The anime is full of iconic and powerful characters. But anime is also much more varied than the average viewer would expect; There are many times when an anime character is completely useless, and other characters have to save the day.

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There may be times when characters seem useless but ultimately show their prowess when the going gets tough, but that’s not always the case either. After all, appearances can be deceiving, but nothing says it’s always like this. A useless hero is sometimes as useless as he seems. After all, there are different types of useless: characters who don’t really have that many redeeming qualities; and characters who have good intentions but have other characters take over.

10 Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura) was literally born unlucky, he tends to disappoint his parents and most people his age don’t seem to like him.

Out of context, I’d be understanding if he wasn’t a grumpy pervert. The only time he takes a break is when he manages to win a tag game with Lum, which was done by underground means. And when he accidentally proposes to Lum, he’s the one who turns down the lovely alien princess (a character so popular that the series was rewritten to focus on her) and treats her horribly.

Originally, he had the excuse that he liked another girl, but eventually changed to that he wanted his own harem. Deep down, it’s implied that he cares about Lum, but this rarely comes into play. And if all that wasn’t enough, he’s also a match with a baby.

9 Nobita (Doraemon) is lazy, selfish and becomes a loser in life.

Nobita is not only lazy and selfish, to the point of getting a “0” on tests, but he also becomes a loser in life that Doraemon he had to travel from the future to make his life even worse than it already is.

Whenever he has a problem, he usually tries to solve it with a futuristic Doraemon device which, most of the time, ends up failing horribly on him. And often it is because you did not hear a warning from the robotic cat not to misuse the item in question.

8 The Matsuno brothers (Osomatsu-San) lose their main character status because other members of the supporting cast ended up being more popular than them.

Students, Mr. Osomatsu

Matsuno’s sextuplets are characters who don’t find it easy to try to take a break in life. In a meta-sense, they even eventually lose their main character status because other members of the supporting cast ended up being more popular than them.

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When they got a spin-off series, they were shown to be unemployed and living off their parents well into adulthood. There comes a point where one of the few times the siblings try to improve their position in life, they all die in a horrible accident and spend eternity fighting each other in the afterlife.

7 Kyon (The Melanchony Of Haruhi Suzumiya) is the hero of milquetoast in a world full of espers, aliens, time travelers and reality warpers.

All in all, he just wants to have a normal life, to the point where, even if he can’t pretend these supernatural events don’t exist, he seems to wish he could.

That is not to say that he has not been involved in great adventures, but that is usually from interactions with more powerful characters. All in all, he’s a typical “chosen” hero, in the sense that Haruhi seems to have chosen him for something, and things happen to him instead of justifying them himself, and his lazy attitude doesn’t help. It is also very revealing that the audience never finds out his full name.

6 Mother (Atashin’chi) is good at budgeting, but even that usually translates to getting the cheapest stuff that people wouldn’t want for free.

Housewife Shin Atashin'chi

The most fish-like matriarch in this family series imagines herself as a typical Japanese housewife. Despite this, she is quite lazy, spending her time sleeping, scolding her daughter, and meeting friends. It seems that he likes to cook, but he does not have much talent for it. He tends to spoil more ambitious dishes, like making ratatouille but replacing almost all the ingredients, and he ruins any simple dish by using the cheapest foods he can get.

It’s good for budgeting, but even that usually translates into getting the cheapest stuff that people wouldn’t want for free. She once came up with a good tip, buying a cheap bunch of flowers in bulk to make a large bouquet, but she went broke by sending her daughter without telling her what to do, leading her to spend money on a little, unflattering, but an expensive bouquet,

5 Tadao Yokoshima (Ghost Sweeper Mikami) is a bit of a coward, as well as a perverted fool, and usually cannot last a scene without being attacked by something.

Tadao Yokoshima Ghost Sweeper Mikami

In this series, where exorcists have become a profitable business, Tadao Yokoshima is Mikami’s henchman. Despite working with ghosts, he’s a bit of a coward, as well as a perverted fool, and usually can’t last a scene without being attacked by something.

His main talent is to somehow survive without being paid a living wage. The manga is a bit merciful to him as he eventually develops his own spiritual powers and becomes an extremely powerful being. The anime literally ends with him getting beaten up.

4 Miki (Ramen Fighter Miki) is essentially a classic bum

Miki Noodle Fighter

Technically, she works at her mother’s restaurant, but she avoids working entirely or barely does her job. It gets to the point where a day off for her is not much different than a work day. In addition to this, Miki has a short memory and a very short attention span.

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He tries to fight criminals, but not out of a sense of justice, but because the only thing he loves more than violence is an excuse for not doing any work. Other than that, she’s actually a bit of a bully herself.

3 Red Blood Cell (Cells At Work!) Is clumsy and over his head

Red Blood Cell is new to her job as a literal blood cell, but she’s clumsy and over her head. Effectively becoming White Blood Cell’s sidekick, she slowly becomes a better framing device than a female protagonist as, although she has a few attacks, she is generally useless in a fight.

She reaches a point in the manga where there are eventually chapters where she doesn’t appear. It could also be a sickle red blood cell.

two Yamcha (Dragon Ball) gave up fighting and martial arts

In the beginning, Yamcha was supposedly a powerful protagonist and something of a rival and eventual friend to Goku. However, as the series progressed, he effectively became a target for villains, to the point where he gives up fighting and martial arts.

Even before he stopped fighting, he was having trouble winning a fight. Sure enough, it eventually served up a prototype of similar and more powerful characters that the franchise would feature. He’s good at baseball too, but that’s not a very useful skill in this universe.

1 Yugi Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Relies on a ghost to fight his battles most of the time

Yugi is a kind and selfless person who regularly shows the importance of friendship but, when it comes to shoving, he relies on a ghost to fight his battles most of the time, be it fighting school bullies, going on a date with Tea. , or card games, and this is played especially in anime compared to manga.

Even in the moments when Yugi makes sacrifices for his “other self”, sometimes it seems more like an excuse to give Yami Yugi more screen time than to show Yugi’s strength of character.

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