Japanese animation has a rich history, from its inception with Astro boy to advanced CGI anime like Bang Dream!, there are many options when deciding what to watch. Popular series like Fullmetal Alchemist are timeless classics that fans love, while nostalgic anime like Pokemon they are ideal for re-watching.

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However, when looking for a new anime, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. Some are great, while others are not always so well received. Various websites like MyAnimeList rate ongoing anime to help the viewer decide and according to them, there are many anime currently airing that are definitely worth watching.

10 Non Non Biyori Nonstop keeps you entertained [MAL Score 8.35]

Non No Biyori Anime Nonstop with main cast plus Akane

Slice of Life series often provide a nice break from fast-paced action-fantasy series, and Non Non Biyori Nonstop fits perfectly in this mold. A sequel to Do not repeat Biyori, this anime focuses on a new family that includes high school student Akane who moves to the city and the adventures that happen in the country with the girls’ new friend.

This anime is happy and sweet and can make viewers remember their own adventures and games from their youth. The beautiful country scenery adds another reason to look, while the heartwarming moments will keep fans tuned in.

9 Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a job is like magic [MAL Score 8.38]

Mushoku Tensei Anime Reudeus Studying Magic

It is currently airing as of January 2021, Mushoku Tensei is an isekai anime with an interesting twist. After a life of intimidation and harassment, the protagonist dies in a tragic accident only to be reborn with his memories intact. However, he is born again into another world as a boy named Rudeus.

By having your memories of your previous life, you can learn things much more easily, and as a result, you show early promise. In this sense, your memories are a fantastic tool. However, with those memories comes significant trauma from a life of abandonment and pain, and Rudeus must deal with his old memories while forming new ones in this fantasy world. While this anime is highly praised, viewers are warning potential viewers that Reudeus’ perverted tendencies can upset people.

8 The third season of the kingdom reigns supreme [MAL Score 8.4]

Kingdom Anime Season 3 Qin Army

Based on the award-winning cultural manga of the same name, KingdomThe anime adaptation continues to be a huge hit with fans as it enters its third season. This historical anime focuses on wartime and follows Li Xin as he works with his rival-turned-friend and current king to unite China. This anime is a great balance of strategy and action and has been praised for its storytelling.

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As Li Xin and his army analyze the ever-changing war situation, they must act quickly or risk losing the Qin army and territory to the enemy. Fans anxiously tune in to see if Li Xin can hold off the other armies, or if he will lose everything he has worked so hard for.

7 Smooth navigation continues for a piece [MAL Score 8.51]

One Piece Anime Straw Hat Pirates Smiling

One piece is one of the oldest manga series turned anime in history. Originally issued in 1999, One piece it’s still a fan favorite over two decades later. This action-based series is known for its excellent comedy, personable characters, often random occurrences, and interesting storylines.

Following the Straw Hat Pirates, this series focuses on characters who are interested in adventure rather than looting. Luffy and his crew search for the ultimate treasure: One Piece, but they never stand against a good adventure along the way. Created by legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda, this series is a hit with fans around the world, and while pirates have yet to find their treasure, there is never a dull moment on their journey.

6 Jujutsu Kaisen doesn’t curse his popularity [MAL Score 8.53]

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Yuuji Smiling

Jujutsu Kaisen it became very popular in no time. Aired in October 2020, this anime resonated with viewers and instantly skyrocketed to the most popular chart, where it remains near the top. The anime follows the protagonist Itadori Yuji, who ends up entangled in a complicated mess when he comes across a cursed object.

To save his clubmates, Yuji casts a curse when he swallows a finger. However, he can dominate the cursed object within him. When Yuji enters the world of curses and magic, there is no turning back. This anime is fast-paced, fun, and exciting. No wonder it became an overnight sensation.

5 Holo Graffiti has fans rolling with laughter [MAL Score 8.58]

Holo Graffiti anime characters blush and laugh

Holo Graffiti features the Holo Live VTubers as they engage in all manner of shenanigans. With the eccentric cast of characters, daily life is never easy, and there is always something that will have fans rolling down the aisles. From trying to fly to selling ramen on a desert island, Holo Graffiti it will surely make all the fans smile.

This series features short episodes in parody form, similar to other short series like BanG Dream! Girl band party! Beak. However, time can still be a problem as the series can be quite addictive. Fans can find themselves binge watching everything in one go if they aren’t careful.

4 Fans don’t hide their love for Horimiya [MAL Score 8.59]

Horimiya Anime Hori and Miyamura talking at school

Horimiya is a comic life anime centered on Hori and Miyamura, two classmates who are different people at school than outside of it. When Hori comes home, she becomes the mother of her household, changes her uniform for casual clothes, and ties up her neatly combed hair in the quickest way so that she can take over household chores, prepare dinner, and take care of her younger son brother.

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When her brother is brought home one day by a man with various piercings, Hori is shocked to find out that it is her gentle and quiet classmate Miyamura. This daily life series is full of joyful and sweet moments that will turn any viewer into a fan as Hori and Miyamura learn about each other’s true selves.

3 Viewers Enjoy The Relaxation With Laid-Back Camp Season 2 [MAL Score 8.61]

Laid Back Camp Anime season 2 promo image

Relaxed To camp is the most popular anime currently airing, and for good reason. It’s a delightful anime that moves at its own relaxed pace, which makes for a nice change from other action-packed anime. The characters are well developed and the scenery is picturesque.

While there is a lot of merit in fast-moving shows, fans really enjoy the slow pace of anime and the sense of calm it brings to them. Relaxed camp It’s not full of swordfights, betrayals, or reboots, but it’s not boring either. The slower paced really works for the show, focusing on building its characters rather than a fast paced plot.

two Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 is a Massive Success [MAL Score 8.65]

Re Zero Season 2 Anime Subaru and Echidna at the Witches Tea Party

Natsuki Subaru is a hikikomori who is suddenly transported to another world. Re: zero focuses on Subaru’s journey as he must redo the events until he finally gets a good ending, earning his next save point. However, to do so, Subaru also has to face death many times.

With an interesting premise, well-written characters, and multiple cliffhangers, viewers stay on the edge of their seats in every episode. As the current arc completes the backstories of various characters, viewers are finally getting some answers. With everything he has going for him, it’s no wonder Re: zero is one of the most popular ongoing anime.

1 Attack On Titan: Final Season Takes First Place [MAL Score 9.17]

Attack on Titan became a huge success when the manga began publication in 2009 and gained an even larger fan base when the anime began airing in 2013. With a grim world where humanity is at the mercy of creatures called Titans, fans applauded. Eren and his fellow Survey Corps members. as they battled the Titans to free humanity.

With such a unique premise, it’s no wonder this anime has become a huge hit! This series seems to know what it’s doing as it currently ranks first for the ongoing anime. Fans may have to wait a bit longer to see how humanity fares in the end, but with intense high-quality episodes still being delivered, it will be worth the wait.

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