. They are usually found in cemeteries and battlefields so that they can devour the deceased. Nekkers also have long, sharp claws and use their pack hunting style to their advantage.


The hirikka is an extremely rare beast in The Wizard Season 1, Episode 6. The endangered creature lives in the Northern Kingdoms and is said to be even rarer than a dragon. Geralt and his traveling party run into a hirikka on a mission, and Geralt tries to diffuse the situation peacefully, but the creature is killed by Eyck.

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