The last episode of WandaVision answered the biggest question MCU Phase IV had started with: who’s in charge of the ever-expanding pseudo-reality in the small town of Westview. There were other major revelations as well, such as how the fake Pietro landed in Westview, but the nagging question of who it really is.

From the X MenQuicksilver’s version, aka Peter Maximoff, landed on Wanda’s doorstep in Westview, the internet has been riddled with theories trying to answer all the why and how it triggered her presence. But the last episode of WandaVision, “Breaking the Fourth Wall” has not only solved the mystery of who brought this version of Pietro to Westview, but has also spread the main theories floating around him as the real villain in disguise who had come to town to spy. to Wanda.

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Since Wanda had been the leading candidate to create the world of sitcoms in Westview, she seemed apt to claim that just as she brought Vision to life, her grief over losing her brother led her to rip out her other version of the universe. of the X-Men as unlike Vision’s body, she did not have access to Pietro’s body to bring him back to life. But given her palpable confusion at discovering it on her doorstep, we were sure it wasn’t Wanda’s doing and Episode 7 confirms the same.

Agnes, also known as Agatha Harkness, took him to Westview.

It has now been revealed that Wanda is not the “only magical girl” in town, as Agnes is actually the mighty witch, Agatha Harkness, something fans had predicted long before the series launched on Disney +. She was the one who brought this fake Pietro into Wanda’s dream life and is the “she” that Norm mentioned was in his head, suppressing his true identity. Somehow he’s using Wanda and her powers to keep things going at Westview and he’s controlling everything too.

Agatha has been trying to weaken Wanda

It seems that Agatha’s main agenda was to get her hands on Wanda’s twins and thus she has been conspiring to make Wanda use up a large amount of her powers to weaken her. First, he killed Sparky, the twins’ dog, in the hope that Wanda would give in to her children’s sadness and bring the dog to life, something that would have required her to try too hard.

When this failed, he drew Vision to the edge of the energy field covering Westview and pretended he was under Wanda’s control, unable to leave Westview. This is what prompted Vision to step out of the barrier to find out what’s outside and then nearly dies as a result, apparently meaning that he won’t stay alive without the hex. This caused Wanda to exceed the limit of her powers by expanding the limits of her false reality to include not only Vision but almost the entire SWORD base with their agents.

Episode 7 begins with the side effects of Wanda using so much power: she is lethargic and things around her may not be as decade appropriate as they used to be. They are going back and forth in time, constantly changing models. So it becomes easy for Agatha to trick Wanda into her current weakened and confused state, where she manages to kidnap her children under her nose and finally confronts her with the truth.

But the identity of the fake Pietro remains a question.

It could be Peter Maximoff, the Quicksilver in the X-Men universe, whom Agatha brought in to distract Wanda and dispel any guilt she has for creating the reality of the comedy in case she was thinking better of it. She overwritten his memories just like she did with the townspeople and gave him a different personality, but she could only give the details about Pietro that she knew. Apparently the fight in Sokovia is public knowledge and everyone knows that Pietro was shot down in the streets while saving Hawkeye. This would explain why he only remembers his death accurately, while all his other memories differ from how Wanda remembers him. Does this mean that we can still expect Professor Charles Xavier to come one day to save him?

Or maybe, like the description that Agnes is just Wanda’s “nosy neighbor” now means squatting, probably the audio description in Episode 5 that specifies that it was the X-Men version of Quicksilver just had the intention to make us believe that this is how the multiverse has been activated. It could be that this “Pietro” is simply someone that Agatha (and Marvel Studios) created to play with Wanda’s mind (and ours).

But the bigger question is whether he’s still under Agatha’s control because, after being absent for the last episode, the mid-credits scene shows him catching Monica snooping at Agatha’s house. If it’s Agatha’s creation or is still under her control, it doesn’t bode well for Monica. Although he has now adopted his comic book roots, he has yet to realize the extent of his powers. So unless he accidentally hits him with one of his energy blasts, he’s definitely in a bind. But if it’s really Peter, maybe Vision can wake him up like Darcy.

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