After the initial success of Older brother, survivorand others, the reality TV medium exploded. But with the wave of popularity that followed, reality shows also came under heavy criticism. While most viewers have a love-hate relationship with reality shows, no one can be completely indifferent towards them. And for those who love it, there is always a reality show to suit tastes.

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For example, there is a wide range of reality shows for those who are more interested in the creative arts and less in drama. On the other hand, there are also many shows that offer pure guilty pleasure drama, but less of any other element. For those who fall into the latter category, there is an extensive catalog of reality shows on Netflix that portray the entire spectrum of drama.

10 Dating around

While some wait patiently for their perfect match, others go out with as many as they can to improve their chances of finding “the one.” Adopting the latest dating strategy, Dating around set your individual contestants with five dates on each episode. Towards the end of each episode, the central date decides who he wants to go on a second date with.

From awkward conversations to surprising connections, the show guides the viewer through it all. As he does so, he also gives viewers a fresh and honest perspective on today’s dating scene.

9 Too hot to handle

Scene from Too Hot to Handle

Too hot to handle It may not be critically acclaimed, but it sure ticks all the boxes for creating a totally entertaining reality series. It has a diverse cast of contestants, all of whom have unique personalities. It also has a scenic setting and above all it has a lot at stake, with a $ 100,000 reward for the winner.

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The show’s core celibacy challenges may seem a bit primal, but there’s a clever twist to each of its episodes that keeps viewers glued for the entire run time.

8 Indian matchmaking

Indian matchmaking

Love it or hate it, Indian matchmaking Not only is it extremely entertaining, but it also gives viewers a reflection of the real world. For those who are well versed in the Indian culture of arranged marriage, the show serves as a parable of a bittersweet reality. On the contrary, those who are not too familiar with the culture will be fascinated by the intriguing appeal of the show.

At the forefront is Sima Taparia, a matchmaker, offering an up-close look at arranged marriages in today’s world by introducing viewers to her clients from India and the United States.

7 Love is blind

Love is blind Netflix

As the name suggests, Love is blind It serves as a social experiment in which contestants try to find a true connection without seeing each other in person. Aside from its over the top drama and thoughtful twists, viewers have a lot to look forward to from the series.

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For example, it offers insight into how physical attraction in a relationship may not mean everything, and even strong emotional ties don’t always lead to positive results. Not to mention, long after their credits roll, viewers can’t help but wonder about the fate of the cast members’ relationships.

6 The Casketeers

Cast of The Casketeers

For reasons that need no explanation, death is often stigmatized. However, in The CasketeersFuneral business owners Francis and Kaiora Tipene shed a warmer and funnier light on the taboo-infused subject by showing their passion in full.

The sheer optimism of the show’s two leads is contagious enough that most viewers fall in love with the show. But more than that, it’s the show’s lighthearted approach to death and pain that can easily subvert one’s perspective and instill a range of emotions to feel good.

5 Love on the spectrum

Love, at its very core, is the appreciation and celebration of differences between individuals. That is precisely what Love on the spectrum thrives. In its short four-episode run, the show focuses on seven autistic people in their search for love.

Each episode delves into their experiences and explores the ups and downs of autistic people’s relationships. Filled with moments that can make the viewer’s heart fill with joy, the show’s drama has received some criticismbut he’s sensitive and gentle in his approach, and that’s what makes him even more enjoyable.

4 Terrace of the house

Cast of Terrace House Hawaii

In its center, Terrace of the house it is no different from most reality shows. It focuses on six strangers who share a beautiful home and try to adapt to each other’s different habits and motives. What makes your drama stand out is its participants. They all come from different backgrounds, driven by different motives. While some seek worthwhile connections or find love, others want to grow beyond their comfort zones or make career changes.

It is this myriad of character traits that resonate with many viewers. In addition, there is a cultural appeal for those who wish to know more about the Japanese young adult lifestyle. Tragically due to the death of one of its cast members Due to online harassment, it is unclear if this series will return for future iterations.

3 Selling Sunset

From high-stakes dramas to ruthless deals – If you think about it, selling real estate has all the right ingredients for telling compelling stories. This explains why it translates so well to the medium of reality television.

With the City of Angels as a backdrop, Selling Sunset shows all the drama that unfolds at The Oppenheim Group, where the big brokers sell real estate to their wealthy clients.

two The circle

Reality Show Cast - The Circle

The circle is a dystopian technology reality show that unfolds almost like an episode of Black mirror. Its eight contestants live in different apartments in the same building and are only allowed to interact with each other through a proprietary social media app. To win the show and take home $ 100,000, a contestant must stay on top of the popularity curve during their running time.

What adds more weight to his drama is how many of his contestants avoid sticking to their usual identities. Instead, they fake their identities to lead the influencers game.

1 Queer eye

Cast of Queer Eye

Organized by Fab 5, Queer eye offers the kind of reality TV viewers can never have. Its five prolific style experts set out to help people choose lifestyles that not only change their appearance, but also help them build better relationships.

In the midst of life’s chaos and excruciating drama, simple yet entertaining shows like Queer eye remind viewers that it is not only necessary to look and feel good, but also to accept and love yourself and those around you.

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