Rocky V is the weakest in the series, but in 2002 director John G. Avildsen released an unofficial Director’s Cut; here are the main differences.

These are some of the main differences between Rocky v’s Unofficial Cut Director and Theatrical Version. Rocky v It arrived in 1990, fourteen years after the original. The character himself came to symbolize the latest movie loser, and the boxer’s on-screen journey somehow mirrored that of star and creator Sylvester Stallone. When he made the original, he was a struggling actor who had a stroke of luck, and as Rocky became more successful with each passing inning, Stallone also became a huge movie star.

With Rocky v, Stallone sought both to finish the character’s story and to bring the franchise back to its roots, especially after the more OTT aspects of Rocky iv. To that end, he brought back original director John G. Avildsen and the story saw Rocky stripped of his wealth and fame. He retires after suffering brain damage from his tough fight with Ivan Drago and chooses to train up-and-coming newcomer Tommy Gunn, who eventually turns against him as his career takes off.

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While Rocky v has his heart in the right place, he’s a mess. The sequel remained a hit, but neither audiences nor critics were enthusiastic about it, and even Stallone has called it their least favorite. Avildsen and Stallone originally intended to end the film with Rocky dying in Adrian’s arms following his street fight with Tommy, but after filming began, the studio director rejected this idea and this sad ending was not even filmed. . In 2002, the director published an alternate working copy of Rocky v online, which offered some notable changes.

the Rocky V: Director’s Cut It’s a decidedly unofficial release that’s hard to find these days, but for those who didn’t like the sequel, it’s worth checking out. One of the first big changes is the music, with Avildsen’s cut losing many of the rap tracks from the theatrical version and replacing them with tracks from series composer Bill Conti, making it feel more in line with previous entries. . Many scenes are also re-edited with alternate dialogue, but some of the biggest differences are the deleted scenes.

In one scene, Rocky runs into Marie in his old neighborhood, who in the original was a troubled teenager, Rocky tried to advise her to stay out of trouble, and in the years that passed Rocky v reveals that she became a homeless prostitute. While the scene was being cut, Marie later became a main character in Rocky Balboa. There are a few more familiar scenes, like when the boxer assures his son Rocky Jr (Sage Stallone) that he is not seriously ill after the Drago fight. Rocky also shares a romantic scene with Adrian (Talia Shire).

Other deletions of Rocky v’s Director’s Cut includes the main character who gets drunk before his flashback to training with Mickey (Burgess Meredith). There are numerous changes to the final fight as well, including Rocky seeing a vision of Mickey telling him to get up, and after the fight is over, Rocky extends a forgiving hand to Tommy after punching him, who accepts it. These changes do not necessarily make Rocky v a great movie, but it seems to be closer to the original intention of the filmmaker.

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