With the vast amount of anime out there in the world, there will surely be characters of all kinds. From wizards to cyborgs to normal humans, from kids to teens to adults, anime characters fall into every category imaginable. However, there are some that really stand out and stick with the viewer long after an anime is finished.

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These characters have something different about them, something that makes the viewer fearful, uncomfortable, annoyed, or even disgusted. While there are many characters that fans wish were real, that they would love a chance to chat with, there are also those that no fan would want to meet in real life. Caution: big series and character spoilers later.

10 Shion Sonozaki favors torture chambers

Shion Sonozaki smiling and reaching L5 in the anime Higurashi

Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni He’s definitely not someone fans want to see in real life. While many characters reach a breaking point in the Higurashi series, Shion becomes excessively violent even in comparison, and completely loses control. Shion is perhaps best known for incarcerating her twin sister and torturing her grandmother and main character Satoko to death in an underground torture chamber in the “Cotton Drifting” series arc.

While he also captures Keiichi, he is eventually saved, though things still don’t end well for him. Whether or not Shion is the one to kill him is debatable, but one thing is certain: Shion is capable of extreme violence and uncontrollable rage, and this can happen at any moment.

9 Excalibur’s list would grow old

Soul Eater Excalibur talking with cutout death, boy and black star

Excalibur by Soul Eater It is well known among the fan base. While Excalibur wouldn’t be a threat to anyone unfortunate enough to come across it, it would take an incredible amount of their time and frustrate them to no end. Excalibur loves to start singing and serenades anyone he meets.

However, what would really make an encounter with him horrible is the list of 1,000 things you must do each day to partner with him. Listening to this list would take so long that it could make you hungry before it’s over.

8 Petelgeuse may want a new host

Betelgeuse young and present forms of the anime Re Zero

Re: zeroPetelgeuse (also often written as Betelgeuse) is a terrifying entity on its own. Petelgeuse was created when he infused the Witch Factor of Sloth item into her body to save Emilia and Fortuna, Emilia’s long-time foster mother. However, during the battle, Petelgeuse saw Fortuna as the enemy and seriously wounded her, leading to her death.

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At that moment, he broke down and became a devout being of the Witch Cult, abandoning Emilia and departing with the witch Pandora. Petelgeuse loves to torture victims and painfully kill them. His disturbing behavior is reinforced by his ability to nullify anyone he comes into contact with, taking over their body and turning them into another Petelgeuse. Knowing him can lead to the unfortunate luck of becoming your next host.

7 Gasai Yuno removes all threats

Gasai Yuno smiling and spying on Yukiteru in the anime Future Diary

Gasai Yuno from Future Diary it is a yandere to the truest definition of the word. Dedicated entirely to Yukiteru, Yuno will not hesitate to kill anyone who has been near him, is near him, or may get close to him in the future. This means that Yuno easily becomes unstable and could kill without provocation, making her dangerous to meet in real life.

Yuno can be downright cruel, using an ax, knife, or whatever else he can get to get the job done, and the unpredictability and speed at which he can take down a perceived enemy is truly terrifying.

6 Shiro may not be the one to make an appearance

Shiro enjoying a parfait and eating the miserable egg in the anime Deadman Wonderland

Shiro from Dead man’s wonderland she is a sweet and childlike soul. She loves superheroes and eating candy with her friends, and is hardly fazed by the Death Games that surround her. However, Shiro has a tragic past, being the experimental test subject rather than the series’ protagonist, Ganta. The experiments carried out on Shiro caused her immense pain, even causing her to lose limbs that would later be reattached.

The agony and torture brought on by the experiments ultimately led to the creation of The Wretched Egg, an alternate personality within Shiro who lives for destruction and kills countless innocent people with a smile on his face. Meeting Shiro would be great, but meeting her knowing she may be the Wretched Egg is simply too big a gamble.

5 Enoshima Junko revels in despair

Junko Enoshima, alternate personalities in the anime Danganronpa

Enoshima Junko of the Danganronpa The series is capable of causing gruesome and widespread damage, and that’s exactly what it wants. Junko is the ultimate despair and is responsible for the ruin of the world outside of Hope’s Peak Academy.

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The anime and the second game demonstrate that Junko is capable of mass brainwashing and that his effect is so powerful on his victims that they will kill his entire family, commit mass murder, and mutilate their bodies, all in his name. With Junko’s terrifying ability and contagious despair, meeting her in real life could mean losing everything in a matter of minutes.

4 The light may have an ulterior motive

Light From Death Note Anime writing names and looking bad

Death Note The incredible intelligence of the protagonist Light makes him a dangerous person to meet in real life. Light has shown that he is not above using people and ordering them to do things using the Death Note.

Given Light’s eventual God complex, it’s not out of the question that he uses anyone he meets in the real world to get ahead and administer his unique style of justice. And without L being in the world with him, there is no one directly opposed to Kira or acting as a barrier in his quest to create a world in his image.

3 Sachiko is known for playing with her victims

Sachiko using scissors as a weapon in the anime Corpse Party

Sachiko from game turned into anime Corpse party it is a terrifying entity. Sachiko frequents the entirety of Heavenly Host Elementary School, a dimension she can alter at will. Anyone killed in this space will experience their death over and over again for all eternity, and Sachiko is known for brutally torturing her victims before they die.

If she made it to the real world, it would mean that her dimension had materialized into reality, and she could start her killing games all over again. Whether malevolent spirits came with her or not, she is an entity that no one would want to know.

two Rachel has a pattern of using and betraying people

Rachel from Tower Of God Anime smiling and betraying Bam

Rachel from manhwa turned into anime tower of God earned a great deal of disgust for one season. Rachel is not a good person, although she can be very good at pretending to be. Rachel passively-aggressively manipulates people, uses them until they no longer benefit her, and then abandons them. Even extremely loyal people like Bam are not exempt.

Yet somehow, things always seem to work out for Rachel. Despite her selfish and narcissistic tendencies, she always seems to be victorious. If Rachel were to appear in the real world, whoever she met would be on the receiving end of her manipulative tactics, and would likely be the one who would suffer to meet her.

1 Sakura Matou may not be herself

Sakura Matou dreaming and turning evil in Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel Anime Movies

Sakura Matou is an incredibly sweet and kind person … normally. Sakura loves helping out around Emiya’s house, doing housework, cooking, and generally just enjoying being in Shirou’s company. However, Sakura has several secrets that are revealed in the Fate / Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Serie.

When certain conditions are met, Sakura inadvertently turns into a being that consumes humans and heroic spirits alike, contaminating or directly killing them. Sakura is extremely powerful and was strong enough to easily kill Gilgamesh, one of the strongest heroic spirits ever summoned. Meeting Sakura in this state could mean suffering a painful death while dreaming of eating sugary treats.

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