The rebel archaeologist from Star Wars can find any priceless artifact. The problem is, Dr. Aphra is very likely to keep it for her.

Star Wars It is a franchise like no other. Spanning decades of movies, games, comics, and more, it’s a world filled with rich history, vibrant characters, epic space battles, and of course a certain energy field known as the Force. But not all Star Wars characters are the same. Some are tough criminals with a deep past of misdeeds looking for their next chance to make big profits, some are reluctant heroes patiently waiting for the perfect time to do good, and some are simply ordinary people wrapped up in a story that is bigger than themselves with no hope of escaping the giant tractor beam they call life.

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And then this Doctor Aphra, an original creation from a Star Wars comic that ticks all the boxes above with luck, style, and an uncanny sense of grace that has led her to become one of the most interesting and successful characters on this side of Tatooine, toasting fans what is essentially a space version of the de facto pop culture archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Have you never heard of her? Well, she usually likes it that way.

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Debuting in the third issue of 2015 Darth vader And created by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca, Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra is a tech geek and rogue archaeologist extraordinaire, bursting onto the scene when Star Wars big bad Darth Vader decided he needed his own lackey to help Promote your evil agenda across the galaxy. Sent on various secret missions throughout the series, Aphra did what she does best: lie, cheat, and steal her way to her prize, while avoiding capture at the hands of the rebels and just about anyone and everyone.thing in the middle, his employer Sith Lord was eventually included.

After Vader’s failed attempt to silence Aphra at the end of her solo series, Aphra reappeared in her own 2016 book, Doctor Aphra, where their mission was simply to survive. Unfortunately, this is something that is surprisingly quite difficult, considering that she is constantly in trouble, mainly due to her morally corrupt and questionably sane lifestyle, as well as her tumultuous “friendship” with two psychotic and sadistic killer robots named Triple. -Zero. and Beetee-One.

Struggling to make ends meet with his day job stealing priceless artifacts, selling them to the highest bidder, and then sometimes stealing said artifacts for fun. Aphra basically equates to anti-Indiana Jones of the galaxy in the sense that he is not always in it for the greater good like Indy. Finally forging another questionable friendship with Imperial Military Captain Magna Tolvan, Aphra sets in motion a deep and complicated romantic relationship between the two that permeates her first series and once again leaves Aphra at the mercy of someone other than herself; a situation that predictably does not end well for any of the women.

Now, with the recent 2020 relaunch of the Aphra series, which has brought her adorable selfish antics and charming misadventures with a new outfit and purpose back into the spotlight, the good doctor successfully stands out from the rest as a Unique voice that not only maintains ties to some of the greatest Star Wars characters of all time, but also gives Indiana Jones a run for its money. Doctor Aphra He may not have made the leap from comics to live action yet, but he’s an endlessly fun addition to the game. Star Wars mythos that has managed to carve out a niche in the endless history of a galaxy far, far away.

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