Avery Mills and Omar Albakour live happily in Dubai. Find out how the 90-day fiancé: Before 90 days celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Fan favorites 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Avery Mills and Omar Albakour celebrated a romantic Valentine’s Day together in their new country. The American and Syrian duo recently announced that they are living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Dubai after Omar was unable to reunite with his wife in the United States. Although the couple have experienced many challenges throughout their relationship, they are happier than ever and eager to connect with fans on their shared Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Avery and Omar met on a Muslim dating app after the Columbus, Ohio teenager converted to Islam. Avery has described her religious conversion as the best thing that could have happened to her, as Omar’s wife feels that her religion makes her the best version of herself. Now married for two years, the couple is thriving in Dubai. Avery has revealed that she loves living in the United Arab Emirates and finds that it is much safer than living in the United States. He has also cited the country change as incredibly easy, as there have been no major adjustments for the American. Also, Omar and Avery seem to be very much in love and extremely happy now that they can live together.

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Avery and Omar shared two images of themselves in the desert with their Instagram fans on Valentine’s Day. “Greetings ❤️ We had an eventful day in the desert and we made sure to compliment you guys on it. 😊 You can see our day in the Dubai desert and our daily life in Dubai on YouTube! “ Avery captioned the post. “You will see that I fall while sandboarding and you will see the beautiful places we call home. The link to the YouTube video is in our bio. ” Recently, the couple have been sharing a glimpse into their lives together through photos and videos, showcasing their adventures and Avery’s tasty Halal cuisine. Fans were happy to see the couple enjoying their lives. You can see the couple’s post below:

You guys are such a cute couple!“One fan commented, as many praised the former reality stars. Others were fans of Avery’s fashion choices.”Although this woman can DRESS. I love all your looks, “said another commenter. It seems that Avery not only has the blessing of Omar’s family, but also has the admiration of many fans.”I really like this cpl. Many blessings“wrote another fan.”He is so handsome and humble and she is beautiful and a great person and wife. They are both very lucky.“Overall, it appears that the couple is supported by their consistent fanbase of over 322,000 followers on Instagram.

The path of love has not always been easy for the couple. Avery has faced criticism, as many did not understand her decision to convert religions before meeting her husband. Additionally, he has had to respond to critics who do not understand his religion or relationship. In the past, there have been rumors that Omar was abusive and controlling. However, Avery has maintained a positive attitude throughout the drama. The young American is now completely 90 day fiancé franchise and enjoy life in Dubai with her husband.

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