Ricky, Julian and Bubbles made some enemies for 12 seasons and a series of specials from Trailer Park BoysThe hit Canadian series that captured the everyday lives of the headline boys, though none of its misadventures were as memorable as those involving Cyrus MacDougall, played by Bernard Robichaud.

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Cyrus has his own unique style and gestures that fans have come to recognize, including Rick Jeffery’s revealing “I’m Old (You’re Young)” that plays from his car stereo every time he drives, as well as a series of funny lines that have become incredibly quotable for fans of one of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park games most universally hated character.

10 “9mm. Security, always off.”


Cyrus only lived in Sunnyvale Trailer Park during his first appearance on the series when he attacked Cory and Trevor and took over Julian’s trailer while the boys were in jail, so he didn’t have as much solo time as the rest of the boys. the rest. residents.

However, when he got a chance to share a bit of his story, he dropped hilarious gold nuggets that he thought made him look great. His description of his beloved 9mm Beretta contradicts his constant attempt to show that it is dangerous, despite Julian quickly revealing his cowardice when put to the test.

9 “… And I want my porn tapes replaced because those were Crème De La Crème.”

BOYS FROM TRAILER PARK - Cyrus porn tapes

When Julian returned from prison, he quickly set out to remove Cyrus’s belongings from his trailer, which included boxes of pornographic tapes that were, as Cyrus put it, the “crème de la crème” and probably the prettiest thing Cyrus owned alongside. to its red corvette from 1978. and its 9 mm.

His focus on adult videos of everything being removed was a character trait that returned in a later appearance in season eight. Julian’s motel auction included more adult tapes of Cyrus, although, this time, he starred in the tapes with several women who were possibly men, leading to his recurring obsession with getting his tapes back.

8 “Why don’t we get screwed?”

Cyrus soon became known on the show for his unique way of twisting certain phrases, much like Ricky’s own “Rickyisms” that have found their way into our vocabulary, although Cyrus’s particular twist has a similar theme.

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After the guys told him “f ** k off” for the hundredth time, Cyrus returned the familiar response with his unique twist by suggesting that they should do the opposite and “f ** k on”, which doesn’t really work and just adds to the mood of the moment.

7 “He told me he was proud of me once. F ***** g P *** k.”


Cyrus further explained his connection to his weapon while speaking to the documentary team that covered the everyday life of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and actually shared a poignant moment that could have made fans feel sorry for the character for just a few seconds.

Cyrus revealed that his gun was a gift from his father, who said he was proud of Cyrus once in what seemed like a very sweet moment. However, Cyrus quickly squashed that thought with a comic last word about his father, which said quite a bit about the unbalanced character.

6 “If not the big sturdy Juliane telescope, duh, Bu-Bu-Bubble and helmet.”

TRAILER PARK KIDS - Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and Cyrus

While some of the various enemies of children in the series developed due to their criminal actions or strained relationships with authority figures, Cyrus was one of the few who ultimately disliked Julian, Ricky, or Bubbles and took every opportunity that had to do it. make fun of them.

While he usually gave quick, sometimes pop culture-related taunts at the boys, he could hit them all with an insulting and forceful blow, including his usual feminine pronunciation of Julian’s name, when he arrived to collect money. for his greasy “Rub ‘n Tiz’zug” operation.

5 “We don’t want any problem, but we don’t mind creating it.”

TRAILER PARK KIDS - Cyrus Dennis and Terry

Cyrus started his own operations outside the park with twin brothers and occasional associates of Ricky, Terry and Dennis (Mio and Nobu Adilman), who eventually went to jail with Cyrus after a shootout with the boys.

Cyrus, Terry, and Dennis were later rescued by Randy, who was helping Mr. Lahey cause trouble for the children at the park. When Cyrus arrived, pumping out his usual entrance song, he dropped his conflicting statement of creating trouble before starting another shootout that once again sent him and the brothers to prison.

4 “Well, how about we go to hell?”

TRAILER PARK BOYS - Cyrus quotes

The familiar twist to Cyrus’s phrase appeared again during a confrontation with Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles after the boys had settled with Cyrus, Dennis, and Terry over stealing hashish and money that went bad when Cory and Trevor opened up. fire by mistake. in the finale of the fifth season of Trailer Park Boys.

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As they tried to explain that it was all a big “fuck”, Cyrus turned his back on them as he opened fire with a dramatic “how about we fucked!” That was definitely one of his most successful lines on the series.

3 “It won’t end until the fat woman sings, while she fucks me!”

TRAILER PARK KIDS - Cyrus and Sam Losco

Cyrus ‘unique way of expressing things not only managed to keep pace with Ricky’s own version of the English language, but also frequently provided an inside look at Cyrus’ character and style of humor, which was generally obscene and worthy of shame.

With this witty reply, he managed to take a frequently used saying and put a vulgar spin on it that certainly didn’t make much sense. This, of course, comes from a guy who failed his grade 10 exam, something even Ricky managed to avoid.

two “Isn’t anyone here man enough to take this chip off my shoulder?”

The best part of Cyrus’ use of the proper description of his own personality is that he probably didn’t understand the hidden layers of his challenge, considering he was physically holding tokens which he then put on his shoulder.

The irony of the statement is likely completely eluded by Cyrus, whose proverbial “chip on his shoulder” constantly prevents him from working amicably with the boys, who were beaten up and unable to meet his challenge. Fortunately, Randy was there to take off his pants and take down Cyrus so he could watch his own joke fly over his head.

1 “F ** k Off. I have work to do.”

TRAILER PARK BOYS - I have work to do

Without a doubt, the biggest and most frequent phrase used by Cyrus that has become synonymous with the character as his chosen theme song is his farewell phrase, the phrase “F ** k off, I got work to do.” almost always uses it is a screen.

The irony is again lost on Cyrus, as he’s usually the one who takes off taking off in his car after dropping his most famous line, but that makes it a lot more fun for fans of “heavy metal d ** k.”

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