Finding the 100 Cat Shines in Bowser’s Fury is difficult, since 32 of them do not correspond to islands with special names, it is even more difficult.

There are 100 Cat Shines for players to find in Bowser’s fury, and 32 of them are on unnamed islands. These islands and smaller spaces in the water are considered part of Lake Lapcat. This is where to find each one and to which island they closely correspond.

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Each of these Cat Shines requires a task to be completed to gain access to the glitter. It could be as simple as spinning a wheel or as difficult as taking on all of Mario’s opponents in a locked ring. All of which is part of the Lapcat Lake Island areas.

All the islands of Lake Lapcat and her cat shines

Fur Step Island – Lapcat Lake:

  • Bounce and trot in the clouds – At the southern end of this small island to the right of Fur Step Island, bounce the cheese to land in the clouds. Jump into the cloud’s mouth to be transported to a minigame map. Get to the end of the minigame map to receive the first Cat Shine here.

Pounce Bounce Isle – Lapcat Lake:

  • The shore rabbit plays tag – Chase and trap the rabbit around the small island to the left of Pounce Bounce Isle to win another Cat Shine.
  • Plessie Medal Collector – North of the island with the rabbit there is another medal race that gives the player a cat shine.
  • Kitten lost by the shore – At the Midwest edge of Pounce Bounce Isle, return the kitten to its mother for another Cat Shine.
  • Hurry! Dash and Dive! – Complete the water race on the west coast of the island for a Cat Shine.
  • Hurry! Climb the falls! Climb the falls on the far west island from Pounce Bounce Isle, after pressing the purple button to reach a Cat Shine.

Fort Flaptrap – Lake Lapcat:

  • Turn up to shine – On the northeast side of Fort Flaptrap, there is a small island with a wheel to turn to reveal a Cat Shine in the sky.
  • Plessie Medal Collector – On the western side of the island, finish a water medal race for a Cat Shine.

Roiling Roller Island – Lapcat Lake:

  • Shining on a hidden island – Northwest of Roiling Roller Isle there is a small island with another water race for a Cat Shine.
  • Medal Master Plessie – A medal race on the east coast of Roiling Roller Isle to receive a Cat Shine.

Mount Magmeow – Lake Lapcat:

  • Wasteland Rabbit plays tag – Chase and catch the rabbit to the right of Mount Magmeow to earn another Cat Shine.
  • Looking down at the lava – At the top of Mount Magmeow is the small floating lake Lapcat with a single Cat Shine. Wait for it to connect with the mountain to get on board and grab it.
  • Toad Brigade: Hot Chase – Find and protect the Toad in the northwest corner of the island for a Cat Shine.
  • Jump and bang in the cloudsJump into the clouds from the platform west of Mount Magmeow. Defeat the enemies in the clouds and reach the end to earn a cat glow.
  • Surprise prize fight – On a small island north of Mount Magmeow, players can activate a purple button and defeat all enemies within the ring to obtain a Cat Shine.

Pipe Path Tower – Lapcat Lake:

  • Gazing at the fallsIn the southeast corner of the Pipe Path Tower island, head inside the glass pipe. This will shoot Mario onto platforms that he will have to launch onto to get a cat glow.
  • Kittens lost in the Wasteland – In the central part of the island to the southeast, return the five kittens to their mother for a Cat Shine.
  • Hurry! Glide to the glitter! – South of Pipe Path Tower is a water race to a Cay Shine.
  • On the edge of the gate – At the eastern end of the island is the hatch that reaches the edge of Fury Bowser’s shell in the center of the map. At this end there is a Cat Shine.

Isle of Risky Whiskers – Lake Lapcat:

  • Free footprint for all – In the southwest corner of the island that houses the Pipe Path Tower, activate the purple button and defeat all the enemies inside the ring before time runs out to earn a Cat Shine.
  • Spin, stir, shineAt the southwestern tip of this island is a small set of islands where players can deploy a tall totem to reach a Cat Shine in the sky.

Slipskate Track – Lapcat Lake:

  • Toad Brigade: Stuck under the slope Near the beginning of the slope, jump off the side with an active blade to gently float towards a toad on a broken ledge. It will reward the player with a Cat Shine.
  • Cold Cove Combat Near the center of the southern tip of this island is a purple button to break. Once activated, Mario must defeat all the enemies in the ring for Cat Shine.

Clawswipe Coliseum – Lapcat Lake:

  • The rabbit from the ruins plays tag – Chase and catch the rabbit on the small island north of Clawswipe Colosseum for a cat glow.
  • Hurry! Swim and slide! – On the southeast shore of Clawswipe Colosseum complete the water race in time to win another Cat Shine.
  • Dash and Smash in the Clouds – East of Looking towards the islands The event is a cloud over a group of orange and yellow mushrooms. Jump into the clouds and run through them to get to the Cat Shine.
  • Lost kittens near the ruins – Return the three kittens to the mother cat who sits on top of the island south of the Colosseum for a cat glow.
  • Looking towards the islands South of the Colosseum, on the edge of the slender island, is a tall set of Fury Blocks. Break them to reveal a glass tube to jump into. This will shoot Mario into the sky, he will run across the platforms to reach the Cat Shine.
  • Plessie Medal Mania – Off the coast of the island west of the Colosseum there is another water medal race for a Cat Shine.

Scamper Shores – Lapcat Lake:

  • Toad Brigade: Lost Leader – Along the long and thin east coast of Scamper Shores Island is an island in Lake Lapcat where players must save the toad to earn a cat glow.

Crisp Climb Castle – Lapcat Lake:

  • Hurry! Glide through the sky! On the southeast edge of the island that is home to Crisp Climb Castle, there is another water race that can be completed for a Cat Shine.
  • Go with the Floe – Directly south of Crisp Climb Castle itself is an ice island. Climb to the top and let the water carry Mario to another Cat Shine.
  • Slippery skirmish – Outside the south end of the island with Slipskate Slope, activate the purple button and defeat all the enemies inside the ring to win a Cat Shine.
  • Lake Rabbit plays tag – Catch the rabbit on the island north of Fury Bowser’s shell.
  • Toad Brigade: Mimoso castaway – In the far north of the map, away from Crisp Climb Castle, there is a set of islands that Mario will have to cross to reach Toad and win a Cat Shine.

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

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