The anime genre is rich with truly exquisite content, from the depths of philosophy and narrative complexity to fascinating action sequences and various musical scores. This field has examples that can satisfy the most demanding palates. In short, anime has something for everyone.

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Of the countless series that have received critical acclaim and become pop culture icons, there are a few that deserve an instant look for those completely new to the genre. At the same time, there are others that are excellent in every way, but best reserved for a later time (for various reasons).

10 See: Neon Genesis Evangelion is not an easy watch by standards, but it’s worth it

Recently streaming on Netflix, Neon Genesis Evangelion It is one of the most important anime of all time. Encapsulate the fear of global catastrophe in a post-apocalyptic story about mecha, known as Angels, attacking humanity and the latter’s struggle for survival.

There are 26 episodes, but the last two were so controversial among fans that the creators recreated it in a full-length movie called The end of Evangelion (which rewrites the climax). NGE It’s not an easy watch by standards, but it’s worth it.

9 Save for Later: Given Astro Boy’s lack of contemporary relatability, it can be seen at leisure

Among the first important anime is Astro boy, which was first made into an anime in 1963, consisting of 193 massive episodes. It was so beloved that it was recreated in 1980 and 2003, which total 102 episodes.

Additionally, the franchise has also produced various movies and video games. The importance of this work cannot be underestimated, but given its lack of contemporary relatability, it can be seen in free time.

8 See: Yu Yu Hakusho’s narrative is so well woven that catching her becomes more of a pleasure than a chore

Yuyu Hakusho is the definitive anime of the 90s and can be credited in part with sparking global interest in the genre. There have been 112 episodes and a couple of movies in total.

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Nevertheless, Yuyu HakushoThe narrative is so well woven and gleaming with spectacular battles and character chemistry that catching it becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. Yusuke’s journey, from his meager beginnings as an aimless punk to his culmination as a force of nature, is as exciting as it is endearing.

7 Save for Later: Hajime No Ippo is not part of the popular conversation, so there is no point in new audiences indulging in him

Hajime no Ippo has been consistently ranked among the best sports anime ever produced, and for good reason. Its protagonist is likeable and attractive, his struggles are credible, and his victories and losses are almost tangible to anyone who sees him.

In fact, the series is surprisingly underrated for the quality of entertainment it offers. As such, it is not part of a popular conversation, so there is no point in new audiences indulging in Hajime no Ippo immediately after getting in the car.

6 Look: if an anime is essential, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the one

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Elric Brothers Alchemy

Fullmetal Alchemist It is the first anime made from the manga with the same name, which comes out in 2003. However, the one that remains faithful to the plot of Hiromu Arakawa is the 2009 edition, which comprises 64 episodes.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is universally acclaimed for the depth and clarity of its ethical quid, as well as its unparalleled charm, jaw-dropping animation and OST, and absolutely incredible ending. If any anime is essential, this is it.

5 Save for later: Bleach is peppered with too many priceless filler episodes, none of which advance the story

Bleach 2004 Anime

Bleach is commonly included among the three great shonen anime of the last two decades, along with Naruto Y One piece. Its various arcs are distinct, packed with complex world constructs and a dynamic set of character arcs, not to mention the dazzling array of powers, techniques, and weaponry detailed in the anime.

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The main issue here is the overwhelming volume of episodes, currently at 366 (until the final arc is released, increasing the number drastically). The same applies to the other two anime listed above. Another problem is that Bleach it’s peppered with too many priceless filler episodes, none of which advance the story.

4 Watch: Cowboy Bebop has unlimited replay value

Cowboy bebop took the anime world by storm in every sense of the word; more than its intricate storytelling and universe design is its incomparable musical score, which effortlessly switches from blues to soul, from country to jazz at the hands of its composer, Yoko Kanno.

It’s not surprising why it became such a huge hit, given that The AV Club has mentioned it among their “gateway anime shows” for beginners.. Twenty-six episodes is not a lot in real time, but Cowboy bebop it has an unlimited repetition value.

3 Save for later – New Hunter x Hunter chapters / episodes release is hit or miss

Hunter x Hunter Anime

The 2011 reworking of Hunter X Hunter it’s 148 episodes of pure unadulterated fun. Interestingly, the manga has been developed by Yoshihiro Togashi, who is also responsible for Yuyu Hakusho.

It is comprised of dozens of named heroes, fearsome villains, and most of all, almost infinite variation in the strategies and tactics exercised by both. Unfortunately, due to the health of the mangaka, the story takes a backseat most of the time, and the release of new chapters / episodes is unpredictable.

two See: Samurai Champloo falls into the category of essential display

Conceived by Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy bebop fame, Samurai Champloo is an anachronistic story from the Edo period in Japan, with its samurai vibrating to the beat of hip-hop.

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It may sound unusual, but this combination works almost perfectly. as its creator says, “They have something in common. Rappers lead the way to their future with a microphone; samurai decided their fate with a sword.” This falls into the essential display category.

1 Save for later: Dragon Ball Z is known for its agonizingly slow pace

Dragon Ball Z is probably the most listened to anime, at least in the Western Hemisphere, due in its entirety to its projection from 1989 to 1996. It is the second part of the franchise and follows Goku and his friends who fight to protect their home from a large number of enemies.

However intriguing it may be, Dragon Ball Z is known for its agonizingly slow pace, which has been considerably lampooned by several of its fans. It can wait.

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