Splatoon 3 was perhaps the most exciting announcement from Nintendo Direct. Here’s why this next Switch exclusive already looks great.

A staple of Nintendo Directs is the “one more thing” ad that closes almost all programs. There have been some really cool ones, including the iconic instantly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal the trailer. The recent Nintendo Direct had an equally excellent sting, this time announcing the long-awaited Splatoon 3.

Coming off the incredible success of Splatoon 2, it was the right time for the next entry to hit the Nintendo Switch. While the 2022 release date is further away than gamers expected, Splatoon 3 It looks like it’s taking the series in a bold direction that will definitely be worth the wait.

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Splatoon 3The reveal is already communicating that this game will be truly new. One of Splatoon 2The biggest problem was how similar it was to the original Wii U, at least at launch. Most of the game ideas and visual motifs in Splatoon 2 were derived from Splatoon, except for Salmon Run. Ultimately, the game forged its own identity through post-launch content, but it took time. Conversely, Splatoon 3 you are immediately establishing your own identity.

Splatoon 3 Official Screenshot

Splatoon 3The new tone and visual style are evident from the first few frames of the trailer. The Inkling and his companion Smallfry are seen sitting on a vast wasteland, displaying a mysterious side of the Splatoon world that has not been shown before. This game takes place in the rural areas of Splatlands and the developing town of Splatsville. It has a decidedly unique visual aesthetic palette and theme, preserving Splatooncentral charm while leaning toward the series’ bizarre lore. Up to that point, Splatoon 3 it looks weird enough already, with strange inhabitants carrying the torch from Splatoon 2: Octo Expansioneclectic cast of characters.

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Positioning Splatoon 3 in a new way visually and thematically it is just the first step forward the game is taking. Nintendo has already revealed many details of the game that will add to the tried and true formula. Since style is so important to the world of Splatoon, that’s obviously a focus of the upcoming sequel.

Not only have we seen a lot of unique gear already, but the customization of Inkling itself goes deeper. Also, customization is seemingly moving away from gender binary options, making it more inclusive for all players. Nintendo has also revealed new weapon archetypes and movement options that are sure to add more strategy to the moment-by-moment shootout.

Though Splatoon 3 is still far off, there was a surprising amount of information discussed during the reveal that inspires confidence in the sequel. Some fans are disappointed that the core formula is so similar, but this series needs no fundamental changes. The main game loop of Splatoon it’s kinetic, fun, and unique, and that spirit must be maintained. Nothing about SplatoonYou need to review the match for the third game; all you need is a different identity and additional features.

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Splatoon 3 Official Screenshot

One of those expectations has already been met. Now, all Nintendo needs to do is introduce new multiplayer modes and ideas that allow players to experiment. SplatoonUnmatched gameplay in a new light. That will certainly happen, since Splatoon team is one of Nintendo’s most talented and creative. Also, there is plenty of time to reveal new content and features.

The only disappointment in the announcement is how long the community will have to wait. Splatoon 3. Nintendo’s 2021 is looking solid, with all kinds of exciting new games from New Pok√©mon Snap to Mario Golf: Super Rush. There are also many interesting ports, from Mythopia to Sword to Heaven HD. However, the year is currently missing a first-part release to keep it pressed. Of course, since the fall and holiday seasons remain a mystery, Nintendo obviously has something up its sleeve.

However, it’s hard not to wish that Splatoon 3 It was that big October or November release that pleased the crowd. But that’s largely a function of how good the game already looks and how attractive. Splatoon it’s like a franchise. Splatoon 2 demonstrated just how popular this formula is, with nearly 12 million copies sold. Now is the time to Splatoon 3 to crush that number and assert itself as one of Nintendo’s premier franchises.

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