Instead of going back to the beginning of the Zelda timeline for Link’s 35th birthday, Nintendo should have chosen a much-loved classic to remaster.

The recent Nintendo Direct is the first this year to show what Nintendo And some of the biggest Switch developers have it in store for gamers. With some of Nintendo’s major anniversaries this year, fans are looking forward to great things in what has mostly been a somewhat disappointing celebration thus far. After Mario’s big birthday last year, now it’s Link’s turn to celebrate as the The legend of Zelda the franchise turns 35. The celebration, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a new remaster.

While we wait for news about Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo plans to release a remastered version of The legend of the zelda sword to the sky, which originally came out for Wii and Wii U. It’s a good game, and they even keep the motion controls of the original, albeit improved for Switch. Yet another more classic game that perhaps should have received a remastering treatment instead: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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Sword to the sky is the first game in Hyrule’s confusing timeline, so it makes sense for it to be remastered as a celebration of Link’s maturity. However, it is definitely not one of the most popular. LoZ titles in the catalog, and with the success of the remake for Link’s awakening, many are now waiting for the SNES classic to return. This year would have been the perfect time for it, but sadly fans will have to keep waiting.

A link to the past was a huge success when it was released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo and quickly became one of the best-selling games on the system. It took the top spot on Nintendo Power’s Best Games list for five years in a row and remained one of the best games for years on all Nintendo platforms. In the last issue of the magazine in 2012, he counted down the 285 best games in Nintendo history, with A link to the past arriving in 2nd. Sword to the sky rated 11; relatively, Super mario galaxy it was ranked third despite being released in the same generation.

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Sword to the sky it also belongs to a relatively newer generation of consoles. That’s why they even retain the motion controls for the Switch version. In the meantime, A link to the past He has only seen one remaster in his lifetime, and it was only available in a couple with Four swords for Game Boy Advance. While this version of the game was still well received, there were several changes that made it different from the original. Added power-ups that can only be obtained by playing Four swords and vice versa. The audio was not as clear compared to the SNES version, and some of the sound effects were changed to use those of Ocarina of time. Eventually the controls were changed because the GBA was missing two extra buttons compared to standard SNES controllers.

After seeing how beautiful and fun Link’s awakening remaster is, it’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t remake this SNES classic with a similar flair. A remix of the music with a similar style, the graphics and the way the game could play similarly would have been perfect for the LoZ anniversary. Even better would have been to do it on an engine similar to Square Enix. Octopath Traveler or new Project triangle strategy combining the old and the new.

Sword to the sky it’s not a bad game. As discussed on Nintendo Direct, it has many early versions of Breath of the wild The mechanics and motion features are expected to be smoother on the Switch. It’s honestly about time we got more motion-based controls and features for the Joy-Cons, but it’s not ideal. Zelda remaster for Link’s 35th birthday.

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