The Vision is usually a hero, but in a couple of alternate scenarios, Android Avenging could have conquered the entire Marvel Universe.

The Vision in general has been far more benevolent than its creator villain, Ultron. Android Avenging is on the side of good and uses its powers to help humanity.

In some settings, however, The Vision was quite forceful in its efforts, taking over the entire Marvel Universe.

The Vision nearly took over Earth in Avengers # 254, by Roger Stern and Bob Hall. The Vision had almost died when it attempted to break through a barrier created by Annihilus around the Baxter Building. To save him, Starfox linked The Vision to Isaac, a supercomputer from his home planet, Titan. Unfortunately, there were side effects of this mind link, as Isaac filled The Vision’s head with ideas on how to control Earth. To fulfill his plans, The Vision linked his mind to every computer in the world before the Avengers convinced him to stop.

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While The Vision was criticized by his teammates, What if? Roy Thomas, RJM Lofficier, and Ron Wilson illustrated two different results from this scenario. The first instance was a utopian outcome in which everyone agreed to follow The Vision’s plans for a better world. Together, Earth’s heroes helped The Vision guide humanity toward its destiny. Captain America dismantled the world’s nuclear arsenals, X-Factor worked to help the homeless, Black Panther provided aid to impoverished nations, the Fantastic Four created more solar panels, and Thor provided rain to grow more crops.

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Additionally, mutants were the first wave of space colonizers, as Wolverine and the New Mutants planted the flag of Earth on Mars. Entering the 22nd century, The Vision led the Cosmic Avengers, who became liberators of the Kree and Skrull empires. After defeating the tyrannical rulers of these empires, Earth welcomed the Kree and Skrull to the “Family of Worlds”.

Of course, this first story was immediately followed by a bleak and dystopian story. In this version, Genosha saw the acquisition of The Vision as a threat. The Genoshan government sent a thermonuclear device into the heart of New York City, killing millions, including most of Marvel’s heroes.

Still, The Vision survived inside the world’s computers. Android Avenging decided to ally with villains like Doctor Doom, The Mad Thinker, Supreme Hydra, and The Kingpin. Together, these villains used their resources to conquer the world.

In the 22nd century, The Vision and its sinister allies expanded their influence into outer space. The Vision conquered entire empires, destroying the Shi’ar while taking control of the Skrulls and Baddon. To dominate the Kree, the Vision came to seize the Supreme Intelligence.

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Overall, although The Vision dominated the galaxy in both versions of this tale, it did so in very different ways. The outcome of the La Visión government depended largely on its allies. In the utopian setting, The Vision worked with Marvel heroes, solving many of Earth’s major problems.

Additionally, mutants were accepted within society, indicating the extent to which Vision helped humanity grow. Not only were mutants accepted, but they were also chosen to pioneer the terrestrial colonization of planets like Mars. In dystopia, meanwhile, The Vision had the same plans, but their association with villains like Doctor Doom corrupted the android’s grand designs. Instead of helping others, The Vision oppressed the entire planet.

Comparing the utopian version of the 22nd century with the dystopian version of the 22nd century, The Vision executed its plans in a radically different way. The utopian future saw the Cosmic Avengers releasing planets and welcoming them as allies, while the dystopian future saw the villains conquer these same planets.

All of these differences demonstrate just how morally ambiguous The Vision’s plans were. Depending on who The Vision worked with, the idea of ​​world domination could take on two completely separate meanings.

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