For many years, Walt Disney World was the dominant force for theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Yet in recent years (and thanks to the immersive glory of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), Universal Orlando Resort has come to a halt almost side by side with the mouse house across the road.

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As such, many of Universal’s attractions have become as essential as Disney’s mainstays. A trip to Hogwarts castle, a roller coaster themed of The Incredible Hulk, a water ride in Jurassic Park. Each of these has practically become synonymous with Universal Orlando. But there are still many more underrated attractions that are worth a second look.

10 Ripsaw Falls from Dudley Do-Right

Cartoon Rock and Log Canal Landscape

While Jurassic Park: The Ride has become the ultimate water attraction at Universal, there is another log canal nearby that is also worth a visit: Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls. Based on the classic Rocky and bullwinkle segment, this channel is a harrowing journey through a cartoon world.

It is enough to wet and refresh one without leaving it to soak. Compared to the nearby Popeye & Bluto Bilge-Rat barges (which dump water at guests by the gallon), it’s not as well known, but it still deserves its due.

9 Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular

People dressed as Christmas Whos on stage

While Universal has approached Disney status lately, Disney still dominates when it comes to the holiday season. The only Universal offering that could come close to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is Universal’s Grinchmas.

However, it is not a conventional attraction by any means. For one thing, it’s a live show that retells the story of Dr. Seuss. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! On the other hand, it requires guests to step into Universal’s backstage area. But just hearing those high notes from “Where Are You Christmas?” makes the overlooked classic worth it on its own.

8 ET Adventure

Alien planet

Many have considered the ET Adventure attraction to be long overdue at the park. After all, if themed attractions Jaws Y Return to the future they were closed, how could ET to persist? That’s the power of Steven Spielberg’s loyalty to the movie’s presence in the park.

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Hopefully it lasts a long time because it is a true underrated gem. From Spielberg’s introduction to the film’s recreated magical moments to the strange journey to ET’s home planet and the fact that the alien says each guest’s name, it’s the kind of journey the world doesn’t see enough anymore. .

7 Harry Potter and the Gringotts Escape

Two evil wizards point their wands

When Universal officially opened its second Harry Potter area, Diagon Alley, everyone who traveled there raved about the experience as truly unmatched in theme park history. That is, except for the attraction.

Everything was exceptional at Diagon Alley, except for the central attraction. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts was considered a paler imitation of the more groundbreaking attraction in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey that opened a few years earlier. But while momentum is often cut off on this trip, the well-considered storytelling runs long before guests buckle up. This attraction is more than just the ride.

6 The Simpsons ride

Cartoon family in car with clown head

When The Simpsons received its own area at Universal Studios, many fans of the old Fox comedy were disappointed to learn that the attraction at the heart was programmed to be a motion simulator. However, this is definitely a reductionist point of view.

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The Simpsons Ride might have the right to be the funniest theme park attraction since Soarin ‘at Epcot. The writing of the characters (especially Homer) is on par with the classic Simpsons and there are many jokes that help weaken Universal’s corporate position. It’s a crazy fun time.

5 The High In The Sky Seuss Trolley Ride

Chariot near the sky and the tower

Returning to the Dr. Seuss side of Islands of Adventure, the High in the Sky Seuss trolley ride may be overlooked as “just another ride for the kids.” However, it’s actually one of Universal’s best attractions overall and truly underrated.

It is not just for children. Follow the lead of Disney’s PeopleMover at Tomorrowland by allowing guests to relax while taking in the beauty of the park from an aerial point of view. Not to mention, it’s also inspired by one of Dr. Seuss’s best books, The Sneetches.

4 Transformers: The Ride 3D

Big robot statue

When a trip based on the blockbuster Transformers The franchise was unveiled at Universal, many reacted quickly in the same way that people met the Fast and Furious Ride with, well, fury However the Transformers The attraction deserves more attention than this.

Yes, it is essentially a very innovative retread. Spiderman ride. It’s a bit looser with the track (and seatbelts) though, providing even more thrills versus an Allspark-laden script that makes absolutely no sense. It is a truly wild story that is a tremendously fun experience.

3 Men in Black: Alien Attack

Sign at night

the Harry Potter Devotees have long ridiculed Men in Black: Alien Attack as an attraction that is simply “in the way” of Universal expanding the Wizarding World beyond Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, and Diagon Alley. However, this sci-fi attraction deserves praise for being one of the last bastions of the Universal classic of the early 2000s.

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Plus, it’s a genuinely entertaining experience (shooting aliens with a laser gun – what could be better?) That shouldn’t go away in favor of another motion simulator. Men in Black: Alien Attack is one of the latest great interactive attractions.

two Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon

Host driving a car

Just like Transformers: The Ride 3D is like a Spider-Man redux, Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon has been dismissed as a pale imitation of the exact structure of The Simpsons Ride..

However, this is unfair. Yes, they have the same rhythms as the story, but Jimmy Fallon’s experience has mastered the technology even more, creating a truly enriching and surprising attraction (seriously, who thought a talk show-based ride could be fun? ). Additionally, this attraction also revolves around hanging out with Hashtag the Panda and Ragtime Gals before boarding. It’s quite an excursion!

1 The cat in the Hat

Feline taking a bath

Clearly, Seuss Landing is a pavilion in Islands of Adventure that deserves more attention in this author’s opinion. But The Cat in the Hat themed attraction is arguably the best pure dark ride in Universal Orlando history. However, you have minimal wait time with a queue populated solely by children and their families.

Give the cat in the hat what it deserves! It’s a whimsical ride with accurate book imagery and mind-blowing track movements (like spinning through the cat fever dream playtime tunnel). It’s a representation of what Universal did best in its prime and will always be a theme park classic.

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