As a literal demigod, Wonder Woman is arguably one of DC’s most powerful heroes, and at the end of the DC Universe, she is the only one left.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Future state: Immortal Wonder Woman # 2

The DC Universe is no stranger to the apocalypse. No matter how close things are to the brink of destruction, there is always a hero who rises and saves the day. But everything ends eventually, even the DC Universe and at the end of it all, there will only be one hero left to witness the end of it all. Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman # 2 reveals that the last living soul in the DC Universe is Wonder Woman, and her journey is harrowing.

Taking place more than 100,000 years before the present, Immortal wonder woman is the last comic in Future state timeline. The new comic from writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, as well as artist Jen Bartel, sees a destructive force known as Undo devouring as much of the universe as they can. The creatures make their way through planets like New Genesis and Apokolips, leaving the only survivor none other than Darkseid. Desiring to end his life as he lived it, Darkseid decides that the only thing left for him to do is fly to earth to attempt to defeat his heroes one last time. Superman and Wonder Woman try to fight the Lord of Apokolips, but he is too strong even for the two of them. He nearly kills Diana, but in one last act of heroism, Clark saves Diana, leaving her to wander the dying universe. For centuries, Wonder Woman loses all hope. Although he thinks he is the last living person in the universe, he inevitably encounters one last flash of light.

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Even though the light is ending on Brainiac’s ship, Diana rushes towards her, professing that it doesn’t matter if Brainiac was a villain or not, she’s just happy to have someone else. However, it is not Brainiac who resides on his ship. At the end of the universe, Wonder Woman finds the only other soul in the universe, DC’s most powerful hero, Specter. He had survived up to that point just out of curiosity. He had felt that there was another soul left in the universe and he wanted to see who it was. With that question answered, he can finally move on, leaving Diana completely and completely alone. When Undo comes for her, she offers one last fight. It’s a fight you can’t possibly win, but it’s not winning or losing that matters to you already. With one last clang of her bracelets, Wonder Woman unleashes an attack powerful enough to unleash a new Big Bang, bringing light to a new universe.

Although the distant future is no stranger to DC continuity, this is the first time readers have seen one in which Diana is not only alive, but arguably the most important character. Superman and Batman survived in DC’s future on the series Generations of Superman and Batman while the omnipotent golden Superman was an important part of DC one million. Subtextually, stories like this are not really about the logistics of which character will survive or not, but about the durability of their legacy in the real world. When a writer makes Superman survive into the future, they not only say that Superman, as a concept, will survive into the future, but that they deserve to survive into the future.

This is why it is so important to DC that Diana is specifically the last living heroine of Future state. Although he is far from an underrated hero, he does not receive the same respect as Batman and Superman. Both heroes have incredibly thoughtful and well-received alternate universe stories that examine the core of the characters, but even Wonder Woman: Dead Land, this has not really been true for Diana. With Immortal wonder woman DC is finally giving Wonder Woman its time to shine.

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