Especially today, reality shows come in all their forms. There are those who aim to film real-life people on a regular basis. There are also several dating shows and there are even series that run contests for children and adults.

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However, what many also don’t realize is that the world of reality programming can be very competitive. And so while some reality shows thrive and last for several seasons, others struggle to get past the first. These series only aired for one season, but many people would argue that they deserve a second chance.

10 Mr. personality

Mr. personality

Some dating shows are nothing alike The Bachelor franchise. And by that we mean that they are not as successful, and we even forget that they were ever broadcast. Among these is Mr. personality, a dating show that involves a woman looking for love who meets several potential candidates at once.

The problem, however, is that all of these men hide their faces under the mask (although onlookers can see them). Therefore, the woman would have to make a decision based solely on her personality.

9 Redemption Inc.

Redemption Inc.

As viewers will know, Kevin O’Leary is one of the most prominent sharks in Shark tank. He is known by a special nickname (Mr. Wonderful) and he tends to offer companies a deal and then take it away if they try to listen to other ‘sharks’.

It turns out that O’Leary also had another reality show at some point. In Redemption Inc, dealt with ex-cons looking to forge a better path for themselves. In the program, the grand prize is $ 100,000 from O’Leary plus his personal support in starting his own business.

8 Millionaire joe

Joe Millionire

Sometimes in movies we are introduced to characters who embrace the idea of ​​a dizzying romance. Well, in the case of Millionaire joe, 20 women head to France to let themselves go. A so-called “Joe Millionaire” who was actually Evan Marriott was waiting for them.

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The thing is, it’s not really what the show made it out to be. Instead, Joe is a humble construction worker who has to reveal his secret after choosing the right woman for him. In the end, Marriott chose a substitute teacher and their relationship did not last long.

7 West Texas Investor Club

West Texas Investor Club

Of course, Shark tank is possibly the most popular investment reality show right now. But there are always others, although not so successful. Among them was a little-known competitive reality show. West Investors Club of Texas, which aired on CNBC in 2015.

On the show, investors included Mike “Rooster” McConaughey, who happens to be the brother of Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey. He was also joined by Wayne “Butch” Gilliam and Gil Prather. All of these men made their fortune in Texas and hoped to help various people do the same.

6 Love conveyor belt

Love conveyor belt

For those looking for a dating show with a unique twist, Love conveyor belt offered five women the opportunity to see various prospects as they literally rotate around her.

In this short-lived reality show, the male contestants get on a conveyor belt and, once they are in front of the female, the belt is stopped for 60 seconds, giving them enough time to persuade the girls to choose them. And because the show featured 30 male prospects, the women clearly had more than enough to choose from.

5 Whodunnit


For those who have long dreamed of becoming researchers, this was the perfect show. It’s a pity that ABC’s Whodunnit he was fired after just one season. Throughout the season, the contestants stayed at the Rue Manor estate, and every week, there would be a crime they had to solve.

They could use various crime scene investigation techniques and also had the option of working alone or together. In the end, the player who cannot solve it is eliminated. Meanwhile, the big winner would get $ 250,000.

4 Skating with the stars

Skating with the stars

With the massive success surrounding Dancing with the stars (DWTS), it made perfect sense for Fox to try to do a spin-off of the show. Hence, this show aired in 2010. Since the show revolved around skating, celebrities were paired with professional ice skaters.

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And just like in DWTS, the contestants had to learn some very complicated routines every week. Whoever got the lowest score from the judges would end up going home. During the short run of the show, famous contestants included Bethenny Frankel, Vince Neil, and Brandon Mychal Smith.

3 Stylist


This reality show was launched after the stellar performance of The Devil Wears Prada at the box office (it grossed an estimated $ 327.9 million). In StylistContestants were asked to complete various editorial assignments and assistant duties, all in the hopes of impressing fashion news director Anne Slowey.

Every week whoever failed to impress her was eliminated. Meanwhile, the last remaining aide was awarded an editorial position at Elle plus a clothing allowance for a year and a paid lease on an apartment in Manhattan.

two In Search of the Partridge Family

In Search of the Partridge Family

The Partridge family was a hit sitcom in the ’70s and since the show aired its last episode in 1974, there has always been talk of reviving the show at some point. And so it seems like this reality show was an attempt to get started.

In Search of the Partridge Family was a reality show meant to find a new cast for a reboot of The Partridge family. The show attracted a lot of talent during its short run. In fact, this even included actress Emma Stone.

1 Steve Harvey’s Funderdome

Steve Harvey's Funderdome

Steve Harvey is certainly known for hosting shows like Family dispute Y Little big fish. On the flip side, fans may not be aware that this popular game show host also headlined a reality show at one point. In Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, contestants have the opportunity to present their product to a massive studio audience.

And once the product was presented, the audience would vote which entrepreneur would get funding. It was a great way for anyone to start their dream of owning a business pretty quickly.

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