Mike’s fiancee Natalie Mordovtseva didn’t just eat sushi in her latest cooking tutorial. Take a look at her image of eating “disgusting” hair below.

Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day fiancé He recently posted a cooking tutorial on his YouTube channel. While many fans liked the recipe, others were upset when Natalie ate the sushi along with her hair. The Ukrainian beauty is already quite popular for her strange and mysterious behavior. During the show, she was seen hugging and smelling a tree. Even her fiancé Mike Youngquist has trouble understanding his future wife. The couple is in the middle of 90 days, but they still have no place for the wedding, wedding dress, or other necessary arrangements.

This 90 day fiancé The couple recently went to therapy session and tried to communicate with each other. It wasn’t helpful as Mike ended up admitting that he no longer loves his fiancée. It was heartbreaking for Natalie to hear those words. But they still plan to be together. In the next episode, Mike would lose his cool and call Natalie’s beauty “ugly. “Then she was seen crying on camera as she walked out of Mike’s house and called him”monster. “It seems that the couple may not last. Still, some 90 day fiancé Rumors suggest that they are already married and have a daughter together.

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Some gossip also hints that Mike has sold his house and they are now settled in a new house. That’s where Natalie shot her last YouTube video. He showcased his culinary skills in a 12-minute long video. She cooked sushi even though she claimed to be a vegetarian on the show. Many 90 day fiancé fans criticized Natalie for not being true. But the strangest thing happened toward the end of the video when the 35-year-old ex-model ate the sushi and her golden curls got into her mouth. Here is a screenshot captured by 90 day fiancé fan page, Lakeju 69:

The size of the sushi was too big, and that’s probably why Natalie couldn’t eat it properly. Obviously, her fans didn’t like the sight of her hair going into her mouth. One fan said: “Oh yeah she’s high class, okay “” Wow, gross ” Y “Ugh yeah! Slow down girl, toss your hair back first.“Others suggested that she always tie her hair while cooking or eating. Well, she doesn’t seem to have accepted the comments, as she recently posted another video of her making Italian pasta with her hair down.

But one thing is clear: Natalie is no longer a vegetarian. While living with Mike, you probably gave up your healthy lifestyle. Some fans have also noticed in her makeup-free photo that she looks healthier than before and her face looks rounder. In the future, it is possible that 90 day fiancé The star Natalie would also start drinking to accompany her man.

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Source: Lakeju 69, Natalie Mordovtseva / YouTube

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