As WandaVision Episode 7 carries over to the 2010s, it featured a Modern Family-inspired intro that mysteriously features what appears to be a ransom note.

WARNING: there is SPOILERS go ahead for WandaVision episode 7.

WandaVision Episode 7 titled “Breaking The Fourth Wall” featured a secret message during its introduction to the comedy. As the Marvel Studios series draws to a close, its references to sitcoms have progressed into the 2000s, and Episode 7 is largely based on hit comedies. Modern Family Y The office. Like its predecessors, “Breaking The Fourth Wall” also featured a fun theme song that mimicked the other shows; while he did a great job capturing the fun quality of The office subject in particular, the WandaVision The version also features chilling code that can be easily missed.

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Starting with Wanda and Vision’s move to Westview to live the idealized suburban life, it is clear that not everything is what it seems in WandaVision From the beginning. It took multiple episodes to confirm that this fantasy life is indeed taking place in a pocket reality that Scarlet Witch created but may not have complete control over. What WandaVision The end is nearing, more information is revealed about what is really going on inside the hex, with episode 7 unmasking the true villain of the narrative: Agnes, aka Agatha Harkness. However, before this dark plot twist happened, the show sneaked into ominous detail in its introduction to the sitcom that could be interpreted in a number of ways.

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In WandaVisionThe intro inspired by the sitcom from episode 7, The Word “Wanda” repeats itself in various mundane places such as a name tag, car license plate, and street sign before becoming a calendar heading, and the word “Vision” was added to complete the show’s title. But amid the flurry of seemingly mismatched shots, there’s a quick shot of what appears to be a ransom note that initially only showed “Wanda” until the perspective shifted to a wide shot that revealed the full message: “I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING, WANDDA.” It’s unclear who the author of the note was, but this was most likely a deliberate detail that was sneaked into the otherwise light and funny intro of the outlet to herald later events.

SWORD Vision WandaVision

WandaVision Episode 7 did not revise the note to reveal what it is really about, but his accusation may refer to some things that are happening in the story so far. It could refer to Scarlet Witch essentially abducting Vision’s corpse from SWORD. Granted that Hayward and his henchmen are experimenting with him to potentially use him as a sentient weapon, something the synth did not want, she still stole it from him. Another possible interpretation is that Wanda takes the people of Westview hostage so that she can live the ideal life in the suburbs that she has always wanted with Vision. As revealed in episode 4, “We Disrupt This Show”, almost everyone in town has been trapped inside the hex again, their will and the experience causing them intense pain.

It’s funny if this note will mean anything in the future. Now that it’s been down to its final two episodes, viewers can expect the story to finally settle some of the WandaVisionthe most pressing questions. Since both potential interpretations of the spooky message need additional clarification, ultimately you can take into account how the series intends to wrap up its complicated narrative. It won’t even be surprising if something similar to the note is included in the remaining intros, that’s if WandaVision It will continue to feature a sitcom-inspired narrative even though its true story has been revealed.

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