Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) starred in American Horror Story: Asylum before making a cameo in Roanoke. Here’s a breakdown of the age of the figure.

Lana Winters was a central figure in American Horror Story: Asylum, which documented several decades of the character’s life before he returned in season 6. Roanoke. The investigative journalist was played by Sarah Paulson, who would become one of the regular stars of the FX anthology series. Although Lana’s story was linked in a bittersweet way, Paulson reprized the role in Roanoke. The actress has a habit of playing more than one character in a respective season, but Lana emerged as a fan favorite after the release of season 2.

Set primarily in the 1960s, Asylum followed Lana when she visited Briarcliff Manor to interview a serial killer known as Bloody Face. The journalist was later sent to the institution under false pretenses after attempting to expose Briarcliff’s darkest secrets. While trapped as a patient, Lana was subjected to the inhumane treatments of Dr. Arthur Arden before narrowly becoming a victim of the real Bloody Face, Dr. Oliver Thredson. Lana was raped by Thredson, which resulted in the birth of her son, but that did not stop her from killing her tormentor. She also found an opportunity to escape Briarcliff, leading her to expose the asylum for closure. Decades later, Lana learned that her son followed in Bloody Face’s footsteps until she killed him too.

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The ages of the characters in the focus of Asylum they were not established directly. To further complicate matters, there are current contradictions regarding Lana’s supposed age throughout the season, especially at her peak during the current timeline. An interview (via THAT) from 2013 with co-creator Ryan Murphy stated “Paulson’s character was about 2 years younger than Barbra Walters“when referring to Lana’s aged appearance. Based on the 2013 scenario and Walters’ age at the time, Lana would have been 82 when she gave her interview at the Asylum final. With that information, it is possible to calculate your age through the rest of your American horror story appearances.

Breaking the age of Lana Winters in Asylum & Roanoke


Since the figure was destined to be close to the age range of 82 on the 2013 timelines, she would have been born around the year 1931. When Lana got engaged to Briarcliff, it was 1964, indicating that she was around 33 years old during most of season 2. Paulson, on the other hand, would have been in his early thirties when he played the role, which wasn’t far off. Following her escape from Briarcliff Manor, Lana published an autobiographical book titled Maniac: A Woman’s Survival Story in 1968. At this point, he would be about 37 years old. Three years later, Lana and a film crew shot a documentary to fully expose the horrors within Briarcliff, ending the horror when he was 40 years old.

As stated above, Lana was supposedly 82 years old when she was finally reunited with her son. Moments earlier, the TV special’s interviewer commented on how good he looked for the age Lana replied that he had a “talented surgeon in Paris and a great dermatologist. “Lana came out of retirement four years later to interview massacre survivor Lee Harris in Roanoke. The character was around 86 years old when Lot Polk ambushed in the interview, killing several members of the production before striking Lana with the gun. Lana survived the event, but has not been seen in American horror story as.

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