After a stellar premiere season, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left American gods. The reasons for his departure after season 1 were unclear at the time, but more information has since come to light. In a now-deleted tweet, Fuller said: “We dedicated ourselves to the cast, we designed the season, we wrote 5 episodes, we even had Media as Mr. Rogers and Princess Leia. We were in the process of downscaling due to a drastic budget cut when we were laid off. “ The series was renewed for a second season on May 10, 2017, and on November 29, 2017 it was announced that Fuller and Green were leaving after having written half the episodes of season 2.

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American gods is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Neil Gaiman. After initial failed attempts to adapt the book for television, Fremantle Media acquired the rights to the adaptation in February 2014, and in July of that year, it was announced that Fuller and Green would develop the series with Starz. The series was planned to stay close to the details of the novel while expanding beyond them and including elements from the companion book. Anansi Boys. Gaiman was very involved with the project and there were hopes that he would write at least one episode. The series officially received the green light on June 16, 2015.

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Fuller was working on CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery when he went to work in American gods. the Star trek The franchise had been a dream of his since childhood, but he couldn’t juggle both, and there were also budget and creative direction disputes for him at CBS. As a creator of shows, he had worked on projects such as Dead like me Hannibal Y Raising mallow. Green was also a fashion item, having written scripts for Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Covenant, Logan, Y Murder on the Orient Express. He also worked on TV shows like Sex and the city Y Smallville and was nominated for an Academy Award for Logan. Despite their hard work and talent, the two writers were fired from American gods for a myriad of reasons.

Disagreements over source material

American Gods Neil Gaiman Bryan Fuller Michael Green

By the time Fuller and Green left the show, word spread that the decision was amicable and that they would remain involved on some level. However, a piece in The Hollywood Reporter In 2017 it revealed tension behind the scenes, and that part of the reason for the departure was the disagreement between the showrunners and Gaiman. From the beginning, Gaiman had pushed for a direct adaptation of his novel, and Fuller and Green did not pretend to respect his wishes. Gaiman began to argue with them about his original ideas, moves that would have moved the story away from the 2001 novel. American gods. Gaiman was heavily involved with the direction the show would go, and he wasn’t satisfied with the plans Green and Fuller had for American gods season 2.

Gaiman was originally going to help showrun American gods season 2, but instead, he had to focus on another of his adaptations, Good omens. Jesse Alexander, who worked with Fuller on Hannibal, was hired to work alongside Gaiman, but was also fired for what appears to be the same reason. Without a showrunner, Season 2 ran out of a rudder and seemed untethered. It’s unclear what Green and Fuller intended to do with the season, but the show now continues under the leadership of Gaiman and Charles Eglee of The shield Y Right handed.

Budget fight

Among the qualms Fuller and Green had with the show’s producers was the budget issue. Producer Fremantle Media had surpassed the $ 30 million budget with American gods Season 1, however, the showrunners lobbied for even more funding for their second. With the budget skyrocketing, the production company backed down and denied the showrunners what they asked for. However, the high-concept drama received praise from critics, and its ambitious tactics surely fueled the notions that Fuller and Green had for the following seasons. Starz and Fremantle Media North America have not responded to any news outlet for clarification on the matter.

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With the success of the show’s production, it took a hiatus to fix things. The show was re-filmed for season 2, particularly after the hiring and then firing of Alexander, who tried to keep things under budget. Production director Chris Byrne and line producer Lisa Kussner stayed behind to pick up the pieces, but the problems didn’t stop there – Starz executives were reportedly disappointed with various episodes of season 2, saying they seemedcheap. “An intensive reworking of the season led to delays and confusion.

Uncompromising cast

American Gods Ian McShane

In solidarity with Fuller and Green, both Kristin Chenoweth and Gillian Anderson left the show, although some reports have alleged scheduling difficulties. The showrunner mix left many of the actors nervous and unsure about the future of the show. However, the cast performed with Gaiman at New York Comic Con in 2018 to promote his return in 2019. They confirmed which sections of the book would be adapted for the upcoming story, further assuring fans that the show would continue despite their difficulties. Pablo Scheiber mentioned Fuller’s name to some applause, but not much was disclosed about the conflict. Gaiman and the cast were more forthright with the press after the panel, showing optimism about the direction. American gods would be traveling.

Yetide Badaki had a metaphor for the state of the program, likening it to a school in which the classroom and the teachers had changed, but the classmates remained the same. Emily Browning also spoke on the subject, making a joke about being monitored by drones operated by Starz executives. “If you had told me about it a few months ago, I would have been in a very different place with it. To be totally honest, I think we were all nervous at first. We all love Michael and Bryan, and this was their vision, so losing them was terrifying.“He said in an interview with Geek’s Den.

Jesse alexander

American Gods Neil Gaiman Jesse Alexander

When Green and Fuller left, the plan was for Gaiman to direct the show alongside a television veteran. I was already in showrunning Good omens, which left little time for American gods. The two shows were filmed in very different locations with different time zones, which made Gaiman quite thin. His plan with the new showrunner was to chart and guide the construction of American gods, just as he had with Fuller and Green. Alexander was cast as the day-to-day showrunner, Gaiman’s first choice for the role. The consequences of Green and Fuller’s confusion were such that many showrunners were wary of accepting the material. It has been suggested that Fremantle chose Alexander because the company believed he would have more influence over the screenwriter than over Fuller and Green. However, once Alexander arrived, his intentions with the material were unpleasant not only for the executives, but also for the cast and crew members. Gaiman didn’t divulge much of what happened to Alexander, instead focusing his reports on what it was like for him to try to manage the execution of two shows at two locations.

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From the moment Green and Fuller were fired, Fremantle regained its focus on making sure American gods stayed in line with what Gaiman wanted, and that is what Alexander promised. The adaptation of the show was under strict control and thus the scripts that Green and Fuller had written were scrapped, forcing Alexander to start from scratch and make everything run like clockwork – a considerable task. Alexander cut the number of season 2 episodes from ten to eight in an effort to minimize the budget after some of the early scripts had already been shot. Despite this, there were discussions about the script from day one at the first table reading. Scripts were being rewritten on set and actors like Ian McShane and others struggled to honor the original version, sometimes enhancing the dialogue themselves to protect character and plot development. Orlando Jones enlisted as a writer on the series in an effort to ensure that a WGA member was credited for writing so that the actors did not violate the guild’s rules. Several reports of screaming fights came out between McShane and Alexander, illustrating how dissatisfied the creative team was with the showrunner. Starz was also disgusted, due to Alexander’s desire to take the show in a more conventional direction. One thing that had garnered praise and award recognition was the atmospheric and unusual tone that Fuller and Green had gifted the show. Alexander was finally cast aside, and American gods ran out of showrunner and in some level of confusion.

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