Avatar, the last airbender is an animated action series that involves the four classical Greek elements in its combat system, such as Firebenders and Waterbenders. But the Avatar can bend all four elements at once, wielding the power of all previous Avatars while in the single Avatar state. Not everyone can inherit this power.

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The spirit of light, Raava, chooses a new Avatar each time the previous one dies, and ideally, an Avatar will be brave, selfless, confident, and kind, just like Aang, Korra, and Roku (among many others). Some anime characters also have what it takes to become a true Avatar, while others fall short on the list of ratings. Who is ready to become the next Avatar?

10 I COULD ACCESS THE STATE OF AVATAR: Naruto Uzumaki, The Future Hokage (Naruto)

Naruto in his wise mode

Naruto Uzumaki would make a wonderful Avatar, and not just because he is the protagonist of his own series. Naruto was born with almost nothing, not even with his parents, but he had the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him. He was an outcast.

This gave Naruto a humbling and compassionate worldview, and he longs to restore peace and balance throughout the world and create a world where all people can live in harmony. That’s exactly what an Avatar should do, and Naruto has the guts to pursue that dream.

9 I COULD NOT ACCESS THE STATE OF AVATAR: Ichigo Kurosaki, The Substitute Soul Reaper (Bleach)

Ichigo prepares to fight

Ichigo Kurosaki is also a shonen protagonist, but he is cut from a different cloth than Naruto Uzumaki. Ichigo is an antihero who isn’t terribly sentimental, and he doesn’t dream big either. Instead, you seek to protect your friends and family from harm. He is not concerned with the fate of the world.

Antiheroes may be compelling, but they are poor avatars as they don’t think on a large enough scale when it comes to saving the world and restoring balance and peace. Ichigo is a brave fighter, but he is not the world’s guardian of justice and harmony.

8 I COULD ACCESS THE STATE OF AVATAR: Izuku Midoriya, AKA Deku (My Hero Academia)

Izuku about to fight Bakugo

Izuku Midoriya is also a shonen protagonist, and all things considered, he’s much more like Naruto than Ichigo, and that bodes well for the purposes of the Avatar state. Izuku is absolutely determined to become the new symbol of peace, a guardian that everyone can trust.

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That’s exactly what the Avatar is supposed to be, and Izuku, like Naruto Uzumaki, has the guts and resolve to act accordingly as well. He’s not quite as charismatic as All Might yet, but he’s working on it, and All Might’s legacy is in good hands.

7 COULD NOT ACCESS AVATAR STATUS: Levi Ackerman, The Scout Captain (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman is a Scout commander and it is clear how he became an officer. Levi is known for his no-nonsense attitude, elite skills, and discipline, and he gets results regardless of the odds. He’s also something of a rival to Eren Yeager.

However, Levi is an antihero at heart, like Ichigo, and seeks to fulfill his duty and do the mission, rather than act like a noble superhero. For Levi, trying to save the world and become his Avatar is too ambitious. Better to take things one mission at a time.

6 I COULD ACCESS AVATAR STATUS: Erza Scarlet, The Magical Swordmaster (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet in one of her armor

Erza Scarlet knows what it’s like to suffer. She and her friends, including Jellal Fernández and Millianna, worked for years as child slaves before fighting for their freedom, and Erza never took that freedom for granted. And she will never allow anyone else to suffer like her.

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Erza’s attitude sometimes borders on the antihero, but in reality, she will give her life without hesitation to rescue those in need, and Erza longs for justice to be done for the wicked. With the Avatar state, Erza could make a better world free from slavery and exploitation.

5 I COULD NOT ACCESS AVATAR STATE: Josuke Higashikata, Small Town Hero (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

josuke jojo

Josuke Higashikata is an antihero to the end, although that doesn’t mean he’s cruel or unreliable. Josuke takes care of his friends and will face bullies without hesitation, but almost as often. he is the bully.

Josuke is a small-town boy who likes to get in trouble sometimes, and Josuke’s punk streak and short temper make him the complete opposite of what the Avatar should be. Josuke would have no idea what to make of the Avatar state.

4 I COULD ACCESS THE STATE OF AVATAR: Elizabeth Liones, The Archangel (The Seven Deadly Sins)

elizabeth liones sins

Elizabeth Liones is much more than she seemed at first. She was introduced as a runaway princess helping the framed squad of the Seven Deadly Sins, until her true nature as an archangel was revealed much later. Angel or not, however, Elizabeth has the heart of a gentle but strong hero.

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Elizabeth only seeks to restore peace and balance to the world, and she will not tolerate any lies, cruelty, or exploitation for any reason. With the Avatar state at her disposal, Elizabeth could restore peace to Britannia in no time.

3 I COULD NOT ACCESS THE STATUS OF AVATAR: Megumin, The Explosion Witch (Konosuba)

a young megumin with a satisfied smile on her face

Megumin comes from the Crimson Demon clan, and can use magic. But only one type of magic: explosive. Megumin is determined to master this particular spell and impress the witch who taught it to her, and she cares little else.

Megumin means well, but barely, as she can taunt or fire anyone who can’t help her achieve her self-centered goal. She doesn’t even care about saving the world; only the awesome bangs and pocket money mean anything to her.

two I COULD ACCESS THE STATE OF AVATAR: Van Hohenheim, The Wanderer (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Van Hohenheim, like Erza Scarlet, started with very little and thus learned to truly appreciate the freedom and wonders the world had to offer. After his life as Slave # 23 in the Xerxes civilization, Hohenheim accidentally helped the flask dwarf become Father, then resolved to fix this problem by any means necessary.

Hohenheim yearns to rid the world of the Father and teach other people how to live in peace and harmony, like a true Avatar. With the power of the Avatar state, Hohenheim could greatly aid ordinary people and prevent excessive bloodshed while foiling Father’s plans.

1 COULD NOT ACCESS AVATAR STATE: Lupine III, The Master Thief (Lupine III)

Lupine smiling and giving a thumbs up

Lupine III is the ultimate antihero, a charming and chaotic neutral character seeking the thrill of stealing the world’s most priceless historical artifacts and treasures. And he is not alone; Lupine has Goemon, the modern samurai, and Daisuke Jigen, a fellow gunman, by his side.

Lupine is not purely an anarchist, and neither does he seek to ruin anyone’s life. But still, he does little to help people other than his friends, like Fujiko Mine. Lupine couldn’t find a meaningful use for the Avatar state, he wouldn’t even want it.

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