After being criticized for cooking fish as a vegetarian, 90 Day Fiancé star and Mike Youngquist’s Ukrainian sweetheart Natalie Mordovtseva have offended IG fans.

Trust Natalie Mordovtseva to find another reason to seemingly annoy fans, especially after her constant arguments with Mike Youngquist on 90 day fiancé. While Natalie was a journalist and actress in her native Ukraine, she is embracing a new career as a celebrity chef. But while fans wondered why Natalie didn’t film her cooking video in Mike’s kitchen in Sequim, Washington, it also sparked a serious new controversy. After your second sushi tutorial, 90 day fiancé Star Natalie has been accused of cultural appropriation, and here’s why.

When Mike and Natalie, both 35, first appeared on Season 7 of 90 day fiancéIt was her financial problems that made her distrust their relationship. Not only did Mike admit to being $ 30,000 in debt after purchasing his Christmas tree farm, but he apparently had no job either. But while Natalie was shown to have been shot while modeling professionally, little was revealed about 90 day fiancé the career of star Mike’s wife. It was recently after Natalie wrote “actress, journalist”In his IG biography that fans became aware of his past in Kiev. Also, after a supposed photo of Natalie with her “former”He appeared online, also clarifying that he had worked on more than 10 films and had many contracts. But at the same time, 90 day fiancé celeb Natalie’s last stage as a chef is something she may have to rethink after the backlash over her appropriation of cultures.

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Natalie Mordovtseva posted a racially insensitive message while cooking and eating seafood after claiming she was a vegetarian in 90 day fiancé, her sushi tutorial saw her posting a promo photo on IG. Photo shows 90 day fiancé fame Natalie sports her signature blonde curls with chopsticks in them as she crosses her hands in a prayer pose and wears a traditional Chinese outfit while cooking Japanese sushi. It didn’t take long for fans to write comments like “this seems … wrong,” Y “this is very offensive. Woof. “Another TLC viewer asked Mike’s Natalie to”only for, “And how is it”not well“To mix all the different cultures of East Asia and”pose in the most stereotypical way. “

Another enraged follower of 90 day fiancé personality Natalie commented, “just because you’re making an Asian dish doesn’t mean you should dress up. “However, Natalie acknowledged the uproar by responding to a fan comment asking her to be a little more respectful of cultures than her.”trying to represent“And that for them it was”a little hard to see as a person of Asian descent. “In her clarification, Natalie wrote:”thanks for the advice: i love culture and i will do my best and show respect. “

Cultural appropriation is largely explained as someone who takes or uses elements of a culture to which they do not belong and does so without the permission or consent of those who really belong to that culture. Having said that, 90 day fiancé Star wife Natalie may have crossed the line just to promote a video in which she showcased her alleged culinary skills. But with fans supposedly writing “stop following“And asking Natalie to remove the post will be the 90 day fiancé next personality move that will count.

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Source: Natalie Mordovtseva / Instagram

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