In recent years, thanks to the rise of podcasting, there has been a great demand for audio dramas based on popular books, movies, and television series.

Adaptations of popular graphic novels, comics, and books have always been a big part of the entertainment industry, but in recent years, thanks to the rise of podcasting, there has been a much greater demand for audio dramas. Whether original or based on a pre-existing franchise, there is already a great variety on the market.

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It is true that Audible produces a large number of popular, which has quite a bit of control over the industry. There are also other companies that have moved their characters from the page and screen to an audio format. Overall, there are certainly a few that pop culture lovers should check out.

10 Star Wars: Dooku – Jedi Lost

Lost Jedi Dooku

the Star Wars franchise has really been exploring every avenue when it comes to creating more content based on its iconic characters. However, for Lucasfilm, audio dramas seemed to have great untapped potential and were associated with Audible.

The first result of this was Lost jedi written by Cavan Scott. With Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress, it not only introduces various voice cast members returning from animated shows, but also explores Dooku’s early days as an apprentice and his relationship with Ventress before her betrayal.

9 Doctor Who: The War Master – Volume 1

The war master

Fans may remember that the 50th anniversary of Doctor who explored the Time War that had been alluded to for so long. With a Doctor created for this time period, there had to be a variation of the Master who also lived through the horrible events.

The Master’s version of the Tennant era, formerly known as Doctor Yana, returns in this Big Finish audio drama, which takes audiences through the Time War from the perspective of the famous enemy. It is a real treat for both hardcore and casual fans.

8 Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Wolverine Lost Trail

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, so it’s not surprising that Logan was the one they turned to when they were developing their audio dramas. With both The lost trail Y The long night receiving critical acclaim, other adaptations are likely being planned in the future.

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These stories offer a glimpse into a different side of Wolverine, whose conflict and constant aging can be heard in Richard Armitage’s brilliant voice acting. Benjamin Percy’s writing beautifully portrays both seasons as Logan on the run from the law and searching for a lost lover.

7 The Sandman

The Sandman

DC has looked at a number of different methods to bring Neil Gaiman Sandman to the life. While they’re still working on a Netflix show, a star-studded cast has already taken on the material in the form of an audio drama.

The Audible exclusive has incredibly high production values ​​and really brings a new dimension to this classic comic book story. It seems that both Marvel and DC are exploring this avenue more, which is great for fans of these hits.

6 Assassin’s Creed: Gold

Assassin's Creed Gold

the Assassin’s creed The franchise has thrived in video games, novels, and comics, but it hasn’t managed to translate well to the screen. Fortunately, the original audio Gold, was one that the study actually managed to carry out.

Coinciding with the recent launches of Valhalla, This Audible exclusive tells a standalone story that is not an adaptation of any previous work, nor is it directly linked to any of the games. It has a truly amazing cast and is surely a must-see for fans of the ongoing brand.

5 Doctor Who: The Last Adventure

Doctor Who from the last adventure

Doctor who and Big Finish Productions have joined forces on several occasions to bring some unforgettable stories to Whovians. It’s hard to ignore that the Colin Baker era Who it didn’t get the ending it deserved.

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The last adventure it’s just that. With Baker returning to the role of The Doctor, this audio drama gives fans a chance to really say goodbye to this iteration of the character, with old faces returning and new companions helping complete this chapter.

4 Blackout


Blackout is an original scripted podcast produced by and starring Rami Malek. In a slight departure from its on-screen work, this drama truly takes the audio genre into new territory, demonstrating what a blockbuster production can sound like.

With the power grid going down, affecting small communities across the United States, Rami Malek plays a DJ who has to protect his family in the ensuing chaos. It’s tense, harsh, and makes the most of the medium in which this story is told.

3 Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Betrayal

Sherlock Holmes Voice Of Treason

Sherlock Holmes is back with another new story, this time from George Mann and Cavan Scott once again, who has written some audio short stories for Audible. The voice of betrayal It seemed like a little experiment for this well-known British property.

This is more like an audiobook than a scripted genre, but there’s still a great cast attached that brings the story to life. With Nicholas Boulton bringing the great detective to life, an interesting touch is that Amazon’s Alexa also has an exclusive prelude to the story for fans to enjoy.

two Dust


Dust is a science fiction company that has several audio dramas set in the same world. With Oscar winner Toni Collette leading the piece, Gunpowder and Sky have created a truly unique universe for audiences to explore through sound.

The company is now 3 seasons old, and each of its podcasts acts as chapters in an anthology series. The writing and voice acting are, of course, phenomenal, but what is truly amazing is the shared tone and atmosphere that have been created for each narrative.

1 Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

Doctor Aphra Audio

The success of the Lucasfilm and Audible partnership on their previous audio drama meant that Star Wars allowed to return to the platform with another scripted podcast for fans to enjoy; this time about a character who has never appeared on screen.

Becoming a truly popular antihero in comics, this audio drama continues Doctor Aphra’s journey, bringing his story to a new group of listeners. Walk new paths and recap Aphra’s past so fans new and old alike can enjoy this critically acclaimed drama.

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