As WandaVision enters its home stretch, more details about its true story are being revealed, but Paul Bettany still can’t talk about Mephisto.

WandaVisionPaul Bettany can’t talk about Mephisto because he can get him fired. Marvel’s demon has long been rumored to appear in the sitcom, with multiple references to the devil sprinkled throughout the show. Still, there are no concrete indications that he is involved.

Marvel Studios’ Disney + series has only a couple of episodes left this season and more pertinent details are being revealed about what is actually happening at Westview. With that said, there are still plenty of unanswered questions about the show’s overall narrative, particularly when it comes to how the Maximoff Anomaly actually began. There have been theories floating around that, while Wanda is mostly in control in WandaVision, there is a mysterious being hidden in the shadows who secretly manipulate her to continue living this fantasy life for whatever reason. Mephisto is one of the most popular characters in these speculations, and Bettany’s recent comments may be an indication that this is actually the case.

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Talking with Don keep promoting WandaVisionBettany has talked a lot about the show. That includes repeatedly teasing another surprise cameo after Evan Peters’ appearance as Pietro, which was previously leaked. However, one thing he is not willing to discuss is the possibility that Mephisto is somehow involved in the Maximoff Anomaly because it could get him fired.

“The [head] writer, Jac Schaeffer, is a true genius. I think it was a lot of fun for her to see all of the fan reactions and theories, and some of them are eerily accurate. But this [theory] who mentions Mephisto? I can’t talk to him right now, because I’m worried about getting fired. “

WandaVision Vision escaping the Paul Bettany hex

While Bettany is shy when it comes to talking about Mephisto, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the Marvel devil really is. WandaVision. The actor has been in the MCU for far too long and by now, he’s somehow mastered how to promote Marvel Studios projects without spoiling anything. Perhaps directly stating that talking about the villain could lead to his firing is a way of distracting himself from other possibilities on the Disney + show knowing that his comment can easily be taken as a sign that there are indeed plans for Mephisto.

In any case, what has been fun with WandaVisionThe storytelling format is that it has kept viewers interested for weeks. Unlike Netflix’s binge model, interest in the project spreads and makes it more impactful. While it was certainly frustrating at first considering its first two episodes were so far removed from the MCU, once the story picked up at the end of episode 3, people were hooked. Now that they only have a few exits left, some will find it better to see everything unravel on the screen rather than trying to predict what will happen.

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