As Donald Blake’s rampage continues, the deranged alter ego has set his sights on the heart of Asgard to complete his revenge.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thor # 12, by VC’s Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson and Joe Sabino, out now.

One of the most iconic places in the Marvel Universe is Asgard, where Odin and his descendants often preside over the other Nine Kingdoms directly from Norse mythology. Within Asgard is Yggdrasil, the mythical World Tree that serves as the backbone of the cosmos and links all kingdoms.

And while the World Tree has given Asgard prosperity, the divine tree has come under attack by Odin’s worst creation yet in Thor # 12: God Thudner’s unhinged alter ego, Donald Blake.

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After Blake learned that he and all his memories of life as a doctor before becoming Thor’s human host were all a complete fabrication devised by Odin to give his son a sense of humility and the ability to walk between Humans, the formerly good doctor broke violently. Escaping into the real world after imprisoning Thor within a pocket dimension, Blake constantly targeted anyone who had ever wielded the Odin Force, stealing the divine energy that helped create it as he sought to draw the attention of Odin himself after the All-Father entered self-imposed Retirement following conclusion of 2019 crossover event War of the kingdoms.

Blake set his sights on Doctor Strange, who had temporarily obtained a portion of the Odin Force to regain his Sorcerer Supreme mantle from Loki. The defeated stranger was forced to reveal to the crazed Blake that he acquired his Asgardian powers directly from the World Tree, the source of life in Asgard and the realms. Armed with this information and Thor’s old ax Jarnbjorn, Blake summons the Bifrost to return to Asgard, which had previously magically exiled its residents to the blood dimension, and begins attacking the World Tree, with Thor horrified by what is happening while he remains trapped in the nightmare of his dark shadow.

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The World Tree has been attacked several times before, with disastrous consequences for all of Asgard as a direct result. In 2009 God size thor # 1 by Matt Fraction, Dan Bereton, Doug Braithwaite, Mike Allred, and Ma Sepulveda, Enchantress attempted to destroy the tree in order to free Skurge the Executioner from its roots in Valhalla. The attempt resulted in all of reality nearly being torn apart before Thor, Loki, and Balder can convince it of their desperate mission. Soon after this, the World Tree grew a cosmic seed capable of finally satiating Galactus’s hunger, prompting the Silver Surfer to attack Asgard in an epic battle before reaching a compromise with Odin.

The full extent of Blake’s attack on the World Tree is still unknown, but his blood is already falling on Thor from his pocket-dimension prison. The last time someone launched such a blatant attack on Yggdrasil, Asgard and the Marvel Universe were almost irrevocably warped. And with all Asgard emptied and no hero capable of stopping Blake’s rampage thus far, the remaining opposition will have to act quickly if they hope to stop Blake from destroying the World Tree and get all of his raw Odin Force for him. carry out. his great revenge on a universe that rejected him and his false life for the Norse god of thunder.

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