The versions of Batman in the media are not always the same as the original materials.

Since its first appearance in Detective Comics # 27 Back in 1939, Batman has been written and rewritten numerous times, especially when it has been depicted in various media. As a result, the general public and even fans can get confused about what is original from the adaptation and what is originally from the comics.

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Batman, whether based on credibility / realism, or as part of a universe full of superhumans, when well understood as written, is capable of fitting into virtually any story. That said, the differences from the Batman comics, however drastic or subtle the media interpretations may be, are just as versatile as the character and their world.

10 Batman rarely has his secret identity revealed to others in the comics

Batman rarely reveals his secret identity in the comics, but regularly in other media.

Batman rarely reveals his secret identity to others in the comics. However, Batman’s secret identity in other forms of media has been revealed quite regularly, albeit to a few people or more.

In almost every live-action Batman movie, others discovered Bruce’s dual life (Vicki Vale in bat Man, Selina Kyle and Max Shreck in Batman Returns, Riddler, Two-Face and Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman forever, Rachel Dawes in The beginning of batman, Coleman Reese in The dark knightand Selina Kyle and Jim Gordon in The dark knight rises). In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Clark Kent / Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Diana Prince / Wonder Woman know that Wayne is Batman. Both in Batman: Arkham Knight Y Harley quinnScarecrow has Batman unmasked, albeit publicly in the video game.

9 Batman’s civilian alter ego Bruce Wayne was much richer in the comics

Batman's civilian alter ego Bruce Wayne was far richer in the comics than other outlets suggest.

Batman’s civilian alter ego Bruce Wayne was much richer in the comics. Currently, Bruce’s wealth is no longer in his possession as of Future state. While Bruce Wayne’s exact net worth is not specified in the comics and other alternate versions of the character, the Joker’s latest girlfriend, Punchline (right after Wayne’s fortune was stolen), said he was in excess of $ 100 billion. .

Forbes, on the other hand, annually (and conservatively) estimates Wayne’s net worth between $ 6.9 and $ 9.2 billion on its Fictional 15 list.

8 Batman doesn’t normally kill in the comics

Cases in which Batman has killed outside of the main comics, in Detective Comics # 27, Batman Begins, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman doesn’t normally kill in the comics, though there have been rare occasions when he has, like his early stories, that take place outside of the main continuity. The Caped Crusader follows his no-kill rule to avoid becoming the monsters he regularly faces.

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In most live-action movies, however, Batman has killed various criminals and even left them to their deaths (through murder by inaction as with Ra’s al Ghul in The beginning of batman) or mark them (for others to point them in prison in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).

7 Batman does not generally grasp, much less use, lethal firearms in the comics

Moments in which Batman uses a weapon in the comics and in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman generally does not grasp, much less use, lethal firearms in the comics. There are rare exceptions, namely Batman’s early non-canon comic book adventures, as well as the moment he shoots Darkseid with his own pistol in Final Crisis (written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco, and Doug Mahnke).

This is a stark contrast to several of the live-action movies, where Batman uses ballistic weapons (mainly by equipping his vehicles with them) against his enemies or to remove obstacles. In bat Man, The dark knight trilogy and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Dark Knight has used weapons to directly intimidate, injure and kill criminals.

6 Batman used to design / make his own gear in the comics before Lucius Fox became his gunsmith

Batman used to design or make much of his own gear in the comics before Lucius Fox became his gunsmith since Batman Begins.

Batman used to design / make his own gear in the comics before Lucius Fox became his gunsmith in The beginning of batman. As a scholar, Bruce Wayne / Batman has leveraged his engineering knowledge and skills to design and manufacture his own gadgets, vehicles, and Batsuits.

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Since The beginning of batman Going forward, Wayne Enterprises co-CEO or interim Lucius Fox has since become an ally of not just Bruce Wayne, but Batman as well. The Fox of the comics was originally an ethical financial wizard who primarily ran Bruce’s family business; Multiple versions of Lucius provide and / or invent much of Batman’s technology today.

5 Batman’s car, the Batmobile, is not (normally) a hybrid tank in the comics, but it is a modified supercar

Batman's car, the Batmobile, is not usually a hybrid tank in the comics, but rather a modified supercar.

Batman’s car, the Batmobile, is not (generally) a hybrid tank in the comics, but it is a modified supercar. In The Dark Knight Returns, written and illustrated by Frank Miller, with artist Klaus Janson, one of those Batmobile is depicted as a huge tank. Miller and Klaus’ interpretation has inspired director Christopher Nolan’s Lamborghini / Humvee tank-type Batmobile, designated as Tumbler, in The dark knight trilogy.

In Batman: Arkham Knight, the Batmobile can switch between 2 modes, Pursuit and Battle. The latter mode transforms the vehicle into a tank equipped with a multitude of military-grade weapons and tools. The DCEU’s Batmobile is also reminiscent of a hybrid tank.

4 Batman is almost always over thirty in the comics

Bruce Wayne at different ages in other media

Batman is almost always in his thirties in the comics. This is due to plot reasons to keep the character relatively young in perpetuity. In other media, however, Bruce Wayne has been shown to be in his twenties (in The batman caricature), as an old man (in Batman Beyond), and middle-aged (in the DCEU and possibly DCAU League of Justice Y Unlimited justice league), etc.

Bruce’s exact age is never actually specified in any medium, but the actors who play both characters in live-action films vary in age, which in turn reflects the character’s age.

3 Batman regularly associates with others in the comics

The partners and fellow heroes of Batman, Robin, Superman and Nightwing

Batman regularly joins others in the comics. Although Batman is supposed to be a loner, since he prefers to work alone, he has an extensive network of friends and allies (namely the Justice League), both within and outside of Gotham City. Batman often works alongside partners and other heroes, like Robin, Superman, and Nightwing, to name a few.

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In other mediums, such as live-action movies and Arkham video games, Batman generally operates only in the field. While he has Oracle and occasionally Alfred to help through the communications in some of these stories, Batman is almost always a lone wolf.

two Batman’s detective skills are primarily demonstrated in the comics

Batman's detective work in the comics compared to the relative lack of him in some other mediums

Batman’s detective skills are primarily demonstrated in the comics. As someone who is on par with or even exceeds Sherlock Holmes’s investigative skills, Batman is generally considered the best detective in the DC world; however, there are others that rival his detective prowess, such as Detective Chimp and the Question.

Unfortunately, fans don’t see Batman’s detective skills being used in most movies, both live-action and animated. And from the little that is shown, Batman is too dependent on his technology and / or someone else helps him solve a mystery.

1 Bruce Wayne will never stop being Batman in the comics

Batman never stops being Batman in the comics, but sometimes in other media

Bruce Wayne will never stop being Batman in the comics. This is due to Bruce’s determination to continue his mission to prevent others from suffering crimes like him. However, in other media, Wayne has ceased to be Batman either temporarily or permanently.

In Batman: The Animated SeriesIn episode 34, “I Am the Night”, Bruce briefly surrenders as Batman when he blames himself for being late for a police raid, resulting in Gordon’s critical condition. In chemistry,” The New Batman AdventuresIn episode 22, Bruce temporarily ceases to be Batman after marrying Susan Maguire, who turns out to be one of Poison Ivy’s creations. In part 1 of Batman from the future “Rebirth”, an elderly Wayne permanently retires Batman when he is forced to use a weapon to save himself from a criminal. And in The dark knight rises, Bruce fakes his death as Batman to start a new life with Selina Kyle (although some believe that he actually died and that the scene with him at the end was simply an illusion).

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