Wolverine has some of the coolest powers compared to most other heroes, but the one fans forget is the one he turns to when he’s desperate.

Warning: spoilers for Wolverine: Black, White, and Blood # 3!

When it comes to GluttonAll fans know that the defining attribute of the wild mutant is his remarkable ability to heal himself. This has been both a gift and a curse to Wolverine over the years, making him nearly invincible in a fight, but extending his often tortuous life and making him the subject of frequent experimentation. Logan’s claws are also known to fans, retractable and clad in adamantium, but Wolverine’s other mutant ability is frequently forgotten, though it is often an essential part of what makes him so deadly.

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Logan’s superhuman senses allow him to see, hear and smell in a way much higher than the average person, with his hearing only slightly less powerful than Marvel’s Daredevil and his superhuman senses. It’s no wonder then that, in the heat of combat, Wolverine relies as much on this perk as on his healing factor. In Wolverine: black, white and blood # 3, fans enjoy a brutal, blood-filled battle between Logan and a ruthless foe who has barely been defeated thanks to Wolverine’s keen sense of hearing.

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Black, white and blood is an anthology series that acts as a platform for a wide range of writers and artists to tell their own short stories starring everyone’s favorite Canadian hero. In Jed Mackay and Jesús Saiz’s ‘Red Planet Blues’, Wolverine is sent on a mission to the Garden, located on Mars, where a small group of AIM henchmen have left Earth to start their own new society. The only problem is that they have manipulated a leftover piece of alien technology to launch an attack on Earth. Then Wolverine arrives to take care of the dirty work and stop this group of crazy people.

However, just before he can take them out, the AIM thugs’ personal stealth defense bot intervenes and begins violently beating Logan. It’s a brutal beating that only gets worse when the unstoppable machine laser burns Logan’s eyes out of their sockets. Unable to see anything, Wolverine channels his inner Daredevil and listens carefully. Unfortunately, this highly evolved cyborg is capable of absorbing sound and turning it into silence. Luckily for Logan though, these AIM henchmen chatter about their evil plan long enough for him to improve his hearing on their voices. As soon as the sound cuts out, Wolverine knows the robot is in front of him, giving him enough time to cut it in half with his adamantium claws.

Wolverine is an intriguing character with an equally intriguing set of powers. From his bone claws to his hot claws, the writers have added a host of new abilities to the raging mutant over the decades, and even more powers will no doubt be added while he’s around. Still, Wolverine’s extremely helpful and often overlooked superhuman senses become his most underrated ability, focusing on the part of Logan that is a skilled warrior rather than a deranged killing machine.

For a hero who has spent much of his life being treated like an animal or a weapon, it’s great to see Logan win one due to his quick thinking and knowledge of the world around him. Having once trained as a samurai, Glutton He’s often felt deep shame over the times he’s lost control, so when the X-Men’s resident fighter takes a considerate approach that didn’t occur to a team of self-proclaimed geniuses, his triumph is one of skill over brutality. .

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