The Alien series has been through a lot, but following the lead of other mediums and bringing the xenomorphs to Earth is the best way to go.

With news of a new Alien Potentially in the works of director Ridley Scott, devotees of the franchise wonder if the director will finally follow in the footsteps of the comics and bring the xenomorphs to Earth. Scott’s Alien and follow up on James Cameron Aliens are two of the most iconic sci-fi horror films of all time, spawning a massive franchise spanning comics, novels, toys, and much more. However, as the series progressed, subsequent iterations have become increasingly disappointing.

That said, out of canon Alien movies, a lot of great content has been created to expand the lore of the universe, including short films like those released for Aliens 40th anniversary in 2019. Alien: Isolation The video game also had some solid ideas on how to continue the series, and it followed Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, as she searched for her missing mother after the events of the original film. Even the scripts that were rejected by Alien 3 offered more intriguing insights on how to proceed with the films than the direction later entries ultimately took.

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A common element to the Dark Horse Buffy comics and a rejected Alien 3 Director Renny Harlin’s concept is a dark future in which xenomorphs come to Earth. This potential story comes up frequently in fan discussions about where the franchise should or could go in the future, and many would like to see an entry that brings the Star Beasts back to Earth.

The Alien series should bring the threat home

Earth Arial seen from space

Like more and more Alien Movies have been produced, each exploring a different planet / spaceship / space station etc, it is becoming increasingly clear that the best way forward for the series would be to bring the xenomorphs to Earth. Not only does it feel like the most natural progression, but with each successive movie focusing on Weyland-Yutani’s fervent quest to get his hands on an alien no matter the consequences, it only makes sense that they eventually succeed.

This is probably the only real fortress in Alien vs Predator: Requiem, bring the story to a suburban area of ​​Colorado, and if done correctly, it would be a great way to refresh the terror the xenomorph can evoke in audiences. Plus, it makes sense that the franchise’s next step is to take an apocalyptic tilt. Considering that the movies are mainly set in the distant future and feature advanced technology including androids, it would be interesting to take a closer look at Earth in the future of the Alien series and what could happen to him in a much darker timeline.

Terrestrial Alien Threats in Other Media

Alien Omnibus Dark Horse Comics

Disney announced in December 2020 that a new Alien The television show is in production and will hit FX, although an official air date has not been set. However, what is remarkable about this announcement is that the television series is supposed to take place on Earth. While this show will likely stick to established canon, it will be set in the near future, meaning the series could tackle the job of expanding Peter Weyland’s lore or what is happening on Earth prior to the events of Prometheus in 2089.

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In keeping with this, another reason to bring the Alien Movies to Earth is to give the audience more information about the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and its research on xenomorphs, preferably more in line with the original movies in which they are studied for military purposes. In the Dark Horse comics, this is an important part of the plot and why the aliens are on Earth to begin with. Not only are they using the creatures as shock troops, but they are also collecting a substance known as royal jelly from them, which they use as a stimulant to enhance combat.

These original Dark Horse Alien The comics provide a solid blueprint of how a terrestrial xenomorph outbreak would develop. The comics feature a cult that worships xenomorphic creatures and these cultists take the Alien Queen out of a military compound where she is being held to investigate. The Queen is also revealed to have a certain amount of psionic power, subtly influencing the thoughts of the people around her to be inclined to help her offspring. Thus, cultists become even more devoted to the creatures, bringing people to them to kill or use for breeding. In return, the xenomorphs treat them with some respect and this symbiosis could be a good hook for a new movie. Of course, there is plenty of room for experimentation, but with the variety of movies and comics available that have had success exploring similar concepts, it’s easy to see why an alien invasion movie would be a great place to take the series.

Why Earth is the best choice for the Alien franchise

Bringing the xenomorphs to Earth gives the Alien franchise more room to move too. Once it is established that the xenomorphs are taking over the planet, the threat becomes much more immediate and could inject more horror into the story. It also provides more options for boosting the plot rather than focusing on trying to complete the backstory, which has been a big drop from the more recent entries.

Prequels have their place in many movie franchises, but breaking new ground is a much better option for AlienEspecially now that audiences have grown weary of the story delving into the story surrounding the titular creatures. Returning the series to its roots, with aliens hunting and killing people in a closed environment, would be ideal for a new entry, and there are all kinds of options for this to happen on Earth. Perhaps a new movie could focus on a Weyland-Yutani complex where the xenomorph has been taken or a nearby settlement, and it might even be interesting to set a zombie apocalypse-style scenario with aliens emerging from a research facility or landing on Earth. on purpose. Alternatively, a new Alien the sequel could take cues from the Terminator or Hallowe’en series, bringing Ripley back as a hardened support player as the new characters struggle with the realization that this creature is real and her world is about to be irretrievably changed.

Regardless of the details, bringing the xenomorph to Earth would be the series’ next natural step, featuring a terrifying apocalypse in which alien creatures take over the planet and humanity unites to fight. Of many of the unused shorts, comics, and script ideas for the franchise, Alien to Earth is a common element that the movie side of the franchise has yet to fully realize. Hopefully when a new Alien The film finally finds its way into production, it will fully develop the potential of this concept.

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