Fans have been crying out for it for a long time, but they never thought it would actually come true. It’s really happening though, and the long-awaited 1988 sequel Coming to america is ready to arrive. Originally scheduled for a theatrical release, Coming 2 America it was switched to an Amazon Prime release in early March.

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Although lovers of the original have long wanted this sequel, there are some doubts. A handful of aspects make even the most die-hard fans of the movie have some concerns. This release is certainly going to be a mixed bag to watch out for.

10 Excited: Barbershop Scene

Clarence Coming 2 America

The trailer featured so much about the upcoming movie that has given fans hope and cause for concern. On the bright side, there was the scene at the barbershop. In the original, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall portrayed most of the characters who work or hang out at this establishment.

It was one of the funniest moments in the movie and they are among the most memorable scenes. The trailer revealed that these guys are back and still offer some of the sharp wit that made them popular in the first place. It showed that a lot of what made this work in the first place will still be around.

9 Skeptic: PG-13 Rating

Eddie Murphy Coming 2 America Prince Akeem

One of the things that moviegoers tend to watch the most is the rating given by the Motion Picture Association of America. It lets them know what kind of movie awaits them. The original Coming to america It was rated R and helped shape comedy and allowable antics.

Many fans have not been as happy with the PG-13 rated sequel. That means it won’t be as obscene as the first one. While movies don’t need to be raunchy to work, this is the kind of change it could make. Coming 2 America quite tame compared to the first.

8 Excited: the writers are back

Coming 2 America Akeem Meeka

Regardless of how the rating has changed, the most important thing remains the same. The writers of the first movie are back this time. Most of the time, as long as the writing is solid in a movie, the rest of the aspects don’t have to be great.

Thankfully, Coming 2 America It was written by David Sheffield and Barry W. Blaustein, who wrote the original. They have also worked with Eddie Murphy often in the past. The duo is joined this time by Kenya Barris, who has written for Blackish, Girls trip, and more.

7 Skeptic: Broadcast Launch

Coming 2 America poster reunites all characters

To be fair, it’s almost impossible to get mad at Coming 2 America’s launch on a streaming service. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change around the world. Many movies are watching these types of releases in real time due to the circumstances.

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Despite all those aspects, there are some people who still watch something that hits a streaming service directly as a “minor” movie. Many blockbusters still go exclusively to theaters, so Coming 2 America not being one of those has some concerned.

6 Excited: New cast members

Teyana Taylor and Wesley Snipes in Coming 2 America

As much as the audience loves the actors who were in the original film, new cast members are welcome. That’s because not everyone was included in this sequel. The additions are some of the funniest and most talented actors in all of Hollywood.

Among them are Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan and Teyana Taylor. The two notable additions have to be Wesley Snipes as the older brother of Akeem’s intended first wife and the iconic Morgan Freeman in a currently unannounced role.

5 Skeptic: The Recent Story of Eddie Murphy

Norbit hides from Rasputia

One of the biggest questions surrounds Eddie Murphy himself. When Coming to america It came out in 1988, it was on top of the comedy world. Murphy was on fire thanks to some legendary stand-up specials, a stellar Saturday night live run, and the Beverly Hills Police Serie.

Their success continued until the early 90’s before things started to fall by the wayside. Some of his films like The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Norbit, Y Caught in a nut they were disappointments, either commercially or critically. It reached a point where its star fell enough that it was hardly considered a star anymore.

4 Excited: Murphy’s return

Eddie Murphy as Dolemite

Hollywood loves a good comeback story. After his aforementioned struggles, it seemed like Eddie Murphy’s career as a lead was over. However, he surprised everyone with a critically acclaimed twist in 2019 that made people feel like he was back.

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As the protagonist of Dolemite is my nameIt seemed like Murphy was on top of his game again. Not only was he doing a great performance like in 2006 Dream girls. Once again it was hilarious and hit the comedic moment the role required. It bodes well for Coming 2 America.

3 Skeptic: illogical concept

As the audience waited for this sequel, questions arose about what the plot would focus on. The first movie saw Murphy’s Akeem head out into the field with his friend Semmi (Hall) to find a wife who was not chosen for him. The trailer revealed that his return is to meet a son he apparently fathered while in New York.

This doesn’t add up because while in New York, Akeem had all of his focus on Lisa, whom he ended up marrying. This illogical story suggests that he returned to America and was unfaithful or had a random affair during the events of the first film, which would harm a character loved by fans.

two Excited: The Original Cast Returns

Semmi to come to America

As much as fans are excited about some of the new cast members, they are even more excited about the return of the original group. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were expected to return, but it’s actually much deeper than that. Most of the cast of the first movie is back.

That includes Shari Headley as Vanessa, James Earl Jones as King Jaffe, and John Amos as Cleo McDowell. Even the smallest cast members like Louie Anderson are on the list to return. That will certainly help make this feel like what fans have come to love over the years.

1 Skeptic: it’s been too long

This is without a doubt the biggest reason to worry. The beloved comedy films of the past that present a sequel after a long period is something that is not new in Hollywood. Just look Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Super Troopers 2, Zoolander 2, Y Dumb and dumb.

All of them were met with mediocre reviews compared to the original. Comedy changes over time, and jokes that worked the first time may not work after so long. It is possible that Coming 2 America follow those steps.

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