Fan art imagine what Sasha Calle might look like as Supergirl when the DC character finally makes his DCEU debut in the upcoming movie The Flash.

Fan art imagine what Sasha Calle’s Supergirl would look like when she debuts in the next DCEU movie The flash. Thanks to her portrayal of Melissa Benoist on the CW show, DC’s Supergirl has had a strong television presence since 2015. But Superman’s female counterpart remained conspicuously absent from the DCEU as the cinematic universe underwent its gradual expansion during the last decade.

However, the lack of a DCEU Supergirl is a situation that will soon be remedied, as it has been revealed that the character will finally make it to the next film version of The flash. Director Andy Muschietti himself just announced the inclusion of Supergirl in the Flash film while featuring actress Calle as the first Latina artist to take on the role. Street’s Supergirl joins Ezra Miller’s Flash and two versions of Batman, one played by Ben Affleck and the other by Michael Keaton, in the growing cast of the Flash film.

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Now that Calle has secured Supergirl’s role in the DCEU, fans are working hard to create their images of what the character would look like in The flash. Featured Creator BossLogic in fact, she has already put together her version of Calle’s Supergirl, which can be seen in the space below:

Calle, of course, was a somewhat surprising choice to play Supergirl, as she is relatively unknown with just the soap opera. The Young and the Restless as a great credit. But executives were reportedly impressed with the young actress after seeing her audition and chemistry read with Flash actor Ezra Miller. Fans of Benoist’s portrayal of Supergirl in the Arrowverse might be a bit dismayed that the character is being recast for the DCEU, but clearly the rendering factor was important to Warner Bros. and DC, hence the decision to go with a Latino actor in the role.

Since Supergirl is always portrayed as blonde, there will surely be a lot of discussion about Calle being a brunette and whether she will change her hair color because of her portrayal of the character in The flash. It also remains to be seen which version of Supergirl will be featured in the film, as she is expected to draw characters from various areas of the DC multiverse. In fact, it seems entirely possible that there are multiple versions of Supergirl in the movie, just as there are already two different versions of Batman. On the other hand, having multiple Supergirls could, in fact, lessen the importance of introducing the character, so perhaps that would be a bad move. Whatever happens it seems The flash It’s shaping up to be a wild movie as many different DC characters are being added to the mix, with more revelations from major characters, and great fan art, are sure to come.

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Source: BossLogic / Twitter

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