Dale’s friend and alleged lover is causing drama again, this time overshadowing Dale’s finances. Are you satisfied that Dale and Clare are together again?

When High school Season 16 couple Clare Crawley and Dale Moss dumped in January, rumors that cheating was the cause of the breakup flew through the Bachelor Nation. Fans suspected that Dale was cheating on his friend Eleonora Srugo. Although Eleonora has vehemently denied the rumors, she has made some questionable moves on social media. Most recently, he cast a shadow on Dale, causing fans to speculate again.

The cheating rumors started when Dale was seen in New York City with Eleonora while he was engaged to Clare. Dale insists that the rumors are not true and that Eleonora is just a friend and a realtor who helps him search for properties in the city. Dale and Clare recently surprised the Bachelor Nation when they were seen together in Florida seemingly getting back together. Since then, fans think Eleonora has been acting salty on social media.

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In one of Eleonora’s recent Instagram stories, a user commented “YDid you buy Kardashian hips to get models like Dale? It’s nothing special and has no money. Eleonora replied later: “Preach, girl. [I] I didn’t pay for my hips, I got it from my mom. Def never used them for those punks. “You have no money” may be the only objective part of this comment.“Other users also weighed in on the post, and one said:”that’s a very vibrant moss behind you, ”And another added,“Yeah, it kind of reminds me of … Dale?Eleonora replied savagely, “much prettier right?

This is not the only time Eleonora has shut down cheating rumors by confronting a social media user, as she recently engaged with commenters on her Instagram post with a “Never settle“hashtag. Some users wanted to know if Eleonora and Dale had ever been together romantically, to which she replied:”damn hell NOT EVER.“He also said that Dale had never done it”a shot in hell” with her.

Eleonora’s murky claim implying that Dale is struggling financially aligns with her recent series of sponsored content posts on Instagram that had fans accusing Dale of profiting from his breakup with Clare. Eleonora has been making surprising moves on social media, with her recent comments and when Eleonora liked Clare’s post on Instagram about being surprised by the breakup.

Clare and Dale’s relationship both inside and outside High school has divided fans, and rumors about their relationship have yet to dissipate, especially with Eleonora still commenting on them. The couple seems to be making up, so maybe that means the cheating rumors are really false. After all, would Clare get Dale back if they had any merit? But Eleonora might want to reconsider her social media activity if she wants to stay out of the narrative.

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Source: Eleonora Srugo / Instagram

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